Outline: WOAT #2 – Roy’s Escape

Copied from Summary

  1. Roy Runs Away. Roy drops everything, grabs as much cash/funds as he can and hits the road. While escaping from those who don’t want him to leave, Roy ends up on the wrong train and is eventually shipped off to the swamplands.

Suggested Titles

  • Last Fight in Tin-Jian
  • Roy’s Last Fight
  • Roy’s Escape
  • Beginning of the End

Summary Sentence

When Roy finds out his long lost love is still alive he decides to drop everything and go to her, but will he be able to escape his current life?


This is a story about a man trying to get away from people trying to capture him. There will be a decision to leave, an (un)expected capture, an escape, a chase, and a narrow escape.

Tropes – Story

  • Nothing is the same anymore.
  • What were you thinking?
  • Fugitive Arc
  • Captured on purpose
  • Balcony escape
  • Chase scene
  • Train escape

To be filled out.

Who is Roy this time?

What does Roy want? Roy wants to leave Tin Jian and go home to find Toini.

What does Roy need? Roy needs to put his attachment to Toini to rest.

Scratch 1

  • Roy gets a message and decides to leave.
  • Roy departs, but soon figures out it won’t be so easy.
  • Roy gets captured, but makes a narrow escape to who knows where.

Scratch 2

The Message

Roy’s at his countryside estate just outside of Tin Jian. He receives the message from Paivi (see end of last story) about Toini being back. He talks over the situation with his gardener and then makes the decision to leave.

The gardener is a bit of an old mentor/guru and is good with giving life advice. They’re not an elf, but they’re old for a human, and they might have worked with the house/garden for several different owners.

He sorts out few bits of unfinished business to make sure the people who depend on him still has a little bit to tide them over (if there are any and if they need it). He sorts out some money for himself and then he leaves. To consider: who really depends on Roy? His coach and maybe his manager, but the manager might have more fighters to look after, or might only be a recent companion.

The last things he does before he leaves is to throw his phone into the garden pond.


What if Roy needs to stop by his apartment in the city and pick up some things, like his passport, or his money? This could be how he discovers that people are looking for him. Maybe he’ll suspect the gardener betrayed him (although that’s unlikely).

Otherwise, Roy somehow finds out that people are looking for him. Perhaps the syndicate sent someone to the farm to look for him and found he’d gone.

There’s not much he can do though. He still has to leave, and he won’t take an air bus. They’re too slow and too easy to stop and turn back, and he’s a bit uneasy about flying. There’s really no other option than to take the train, and then he must pass through Tin-Jian central, so someone will see him. Sure, it’s a huge station, but Roy’s a celebrity and he’ll be recognized by most people on the street.

Eventually he gets on a train and is on his way, but he’s pretty sure someone’s seen him.

Capture and Escape

Later the same day, not very far from the next stop, the pursuers find him. They got on at the last stop and have searched the train for him. He’s out of reasonable options and can’t do anything but step off the train with them.

These guys aren’t police so they can’t arrest him, but instead put him up in a hotel room and leave guards by the door and outside the window.

During the night Roy escapes, but his break out is discovered and the pursuers are after him. There’s a bit of fighting and action before Roy finally escapes on a departing long-haul train. Unfortunately for Roy he’s been shot. Normally this isn’t much of an issue and he’d be able to shrug it off, but the pursuers used silver infused bullets. It’s not enough to kill him unless he’s shot a large number of times, but it’ll slow him down and drain him of energy. As the story end Roy passes out in a cargo car in a train on the way to no one knows where.