WOAT #19 – Everything is wrong

Copied from Summary

  1. Everything Is Wrong. After Toini shoots his friend, Roy flat out refuses to speak to her, Paivi throws her out of the pub, and she still hasn’t found her new crew member, but eventually she ends up alone with Alene.

Suggested Titles

  • That’s why I reached for my revolver
  • Abandoned
  • The Wrongness

Summary Sentence

After Toini shoots Alene no one wants anything to do with her anymore, but her quest is not complete, and she still can’t leave.


This is a story about being wrong and having to face the consequences.

Tropes – Story

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Who is Toini this time?

What does Toini want? Wants to figure out what’s going on, what went wrong, and what to do next.

What does Toini need? Someone to talk to.

Who is Roy this time?

What does Roy want? Roy wants to make sure Alene is okay.

What does Roy need? Roy needs some time on his own to think things through.

Who is Alene this time?

What does Alene want? Alene wants to recover and get back on the rails (road).

What does Alene need? Alene still needs a home.

Scratch 1

  • Toini just shot Alene, and now no one wants anything to do with her.
  • Alene recovers. Roy is angry. Toini is confused.
  • Toini and Alene meet up and talk.

Scratch 2

Destroy, She Said

Toini just shot Alene.

Roy freaks out and knocks Toini across the room and rushes to check on Alene. Paivi freaks out and starts yelling about how she told Toini not to bring her guns into her pub. The only one who keeps his cool is Raoul who goes to asure the other patrons it’s all under control now, but perhaps it’s best if they wait outside. The place has quite a lot of people around. Many locals heard of the attack and have shown up with old chairs and tables to show their support and furnish the pub again.

There are plenty of people around in need of calming.

Soon enough the cops show up. They know Toini’s a paladin, so they’re a bit cautious around her, but still want her to come down to the station for questioning. She did after all shoot someone at point blank range in front of a pub full of people. Paivi tells her to go and not come back. Roy tells her to go and that there’s no way he’s joining her crew.

A medic shows up to check on Alene, but after she learns that Alene’s alive and that she’s a terry, she takes off again, after recommending lots of rest.

Roy waits a bit, making sure the bleeding’s stopped, and then he carries Alene over to Mossy Barn. It’s more quiet there, and Alene has her suitcase locked up in her room. The monks there are good for talking to as well.


Alene wakes up in her room. It’s morning, and she’s hurting. The images from the evening before come flooding back and it’s scary as fuck. Some crazy hippie woman with twigs in her dreads shot her. Roy was there. It must have been Toini. Why did Roy’s friend shoot her just like that?

Toini wakes up. She’s had a long night answering questions to the police. She’s been asked to return to her ship, and she’s been asked to inform the police if she’s going anywhere. They also told her they stationed two officers by her ship to ensure public safety. She’s of course still free to move around as she pleases as she’s still above the law, but she’s been Kindly Asked to keep calm. The police officers aren’t there to prevent her from going anywhere, but rather to reassure the public should she go anywhere and in case something happens.

Toini calls Paivi and asks to talk, but Paivi is busy and says she’ll call later.

Roy wakes up with a raging hangover. The woman he’s loved all his life, and whom he thought dead for the past decade just shot a close friend of his in cold blood at point blank range. Shit’s bad, mmmkay.

Alene stares up into the ceiling. She’s hurting and she doesn’t want to move. Lilac comes in with breakfast.

Toini decides if Paivi won’t talk to her she’ll have to find Roy and try to talk to him. She doesn’t have his number yet. Does he even have a phone yet. Better get out soon before Church sends someone to talk to her too. She leaves the port, with Raoul tagging along as always and with two police officers in tow.

Roy goes for a walk, goes down to the harbor, looks at the boats. Has breakfast.

Toini goes to the pub, but the door is locked and no one opens and Paivi doesn’t answer the phone, so she goes to Mossy Barn to see if Roy is there. Lilac tells her to sit down and have a coffee and tell her what’s up. She sees to it the cops get coffee too, but in a different part of the room.

Toini tells Lilac what happened. Lilac already knows, but doesn’t let on. It’s good for Toini to talk to someone and to have to explain herself.

Face to Face

Lilac asks if Toini would like to see Alene. Toini takes some prodding but eventually agrees. Lilac tells the cops it’s okay to stick around and wait and that she’ll keep an eye on Toini for them, and then she leads her and Raoul up to Alene’s room.

Alene is still in bed. She’s still in quite some pain, but she’s getting better by the hour.

Lilac shows up and says someone wants to speak with her, and then she lets Toini and Raoul enter the room.

Alene is bothered, but Lilac says it’s okay and Toini just wants to talk, and that she’ll be right outside and just shout if anything comes up. Alene is still scared, but she’s not well enough to really move, so she just has to lie there and wait.

It’s difficult for Toini too. She clearly senses the wrongness about Alene. There’s no doubt in her mind that Alene’s an abomination. Normally that means she’d have a divine right to kill her, but she already tried, and it didn’t work. Alene’s also no threat, rather the opposite.

Alene’s been feeling a bit odd ever since Toini stepped into the room, like something’s gone/missing. It’s not a bad feeling – just weird.

Toini tries to apologize, because it seems the right thing to do, but then she realizes she’s not actually sorry and she takes the apology back. Alene is first a bit confused, but then realizes she enjoys the honesty.

Then Alene begins to cry.

Alene never cries (make sure this is made clear from the get go, and that it’s repeated often).

It’s a bit awkward. Toini sits around for a moment, and the nausea from the presence of the abomination just gets worse. Eventually, she can’t take it anymore, and she has to leave Alene crying in her bed.

She hurries off, runs out of the place to get some fresh air and then eventually topples over in the street vomiting her guts out (not literally).

When she finally recovers she explains to Raoul that Toini is the new member she needs for the crew.

This probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to the attentive reader.