Outline: WOAT #4 – Alene Meets Roy

Copied from Summary

  1. Alene Meets Roy. Lost in the wild Alene eventually makes it back to the city to collect her stuff. Once there she discovers the pack is out to capture him and she decides to do her best to thwart their efforts. Roy and Alene escape by the skin of their teeth.

Suggested Titles

  • Lost in the Jungle
  • The hunted becomes the hunter
  • A Prey’s Vengeance
  • The Scorned

Summary Sentence

After being betrayed by the local werewolf pack Alene takes her revenge on them by teaming up with their next intended prey, the famous runaway wrestler Roy.


This is a story about vengeance. There’s an underdog that was beaten but who gets back up and dishes out payback. There’s a surprise appearance by a famous badass. Once more there’s a narrow escape.

Tropes – Story

  • Naked on Arrival
  • He’s back. (except it’s She)
  • Broken bridge
  • Noble Fugitive / Hero of another story.
  • Fight scene
  • The Cavalry / Revenge / The hunter becomes the hunted.
  • Back to Back Badasses
  • Fire-forged Friends
  • Let’s Get Out Of Here
  • Memento MacGuffin
  • Train escape (yes, again)

Who is Alene this time?

What does Alene want? 1. Revenge; 2. Get the hell out of Guapatrask.

What does Alene need? Alene still needs a home – or place where she feels safe and belongs.

Scratch 1

  • Alene recovers her things and makes her way through the jungle and back to Guapatrask.
  • Alene learns that Roy is in town and that the pack is out to capture him.
  • Alene ruins the pack’s surprise attack on Roy and the two of them escape together.

Scratch 2

Return to Guapatrask

Alene is lost and naked in the jungle and she has no idea how to get back to town. She manages though. First she makes her way to the old ranch where she recovers the clothes she wore.

Here, she may also overhear some members of the pack as they discuss what happened during the hunt and how the pack is grumbling after she escaped. Could it be the pack’s leader is getting his authority questioned because of what happened?

From the ranch Alene manages to find an old trail that leads back to the city and she eventually returns to Guapatrask a day or so later.

Part 2

Back in Guapatrask Alene checks in at the train station and learns there are no openings for her right now, but that there will probably be soon. At this stage she’s quite eager to get out though and she’s prepared to pay for a ticket. There’s no train just yet though, and she decides to lay low. Her suitcase is in a locker at the train station.

She dare not go back to the hostel where she stayed as it might be watched, so she takes up in a bar/cafe near the train station. This is also where Roy is. He’s taking a break here while waiting for the next train going north, which is also the same Alene was planning on getting on.

Alene does not at first recognize Roy, but she soon picks up on how some of the other patrons take an interest in him. She also notices some people she recognizes as attached to the pack, but they don’t see her as they’re focused on Roy.

It doesn’t take much for Alena to figure out what’s going on and she sees her chance to get back at the pack. She waits patiently for the thugs to go away, but it seems only one of them leaves while the other one sticks around to keep an eye on the new target.

To try and help out, Alene writes a note on a piece of paper and asks one of the waiters to give it to Roy.

Part 3

The bad guys wander into the cafe, obvious like a horde of elephants and intimidating as can be. Roy’s a badass though, and he doesn’t let himself get intimidated. Instead, he just calmly sits there and waits for the bad guys to make their move. He still hasn’t acknowledged Alene or her note with as much as a glance.

Soon enough, the baddies lose their patience and begin to push Roy. Fighting ensues. Roy’s tougher and more skilled than any of them on their own, but there are a lot of them and he’s alone. That is, he’s alone until Alene joins in.

Alene doesn’t look like much of a fighter, but she’s ferocious as few, and with her and Roy fighting together the baddies meet their match.

The pack thugs fall back and Roy and Alene make their way towards the train station where the train is due to leave. Alene has to grab her suitcase from the lockers and she almost misses the train but Roy pulls her on board at the last moment.