Outline: WOAT #7 – Roy’s and Toini’s last date

Copied from Summary

  1. Flashbacks: Roy’s and Toini’s Last Date. Roy and Alene sit and chat on the train. He tells of how his last meeting with Toini ended in horrible disaster and how he’s lived with the regret of that last meeting ever since.

Suggested Titles

  • That Last Date
  • That one time, when I hit you.
  • Memories of Blood

Summary Sentence

Roy tells Alene about the last time he met Toini, and thinks about what he remembers of what really happened.

Sub-sentence: Roy has finally worked up the courage to tell Toini how he really feels about her, but Toini has some exciting news of her own and they shatter Roy’s hopes and dreams.


This is a story with another story in it.

The first story is about a man telling of his last meeting with the big love of his life. It’s about what he chooses to say, and what he opts to leave out.

The second story is about a young man who has finally mustered enough resolve to tell the girl of his dreams how he feel about her. It’s also about how she has completely different plans and how the young man freaks out when his plan clashes with reality.

Tropes – Story

  • Whole Episode Flashback.
  • Childhood Friend Romance
  • Unfettered?
  • Aborted declaration of love
  • Not good with rejection / Ax-Crazy
  • What did I do last night?
  • Did not get the girl

Who is Roy this time?

What does Roy want? Roy wants to go back home see Toini, and he doesn’t want to talk about it to some new person he’s only just met./

What does Roy need? Roy needs to put his feelings for Toini to rest and part of that is owning up to what happened way back when.

Who is Alene this time?

What does Alene want? Alene wants to hear Roy’s story.

What does Alene need? Alene needs a safe place in the world.

Who is Young Roy this time?

What does Young Roy want? Young Roy wants to tell Toini he loves her and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

What does Young Roy need? Young Roy needs to be loved for who he is.

Scratch 1

  • Alene prods Roy about where he’s going and eventually gets him to tell her about Toini
  • Roy tells Alene about the last time he saw Toini.
  • Roy prepares for his date with Toini
  • Toini shows up and tells Roy she’s got a spot in the International Peace Keeping Force.
  • Roy freaks out and the two of them have a big figth.
  • Alene figures out Roy’s got some issues he doesn’t want to talk about.

Scratch 2

Part 1

Roy and Alene are on the train. They’re feeling reasonably safe for the time being and they’re talking, having coffee and sitting out the rid. Alene is trying to push Roy on where he’s going and why he’s left and eventually she gets him to begin telling her about Toini.

Part 2

Roy’s Story about the last time he saw Toini.

Part 1

Preparation. Roy’s come home to his apartment after having been to the store. He’s feeling pretty strong, and he’s excited to see Toini and tell her how he feels. He’s going over the words in his mind as he prepares and unpacks and sets things up for “the perfect date”

He’s getting his hopes up and planning out their life and their future together. He’s very excited.

Part 2

Toini shows up and she’s happy and excited and everything’s great. Roy is tense and nervous and tries to lead the conversation on to a track that will lead on to what he wants to say.

Toini beats him to it though and gets her important message out. She’s been accepted as an officer at the international peace keeping force in the deep south. She’s to be stationed in an unruly region between the Snaggfell and the inner sea, just north of Mahradia and she’ll be gone for at least the next two years.

Roy’s devastated. All his careful words fall out his head and he goes off on something like “what about me, what about us?” Toini doesn’t quite get it. For her it’s only been about being good friends and she’s a bit taken by surprise.

Part 3

The discussion escalates into an argument which grows into a full blown fight (or threatens to). Roy’s starting lose his composure and his beast side threatens to take over. Toini’s scared, but she sees what’s coming, and she gets a frying pan and manages to knock Roy out for long enough she can make her escape.

Roy’s not out for long though, and when he comes to and realizes what’s happened the beast takes over and he shifts to wolf form and wrecks his apartment completely.

When he wakes up again he’s naked in his trashed kitchen and there’s blood and claw marks everywhere and he doesn’t remember anything from just before Toini hit him.

Part 3

Back on the train again. Roy ends the story he’s telling Alene a little before the story in his memory ends. He brushes over the details and leaves out the worst. What he tells Alene is just something along the lines of how they had a big fight and how it was really bad.

Alene gathers that he left stuff out, and assumes things were bad. She’s a bit uncomfortable with the revelations and with the implications of what her traveling partner may have hiding in his past.