Outline: WOAT #6 – Introduction to Toini

Copied from Summary

  1. Introduction to Toini. Toini begins to plan the trip down to Tin Jian to pick up Roy but when she learns that he’s left to come meet her, and that he can’t be reached in any way, she finds herself stuck in Kul Viller.

Suggested Titles

  • Holy Hangover
  • No News is Good News
  • Shouldn’t have done that.

Summary Sentence

Paivi is desperately waiting to hear from Roy, but when he never calls back she has to give her sister some news Toini really doesn’t want to hear.


This is a story about a woman who pulled a silly prank which turns out to have dire consequences

Tropes – Story

  • What did I do last night?
  • Not quite dead
  • Inciting incident
  • Didn’t think this through.
  • Keeping Secrets Suck
  • Bearer of bad news.
  • Let me get this straight.

Who is Toini this time?

What does Toini want? Toini wants to get packed up and leave so she can go find Roy.

What does Toini need? Toini needs a vacation in peace and quiet.

Who is Paivi this time?

What does Paivi want? Paivi wants to spend some quality time with her sister.

What does Paivi need? Paivi needs to feel she’s in control of the situation.

Scratch 1

  • Morning. Hangover. Paivi gets a message fro Roy saying he’s coming.
  • Paivi replies and tells him to stay, but no response comes no matter how long she waits.
  • Paivi eventually has to tell Toini that Roy’s left Tin Jian to come home.

Scratch 2

Hungover at home

It’s early morning and Paivi wakes up with a raging hangover and remembers that her sister is back from the dead. She saunters over to have a look and make sure she’s really there. This will be a moment of reflection, to sum up all of the important bits about Toini.


eventually goes to make coffee. When she does, she sees she’s got a message from Roy that says to keep Toini there and that he’s coming back.

Paivi quickly sends him a text back asking him to stay where he is and that Toini wants to go meet him instead. She doesn’t get a reply right away, so she makes coffee and then forgets about it.

Part 2

Toini and Paivi go to Mossy Barn to meet Raoul and have a proper fry up breakfast. Toini and Raoul make plans for the journey, although Raoul is very disappointed and annoyed that he has to go all the way to Tin Jian before the can go to Knysvian so he can sign off at last.

Paivi is a bit bothered by Roy not getting back to her.

There’s also a bit of conflict between Raoul and Toini about sticking to procedure with regards to reporting to church etc. Toini overrules most of the objection by referencing how they’re only staying for a few days and then they’re off again.

Part 3

Eventually Paivi has had enough and she owns up to having heard from Roy.

Paivi is relieved that she no longer has to keep a secret, but both Toini and Raoul are upset because they’re now stuck in Kul Viller until Roy shows up.

The reason they’re stuck is that if they can’t get hold of Roy they have no way of agreeing on somewhere to meet up.