I am… Roy

So, I’m Roy. I’m the main character of the story. I’m the first one you meet and I’m the one who gets it all started. This story is about me, and about my journey.

If you wanna put me in a box, I’m the bitter old man. I’ve had a tough life, it’s had it’s god bits, but it didn’t turn out like I wanted to. Never did, and now it’s all about to fizzle out and fade away. That’s where to story starts.

You got me there, right at the beginning of the end, top of the slippery slope, trying to decide if I’m want to go slow or if I should just throw myself down and be done with it. Clearly, I’m a fighter and I don’t take the easy way out, so it’s the slow track and whoever’s trying to push is going down with me. I’m an old dog, and I know a few tricks.

That’s where it starts. I’ve already lost and the only thing left is to go out with a bang, and I don’t even know if I can be arsed.

Then there’s a phone call, or it’s a text message really, but that’s beside the point and everything changes.

All of a sudden this bitter old warrior has something to fight and live for. There’s hope again. Dreams. The past comes a knocking and it’s not at all what I thought it was and everything changes, just like that. Memories. Friendship. Love.

There’s this really big truth that I’ve built my life around for the past ten or fifteen years or whatever it is, and it’s a lie. It’s not a truth. My entire life is built on a lie.

Okay, that’s a bit overly dramatic. I’m not very dramatic really. Not for real. That’s just my public persona. Roy van Waldenberger, the wrestler. Champion wrestler even. The biggest and the best. He’s dramatic.

Me, the real me, I’m not. I’m a pretty mellow guy.

Still, you know. One of the pillars of my life suddenly crumbles and is replaced by a shining beacon of hope. Of course I gotta go for it. How could I not. It’s the chance I’ve waited for – dreamed of. This is it. Finally something’s going my way.

I toss my phone in the pond and take the next train north.

That’s kinda where the story really start. That’s what the whole thing is about.

It’s my story. I start it, I make it happen. Without me – no story.

Obviously, it doesn’t work out like that.

I can’t just leave and go back home and everything will be fine. Wouldn’t be much of a story that now would it?

First, the syndicate won’t let me leave just like that. I just cost them a ton of money and they want blood – or at least royalties and a good show. They probably made a good buck off of just the hut trying to track me down. So much free advertisement.

Then, bounty hunters. Big reward. Famous prey. Yeah, there’s going to be fortune seekers trying to bring me in. Obviously, I’m not going to be able to just go home without anyone bothering me. And that doesn’t even begin to describe what happens when we get to the midlands and The Law starts to take notice.


Yeah. Turns out there’s two of us.

Big surprise huh?

Doesn’t take long until I pick me up a sidekick. Happens in the fourth episode already. Pretty little thing. Young. Spunky. Packs a punch like a box of dynamite.

Yeah, she’s a terry too.

This is where I roll my eyes and explain some story specific terminology while pretending it doesn’t need explaining and everyone really knows what it is. Terry, is short for therianthropic, which is a fancy word for shapeshifter. We’re basically werewolves.

Well, I’m a werewolf. She’s… Well, she’s a freak. I… You know. That’s her story. It’s not my place to talk about it. She’s not a freak. It’s just…

So, yep, sidekick. I stupid hate it.

Me. Roy van Waldenberger. The greatest therianthropic fighting champion in the last three decades. I don’t stupid need no stupid sidekick and then I get the drag around this stupid freak and her stupid suitcase.

No. Just no – and don’t get me started on the suitcase.

But yes, I get a sidekick. Fourth episode. Sidekick.

I guess that’s what you get for being able to take care of yourself and manage on your own. You get a sidekick to hold you back and pull you down so the story gets interesting.

Fifth episode she gets captured and I have to go back and save her. Fifth! We barely even have time to get introduced before I have to save her neck. Meet her in the fourth, save her in the fifth.

She’s okay though.

She’s a good lass.

I mean…

Me, I’m an old dog. I’ve done my share of living. Sure, I’ve got a lot of life left in me, but I’m not a seeker anymore. I know where my tail ends. I’ve seen the world, and it’s seen me – rather more than both of us would like if you ask me I might add.

This girl though, my sidekick, I hope I can show her a thing or two. That’d be good. I’d like that. After all the crap I’ve done, and all the stupid I’ve been through, it’d be good if someone could learn anything from it. I for one, I’m sure, won’t.

I mean, I’m this big superstar wrestler and I run off and cause a big fuss over half the world. Sell a tons of newspapers it does. Scare the crap out of the entire midlands. Escaped werewolf wrestler and murderous maniac sidekick. Yeah, that’s gonna have the public in a huff alright. It’s not true and it doesn’t even matter.

It’s us against the world and that’s that.

I hope she learns something from me – not to do what I have done.

Sure. On paper I have it all. Money, fortune, fame. I had it made. When the story starts – I could just take a few losses, roll over, and retire in peace an quiet, but it’s not what I wanted. It’s not who I am. Just because that’s what you’re meant to want, doesn’t mean it’s what you want.

Oh for…

Listen to me, preaching like an old fart. It’s not even my story. Sure, I get to start it, but she’s the main character. I’m the stupid sidekick and I don’t even realize.