WOAT #13 – Stuck in Kul Viller #2

Copied from Summary

  1. Stuck at Home: A Night At The Castle. The dinner at the castle is at first dull and boring, but eventually prince Adrian shows up. He’s delighted to see her, but his date is less than pleased, and the next day Toini’s face is all over the news.

Suggested Titles

  • Unwanted attention
  • Drama at the castle
  • The prince’s old flame.

Summary Sentence

When Toini has to attend a gala dinner in her honor at the royal castle she does her best to seem dull and interesting, but then Prince Adrian shows up and remembers her and the crush he had on her.


This is a story about how things go from bad to worse, and about how old friendships don’t just die like that because someone goes away. There is also jealousy and drama.

Tropes – Story

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Who is Toini this time?

What does Toini want? Toini wants to keep a low profile and to get back to work.

What does Toini need? Vacation

Scratch 1

  • Toini has to try out various kinds of formal dress.
  • Toini attends the gala dinner and does her best to be dull and boring.
  • Prince Adrian shows up with Mari on his arm, and he’s really happy to see her.

Scratch 2

Dress rehearsal

The ship has arrived, perhaps a bit late, but not for any reason of consequence. The crew’s been briefed and everyone’s settling in for an extended stay.

Toini’s preparing for the gala dinner at the castle by trying to pick out what to wear. Everything has implications, everything causes complications. It’s all a mess and a hassle and she’d really rather just cancel the whole thing – but apparently that’s not an option.

Eventually something’s settled on and it’s time for the gala.

Dinner at the castle

The gala dinner is a dull and boring affair, just like Toini hoped it would be. She gets to shake hand with a bunch of officials, but there’s mostly just mid-range officials there. No one of the really famous celebrities crowd is there.

Toini eventually ends up chatting with some lads from the environmental branch of the government and it’s actually quite interesting, but mostly on a theoretical level. Someone asks if Toini would be interested in weighing in on some local development projects out in the suburbs to see what her take is on the environmental impact.

This is supposed to be a pretty dry part.

Drama at the castle

A little bit later Prince Adrian shows up. Turns out he’s currently dating Mari, the career priestess form earlier. Adrian is super excited to see Toini and makes all kinds of noise about getting some serious celebrating on. Toini is less than excited and Mari looks like she’s ready to kill. Someone from the press shows up and snaps some pictures, and then the whole circus is on.

Toini accuses Mari of setting up a public appearance for her despite her wishes, and Mari calls her hippie tree hugger. The two women are close to getting to blows. Adrian tries to intervene but gets shot down right away.

The following day Toini’s face is all over the news, and everyone knows there’s a new paladin in town and that she’s some kind of environmental activist hippie.