WOAT #12 – Stuck In Kul Viller #1

Copied from Summary

  1. Stuck at Home: A New Paladin in Town. Toini now has to stay in town longer than expected. She tries her best to be discrete about it, but will still have to obey by Church rules, and soon enough she receives an invitation to a dinner at the Royal Castle.

Suggested Titles

  • Hiding from friends
  • Return of the lost daughter
  • Unwanted Home

Summary Sentence

Toini tries to lay low and avoid attention, but she has to play by the rules, and all too soon people start to notice.


This is a story about how things don’t go according to plan. It’s also about how you sometimes have to do things you don’t want to, and how that can make things even worse.

Tropes – Story

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Who is Toini this time?

What does Toini want? Toini wants to find Roy. She wants to lie low, and she wants to get out of here and get back to work.

What does Toini need? Toini needs a vacation.

Scratch 1

  • Toini tries, and repeatedly fails, to get a hold of Roy.
  • Toini eventually resigns herself to staying and goes to register her presence with Church.
  • Toini gets an invitation to a dinner at the Royal Castle.

Scratch 2

Calling Roy

Toini tries to find out what’s happened with Roy. She doesn’t want to go through official channels just yet. Partly because that means she’ll have to announce to church that she’s here, and that’ll cause hassle and draw the wrong kind of attention to Paivi. Partly, it’ll also draw the wrong kind of attention to Roy. There’s no telling how the public will react when someone’s found to be wanted by church and it could give Roy all the wrong kinds of attention.

A day or so later there’s a notice in the sports news about how famous wrestler Roy van Waldenberger has gone missing from his countryside estate where he’d retired after a bit of an upset in a recent fight. He’s currently wanted for questioning by local law enforcement for involvement in match rigging.

The conclusion on Toini’s end is that Roy’s gone to ground, probably sitting on a train north somewhere along the coast. He’ll probably go up the east coast, and then come in up along the river. There’s no telling though, but that’s the most likely option.

Raoul argues that maybe it’d be a good idea to send out a notice through Church anyway. Toini is annoyed.

Playing by the Rules

Toini eventually relents and agrees to go register with church.

Registering is a frustrating experience at the best of times, but when it turns out just how unknown Ek really is up here it becomes humiliating as well.

The first clerk they speak to doesn’t know Ek at all, and doesn’t accept Toini’s paperwork as valid. Not until she brings out her guns and other holy parafernalia does the clerk accept and lets her proceed to proper registration.

The next clerk up is more accommodating, and accepts Toini’s credentials, but is instead grumpy at how Toini scared the crap out of the previous clerk. As part of the registration process she needs to see some of the higher ranking members of the local clergy. As she’s a paladin she technically outranks them and she’ll have to be seen at once, which means she can’t get an appointment to come back later, but will have to disrupt the schedules of the high priests. There’s no one around that’s able to interrupt what they’re currently doing though, so Toini and Raoul will just have to wait around until someone has time to see them.

Eventually someone shows up. Her name is Mari, and she’s a young, fashionably dressed woman, and she’s one of the high-priests of Telos. She’s clearly a career priestess, and she’s not pleased at having to have her day interrupted for no good reason. Learning that Toini is a paladin doesn’t make things much better. The priestess is a bit miffed at being outranked by some backwater hippie paladin of someone she considers a lesser god, but regulations are regulations and she has to be seen to abide by the letter of the law.

Toini’s annoyed too. She doesn’t want any trouble, but she’s not about to let anyone disrespect her god whom she’s devoted her life to. The two women don’t get along too well.

Toini makes sure she’s not interested in messing around in any local business and she wants to lay low and not draw any attention to herself. Mari’s main priority is in furthering her own career within church and doesn’t see any reason to go out of her way to pull attention to something she doesn’t consider important.

Toini and Mari would both have been pleased had they never had to see each other again. Foreshadowing!!!!

I said to keep a low profile.

Back at Paivi’s pub again. Raoul and Toini are having a coffee, just talking over what the plan is. Will they let the crew settle in, or keep them on alert? Will they stay in KV or go hide out somewhere smaller and less populated.

One of the patrons comes over and sits down with them. He introduces himself as Carl and begins to ask questions about Toini and Raoul.

Toini tries to not give out much in the way of information, but she also can’t really be rude to one of her sister’s regular guests.

As they sit there, a man in court livery steps in through the door, asks for Toini and delivers an invitation to a gala dinner at the royal castle in her honor. So much for keeping a low profile…