WOAT #14 – Stuck in KV #3

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  1. Stuck at Home: Stirring All the Wrong Pots. Toini gets asked to evalute the environmental impact of a building project and says it mustn’t come to pass. Soon enough she’s accused of meddling in politics, someone charges her with blasphemy and she must face a Trial of Faith to prove she’s really a paladin.

Suggested Titles

  • Test of Faith
  • Shouldn’t have come here
  • Not your business.

Summary Sentence

Toini tries to stay out of trouble, but it doesn’t take long until just one good deed forces her to take a test of faith.


This is a story about a good deed backfiring. It’s about wanting to help out and do the right thing and getting in trouble for it.

Tropes – Story

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Who is Toini this time?

What does Toini want? Toini wants to be left alone and to get back to work.

What does Toini need? Vacation

Scratch 1

  • Everyone and their dog wants to talk to Toini.
  • Toini inspects a proposed building site, goes out into the countryside to check out the location.
  • Toini condemns the building plans, and consecrates the entire site in the name of EK.
  • Toini gets called to a Test of Faith.

Scratch 2

Too much attention.

After Toini becomes a public face there are plenty of people showing up at Paivi’s to talk to her. There’s a wide variety of people, someone wants her to visit a cat shelter. Someone wants to talk about the trees along the river in the city center.

There are more scientific minded people as well. Someone wants her opinion on wind streams coming down from north and hwo they’ve changed over the years. Someone else wants her blessing for a bio-research project.

She gets invited to Emerald Hill to see the elven tree shapers there, and obviously she gets an invitation to come and see Prince Adrian at the castle. She can’t really decline a direct invitation from the prince, especially as he’s an old friend too. He’s even sent a ride for her to take her to the casle.

Unfortunately, once she gets there it turns out Adrian’s gone and no one knows when he’ll be back. No one says it right out, but it’s kinda obvious that Mari caught wind of the invitation and dragged Adrian away somewhere.

Toini’s annoyed and cranky and goes back to the pub.

Wilderness Excursion

Someone has shown up at the pub to tal to Toini and for once it’s actually something interesting. A village upriver is planning to dam up a small stream to build a power plant. It’s a little bit controversial as a sensitive ecosystem is threatened by flooding if the dam is built, and there’s a bit of conflict about what the best course of action is.

Toini agrees to come along, as much to get out of the city for a few days as to help with something that’s actually along the lines of what she does. The village is about a day’s ride by boat up the river.

Once they arrive and Toini gets to take a walk around the area she senses something is definitely special about the place. The entire ecosystem is in a unique kind of balance with not just animals and insects but a lot of kin and unkin cohabiting there.

Toini can’t quite figure out what exactly is going on here, but she’s got a feeling it’s important. She’s never been anywhere quite like it. After having stood around for a while she informs everyone she needs more time and that she’ll stay the night in the area.

She can tell right away that she won’t allow any kind of construction work that will disturb the ecological balance of the area, but she needs more time to understand the place. She’ll need a warm blanket to sit on, but otherwise she’ll be fine. Most of what she’ll do is meditation. Raoul’s gonna have to leave too – which is pretty rare.

He protests a bit, but mostly just for show. He knows her well enough there’s no arguing with her when she’s in this state.

A night in the forest

Toini spends the night alone in the forest. (she invites the world to sit with her – keep her company, keep her warm and safe – she’s the mother of them all, the safety of their nests and burrows. She takes them all in and she keeps them safe)

Something unique lives there. It’s a small being, older than the elves, and very shy. It’s also the only one of its kind. It thrives in this very specific ecosystem, and as it’s been here so long, it’s soul has grown to become part of the land here. It’s such an integrated part of the land that even a highly skilled shaman wouldn’t notice it. If they did, they’d think it a physical manifestation of the spirit of the land, rather than a creature in it’s own right.

It takes Toini several hours to befriend the animal, but in the end she connects with it, understands what it is, and learns of its place in the greater scheme of things.

As the sun rises, a bird of rainbow sweeps down, lands on Toini’s head and drops a seed in her lap. Toini plants the seed and a small bush sprouts almost instantly. It doesn’t look like much. Stunted and twisted, with long thorns the sway even without wind. It’s a nasty piece of plant, but the little creature gets really excited, and starts stuffing itself with the berries. Then it disappears in under the bush and doesn’t come back. It’s the signal for Toini to leave.

Later, when Raoul and the others come back, they find Toini near the edge of the area. She declares that she’s concentrade the entire place in the name of Ek and that she condemns and construction that would affect the area – now and for ever.

Raoul groans and sighs.

There’s some confusion among the officials and there’s some complaints from the village reps, but Toini doesn’t budge. What’s done is done, and it won’t be undone no matter what.


Toini’s involvement in local affairs causes someone to request a Test of Faith in order to see if her condemnation of construction work in the area is really valid.