WOAT #10 – Crossing the Midlands #3

Copied from Summary

  1. The Midlands Adventure: A Partial Escape. Roy and Alene set up a trap of their own to try and get out of the one set for them. The trick is partially successful and Roy manages to escape across the border while Alene gets captured.

Suggested Titles

  • Splitting up the team
  • Go on without me
  • The one the got away.

Summary Sentence

With Roy and Alene stuck in a trap their only option may be to turn themselves over to the law, but will that really help or just get the two of them deeper into trouble?


This is a story about admitting that you’re in over your head and doing what you can to try and handle it. It’s also about having to trust in your partner whether you want to or not.

Tropes – Story

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Who is Roy this time?

What does Roy want? Roy wants to get back to Kul Viller to see Toini

What does Roy need? Roy needs to stop being so hung up on Toini

Who is Alene this time?

What does Alene want? Alene wants to get out of the trap without getting hurt.

What does Alene need? Safety and belonging. A home.

Scratch 1

  • Roy and Alene decide to call the cops and/or IR to ask for help.
  • Train arrives. Battle between cops/mob/IR.
  • Alene is captured. Roy gets away but he’s got Alene’s suitcase.

Scratch 2

A trap of their own

Roy and Alene realize they’ve (likely) been tricked into a much worse trap than they first anticipated. After some deliberation they decide that the “best” course of action would be to call in the cops to let them know they’re on the train. That way the mob thugs may have some difficulty springing the trap as needed.

Alene also calls International Rail, to let them know (why?). IR will want to know about unauthorized usage of their trains, and they’ll also want to know that there’s a potentially dangerous situation developing.

All the traps are sprung

The train eventually arrives at it’s destination – a town right on the border. There’s a river along the border and this is the only main river crossing in the region, so a lot of traffic comes through here.

Roy and Alene have pried open the door to the car, and have agreed to hop off as soon as it seems safe. There’s been some arguing about who’s to jump first and why and so on, but in the end they decide it doesn’t much matter and they just flip a coin. Alene gets to hop off first, she and her suitcase.

There’s no good spot though, and the train’s too fast. Alene doesn’t get to jump until the train’s nearly stopped. Roy’s hot on her heels.

The train is already in the yard though, and the bad guys are ready to spring their ambush. Fortunately the police is there too, as well as IR Sec. There is fighting, shooting, violence, and confusion.

Roy and Alene eventually spot an opening and make a run for it. There’s a bit of a chase, but eventually they manage to shake their pursuers – or so they think.


They make it to the river, but there’s a steep cliff and a high fence to cross before they can get started swimming across (neither of them think they’ll be able to get across on the bridges as they are heavily guarded – no point in even trying).

Roy goes first, and then once he’s safe at the bottom Alene throws down her suitcase to him and starts climbing the fence.

That’s when Alene’s caught. IR Sec employs their own terries and a huge monster of a man tackles her and eventually manages to subdue her. The last thing that happens is that Alene shouts after Roy not to lose her suitcase.