WOAT #18 – Reunion

Copied from Summary

  1. Reunion. Toini comes back to town and finds Roy. The two of them chat about things but ultimately fail to reconnect. When Alene eventually shows up, Toini freaks out and shoots her as an abomination.

Suggested Titles

  • Together at Last
  • Reunion
  • Friend and Lover

Summary Sentence

Roy learns that Toini should be back soon, but the waiting is putting a strain on him as well as on everyone around him.


This is a story about friendship and about the strains that can be put on it when someone’s in a difficult situation.

Tropes – Story

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Who is Roy this time?

What does Roy want? Roy wants to finally meet Toini.

What does Roy need? Roy needs to take a deep breath and chill out.

Scratch 1

  • Roy and Paivi meet. It’s good. Really old friendship kind of meeting.
  • Roy says Alene can’t join him when he goes to meet Toini at the airship.
  • Toini arrives and is met by Roy. It’s not good. Tense and awkward. Toini shoots Alene.

Scratch 2

The Old Friend

Paivi comes back to her pub and finds that her old friend in the middle of the wreckage of the main room.

There’s a bit of confusion at first, but it quickly turns into the good-natured arguing of old friends and it’s really all good. Roy introduces Alene, and Paivi obviously makes jokes about his new girlfriend, and things are just like they were back in the day.

The police is called of course, and the cultists are taken into custody, and Ali’ast gets taken to a hospital.

Waiting and preparing

The pub is cleaned up enough that it can be open in the evening, and Alene is roped in as bartender since Ali’ast won’t be able to work. Roy was never much good behind the bar, and he’s too tense and nervous about finally seeing Toini.

During it all, Roy and Paivi talk, and Roy gets the lowdown on what Toini’s been up to all this time. He also learns she’s still not back, but Paivi passes on a message to the camp where she’s staying that she’s urgently needed back.

A few hours later a phone call comes in and Toini let’s Paivi know that she’ll be in on the lunch ship tomorrow.

Roy makes it clear he’s going to go meet Toini at the airport the ship, and that Alene is not welcome to join.

Alene is a bit disgruntled, but she does see his point and while she’s not happy about it, she accepts that that’s what he wants. She’ll probably get to meet the wonderful Toini soon enough anyway. Roy says he’s sure they’ll get along just fine. Then he gets drunk.

The Old Flame

Roy’s standing around at the air port. He’s alone and nervous and fidgety. He’s wondering if he should have bought flowers. He goes and buys flowers. Then chocolate. Then he throws it all away. Then he gets the flowers back just as the ship moors up.

Toini is on board and they finally meet. It’s weird. Roy’s anticipated it for so long. Toini didn’t expect him to come meet her, and Raoul is there too. The flowers make it awkward. It’s not at all like he’d planned/hoped.

Toini says she needs to go drop some things off at her ship first and then she’ll tag along back to the pub to check on Paivi and so on.

Toini won’t let Roy on board the ship just yet. She still thinks Roy wants to join the crew and she wants to introduce him to the rest of them under controlled circumstances. She asks Raoul to keep him company.

Raoul and Roy talk for a bit, but they don’t have much to say. Raoul explains he’s a chronicler and documents everything Toini does. Roy can relate to how Toini must have been annoyed with that.

Evetually Toini’s back and they take the subway back to Old Town and the pub.

Roy and Paivi brief Toini on the attack on the pub and explain it’s due to religious differences. Toini’s antsy. Something feels off about the place, like something’s wrong, not dissimilar to the abomination in the mountains, but she puts it down to the recent attack and the cultist and the very old spirit of the house being upset.

She quickly explains that the reason she’s there is that she’s on a quest to come here and find a new member for her crew, and that she needs a meele specialist on the team, and it can’t be anyone but Roy.

This is when Alene shows up. Toini begins to react negatively to some kind of wrongness and then she senses someone at the door, yells about an attack and when Alene steps in Toini shoots her.