WOAT #11 – Crossing the Midlands #4

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  1. The Midlands Adventure: The Hunt For Roy. Alene is eventually released from custody and deported from the union, and she’s fiercely determined to find Roy and recover something of hers he carries. Roy sends her a message saying to meet him in KV, but she’s ahead of him already and eventually finds him.

Suggested Titles

  • The hunted becomes the hunter
  • Friend and Prey
  • A Werewolf Scorned

Summary Sentence

Deported, alone, and without her suitcase Alene has no other option than to track down Roy and find out what happened to her most priced possession, but will she find him?


This is a story about being alone and abandoned. It’s about using what you’ve got to get what you want. It’s about hard work, good luck, and meeting up with your friend again.

Tropes – Story

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Who is Alene this time?

What does Alene want? She wants to get her suitcase back, and she wants to find Roy.

What does Alene need? She needs to get her suitcase back. It’s her safety and her home.

Scratch 1

  • After a lot of questioning, Alene gets deported from the MU
  • Alene gets a job as a train host and begins to make her way to Kul Viller
  • Alene tracks down Roy and manages to find him.

Scratch 2


Alene is held for a day or two by the MU cops and then they finally let her go. They won’t set her free though, but deport her across the border and let her know she’s not welcome back. She did after all aid a dangerous criminal avoid the law. There are extenuating circumstances though, like how she was made out to be a murderous madwoman, and how she cooperated with police once she was caught.

There may or may not be some hassle with paperwork on the other side, as her passport probably was in the suitcase. She gets in touch with IR and gets herself set up with an IR traveler’s permit. This allows her to work on trains crossing borders, but she’s not to leave the train or the train area. In this way IR is a bit like a state of its own within the rest of the world.

She gets herself signed on to a train going north, working as a train hostess.

Back to the grind

Work on the train isn’t much different to what it used to be. Alene’s good with languages and makes herself understood without issue. She sends a message back home telling her parents not to worry. She rarely does this, but now that she doesn’t have her suitcase anymore she feels the need to get in touch with her family again.

As usual she doesn’t get a message back, but she still keeps checking. One day though, there’s a note from Roy, saying he’s got her suitcase and to meet him in KV. The message was sent from a station she passed a few days ago though, so Roy must be behind her. She checks the routes north and decides that he will have to pass through the Green Sea Plains to get to KV and since there’s only on station going through there he’ll have to pass that. Hopefully she can catch him there.


Alene gets to Gronsand and decides to wait there. She’s still on her IR pass, but she can work at the station house with various things for a limited period of time.

A few days later Roy shows up, and he’s got her suitcase. Alene’s very relieved. Roy is a bit surprised to see her, and he’s a lot happier about it than he expected he’d be.

Perhaps Alene almost misses him and she overhears some colleagues talk about the big terry on the train and then she has to run for it to get on board in time.

There’s not much left of their journey now. Crossing the Green Sea Plains is going to take a week or so but then it won’t be long until they’re back in KV – a few days at most. Getting through the MU was the difficult part.