WOAT #9 – Crossing the Midlands #2

Copied from Summary

  1. The Midlands Adventure: Avoiding the Law. Roy and Alene get more and more attention and they eventually have to seek out Roy’s old “friends” to try and get help with passing undetected through the country, but the “friend” betrays them.

Suggested Titles

  • No Rest for the Wicked
  • So much for stealthy
  • Bad ol’ friends

Summary Sentence

When Roy and Alene just seem to get more and more attention they eventually have to ask an old “friend” of Roy’s for help, but can the friend really be trusted?


This is a story about two fugitives trying to avoid capture while more and more people are looking for them. It’s about having to choose between bad options and about trusting people you know can’t be trusted.

Tropes – Story

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Who is Roy this time?

What does Roy want? Roy wants to get back to Kul Viller and Toini and he’s not going to let anything get in his way.

What does Roy need? Roy needs to chill out and put Toini to rest.

Who is Alene this time?

What does Alene want? Alene wants to tag along with Roy on his journey and write his story.

What does Alene need? Safety and belonging. A home.

Scratch 1

  • Roy and Alene find out their cover is blown and they need to be careful.
  • The public finds out more about Roy and Alene and the situation grows difficult.
  • Roy’s friend sets them up with a “safe” ride, only it’s a trap.

Scratch 2

“I think they know we’re here.”

Roy and Alena are back at the main route north through the MU. It’s a big city and no one’s really paying any attention to them. At a news stand they see a headline about how escaped wrestler Roy van Waldenberge has entered the MU illegally and how the police is looking for him and his companion.

They get a paper, and Alene suggests he should shave.

They don’t really have any trouble with anyone as Roy is not quite as famous here and the news isn’t making that much of a fuss about it yet.

The following day the news has found that Roy used to have ties with the mob and that the police is now a lot more interested in talking to him. Roy and Alena are starting to feel self conscious and people are looking at them a little closer now. Newer, more recent images have surfaced and they’re both more easily recognized. Roy shaves.

One more day and the news have identified Alene as Roy’s mysterious partner. They’ve found out she’s a rainbow coyote and that she’s tied to a number of deaths among terries in Guapatrask recently. Alene shaves her head.

A pressing need to hide

Roy and Alene are now a lot more nervous about moving around in daylight, and they have to be a lot more careful with who they talk to and where they go. They’re being recognized more and more. Roy suggests Alene leave her bag somewhere so she can move around more easily and Alene nearly rips his head off.

Roy mentions that if they get to Neubirk (New Birka) he knows someone there who may be able to help them get a more discrete ride up towards the border. Alene is justifiably suspicious, but she doesn’t have a better option. All of her contacts are within IR, and with her being low on the rungs she can’t get much help from there (they’ll probably turn her over to the law).

Eventually the two of them get to Neubirk. At this stage the news is all up in arms about a homicidal madwoman and an old mob thug escaping the law. More than once they’ve talked about splitting up to avoid capture, but Alene’s opposed to it. She’s got nothing to hang on to at the moment except Roy and she’s not very keen on checking in with the cops to clear her name. She could, but it’d take a lot of time, money, and effort – plus she’d be alone again…

The two of them seeks out Roy’s old friend.

Roy’s pretty much expected, and the friend let’s them know there’s a train due north coming through at some point. It’s going to have to make a short stop to refuel and change drivers or something but it’s full of time sensitive wares and won’t be still long. It’ll be long enough for someone to sneak on though.

The friend also says that obviously he’ll have to rat on Roy to the boss. The boss has spies on him, and if he doesn’t rat, he’ll be in trouble. The boss won’t know that Roy knows the friend is ratting though.

The Obvious Trap

Roy and Alene scout out the location where the train will stop. It’s at a secondary rail yard out in the suburbs. There’s plenty of places to hide, both for hunted and for hunters.

Alene talks about trying to sneak out a train schedule to see where exactly their train is coming in, but Roy advices against it. Her face has been all over the news and they’re likely to be spotted. Better just hunker down somewhere out of sight and get some rest. They find an old train cart that’s not been moved in ages and hide in that.

Later on, they notice how armed thugs begin to show up and set up guard posts in the area. Roy remarks on how they seem to be amateurs and how they shouldn’t be much of a threat. They may not even have silver bullets.

The guards are setting up in such a way that they cover the main entrances to the rail yard. Something seems a bit off (or does it?)

Eventually the hauler train shows up. It stops for a minute or two and then it’s off again. Roy and Alene make a run for it. The thugs shoot at them, but they’re not well trained and don’t get any serious hits in (Alene’s unhurt, Roy takes a few light hits but nothing major).

Both Roy and Alene make it safely on board the train. At first they’re riding at the connection between two cars and then fund their way inside one of them and find there’s a little space.

Alene remarks on how that was a lot easier than she’d expected. Roy hums and thinks and then concludes that perhaps this is the proper trap. The ruse was to get them on board the train so that the mob would know exactly where they are and would be able to deal with them when they arrive…