Outline: WOAT #3 – Introduction to Alene

Copied from Summary

  1. Introduction to Alene. Alene gets stuck in the swamplands when she can’t get a job due to the full moon. She ends up running with the local pack who betrays her and ends up using her as designated prey for their hunt.

Suggested Titles

  • Stuck in the swamp.
  • The wrong woman, at the wrong place and time.
  • Betrayal in the jungle

Summary Sentence

When werewolf Alene can’t get out of town in time for the full moon she has to join the local pack for their hunt, but is she too a hunter, or is she the prey?


This is a story about a woman who gets stuck in an unpleasant situation and who is then betrayed by the people who claimed they’d help her. There will be a gang of thugs that have to be trusted against better judgement. There will be a betrayal and a desperate chase and brutal violence.

Tropes – Story

  • Obstructive Bureaucrat
  • Burger Fool
  • Gang Bangers
  • Wild Wilderness
  • False Friend
  • Shape Shifting
  • Big Heroic Run
  • Fight Scene
  • A quiet moment

Who is Alene?

What does Alene want? Alene wants to be able to shift into her animal aspect in relative safety.

What does Alene need? Alene needs a place to call home.

Alene has a suitcase with her things in and it’s important to her. It’s the closest thing she has to an actual home. It’s got more sentimental than actual value. Apart from some spare sets of clothes and toiletries the suitcase only holds a few mementos from back home.

Scratch 1

  • Alene learns she won’t be able to get out of Guapatrask in time for the full moon.
  • Alene hooks up with the local pack and is allowed to join them for their hunt.
  • The pack betrays Alene and declares her the prey of their hunt.

Scratch 2

Stuck in the Swamplands

Alene is in Guapatrask. It’s a few days before the full moon, and according to local regulations she can’t get a job on a train because she’s a terry. She’s too tight on money to splurge on a fast train to a safer spot and decides it’s better to prepare for a full moon at her current location. She learns that there’s a local pack that’s fairly organized and that may be willing to let her join them.

One of the Pack

Alene befriends the pack. They’re a gang of rough thugs – mean spirited and abusive, but their leader keeps them in line, and despite knowing better Alene decides to join them for the hunt.


Once it’s too late for her to back out, the pack leader reveals that Alene is the designated prey for this moon’s hunt. She gets a small head start but then they’re after her. Eventually she manages to escape, but not before killing at least one of the pack, cementing their animosity towards her.

The story ends with the sun rising above the jungle and with Alene sitting in a glade somewhere, lost naked, and alone.