WOAT #17 – Roy Comes Home

Copied from Summary

  1. Roy Comes Home. Roy arrives back in Kul Viller only to find that Toini is out of town for the moment. While waiting for Paivi to come back from an errand the pub gets attacked by cultists, and Roy and Alene fight to save it.

Suggested Titles

  • Finally
  • The Last Stop
  • The Wolf Has Landed

Summary Sentence

When Roy finally arrives back in Kul Viller he finds Toini’s gone and her sister’s pub under attack by religious fanatics.


This is a story about finally getting to where you want to be and how it’s not at all what you expected or wanted.

Tropes – Story

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Who is Roy this time?

What does Roy want? Roy wants to find Toini.

What does Roy need? Roy needs to sit down, have a pint, and chill.

Scratch 1

  • Roy and Alene arrive in Kul Viller. They go to Paivi’s Pub and find no one there.
  • Roy and Alene go for lunch at Mossy Barn. Lilac remembers Roy.
  • Roy and Alene come back to the pub and discover it’s under attack by cultists.

Scratch 2


The train finally stops at the Kul Viller Grand Central Station. Roy and Alene step off and Roy takes the lead towards the old town parts where Paivi’s Pub is. He’s not really thought much about what to do, and now he starts getting worried about what would happen if Paivi isn’t there. Surely she would have told him if she moved elsewhere.

Roy’s a bit antsy.

Alene is mostly fine, but she feels a bit out of place. Her dark skin is a bit uncommon in these parts and a lot of people are looking. She’s excited too. It’s going to be really interesting to see how things turn out with Roy and Toini. Then again, what will she do next? Will she be able to work as normal? Maybe she could get a job on a track in the Republic for a bit? That’d be something…

Eventually they arrive at the pub, and here in the old parts things are a bit more quiet and not so many people are looking. They notice a group of strange people outside the pub as they walk up, but don’t pay them much mind. Roy mentions how they look like members of a cult his father used to belong to. Alene says he’s never mentioned having a father and Roy tells her to shut it.

In the pub, there’s only a small, also dark-skinned, man sweeping the floor. That’s Ali’ast, Paivi’s bar-help.

Lunch at the old haunt

Ali’ast introduces himself, and quickly figures out who Roy is. He might recognize him from news/tv. He explains that Paivi’s gone to run some errands and will be back later in the afternoon. Toini he says is off somewhere avoiding the press but should be back soon.

Roy demands to know more, and says it’s not his place to spill someone else’s beans. Roy grumbles a bit, nearly loses his patience, and Ali’ast isn’t his most diplomatic either. Alene saves the day by asking if there’s anywhere to get some food nearby.

Ali’ast suggests they go to Mossy Barn. It’s the best place within comfortable walking distance, where best means cheap quality food in large quantity in a clean environment. Roy agrees, he’s missed the place now that he thinks about it.

Before they leave Alene asks about the cultists outside. Ali’ast says it’s nothing to worry about – just some nutters being hung up on some religious bullcrap. Roy doesn’t notice anything, but Alene picks up on how something’s a bit off on the comment. Ali’ast assures them they’re just standing around chanting and being a nuisance, but that’s all they do.

Roy and Alene trot off to get some food.

At Mossy Barn they’re welcomed by Lilac who recognizes Roy right away and gives him a cheerful scolding for taking such time to get over here. It’s only right he gets to wait a bit, and who’s his girlfriend. Roy and Alene both explain they’re not a couple. Lilac happily ignores their protests and then offers them lunch on the house, and tells Alene some embarrassing stories about Roy when he was a youngster.

Eventually, well feed and suitably relaxed, it’s time to head back to the pub to see if Paivi’s showed up.


When Roy and Paivi arrive at the pub they discover that the cultists have attacked it and are beating things up inside and have tied up and beaten Ali’ast.

There’s a big fight as Roy and Alene bring violence to the cultists, and once it’s all over Paivi steps in and wonders what the hell is going on.