Outline: WOAT #1 – Roy’s Last Fight

Copied from summary

  1. Introduction to Roy. Roy’s expected to lose his big match, but his sense of morality is getting in the way and he ends up beating his opponent, landing himself in a serious bit of trouble, and that’s when the message from Paivi shows up.

Suggested Titles

  • Roy’s Last Fight
  • Last fight of a fading star
  • The old champion’s last fight

Summary Sentence

Fading werewolf wrestling champion Roy is requested to lose his next match, but will his pride get in the way and cost him a comfortable retirement?


This is a story about a man trying to stick to his ideals despite facing both corruption and temptation. There will be conflict and a moral dilemma and a last minute decision to do what’s right no matter the consequences.

Tropes – Story

  • Honor Before Reason
  • Throwing The Fight / Fixing the game
  • Rule of Three
  • Moral Dilemma
  • The Lost Lenore

To be filled out.

Who Is Roy?

Name: Roy van Waldenberger – originally Roy Stugknuttson

Age: Upper thirties.

Profession: Professional Wrestler in the heavyweight therianthropes scene. Originally studied to be an electronic engineer, but got sidetracked due to his therianthropic affliction. After a disagreement with a romantic interest he left his hometown to see the world and ended up as a personal bodyguard for a drug lord in the midlands union.

After getting out of the drug job Roy continued south and eventually ended up as a big name on the terry-fighting circuit in Tin Jian. He’s been involved with that for several years, has been hugely successful, with many big titles, tons of fans, and respectable fortune. He’s soon due to drop it all and leave.

What does Roy want? Roy wants to stop fighting, settle down, and grow old in peace and quiet.

What does Roy need? Roy needs to put his attachment to Toini to rest.

Scratch 1

  • Roy is requested to lose his next match.
  • Roy takes some convincing but eventually agrees to lose the match.
  • At the last minute Roy changes his mind and wins the match.
  • The story ends with a message saying Toini is alive.

Scratch 2

The Request

Roy is at a meeting to discuss the upcoming match. It’s something of a big deal. It’s not quite the final match of the season, but one of the ones leading up to it. It’s probably the match about who gets to fight for the title.

Roy is present as well as some of his closer aides – his coach and his manager and perhaps someone else. Maybe he’s got two managers? One for himself and then another manager for his team. There is also two people from the syndicate. They’re the ones who make the request for Roy to lose the game. Additionally there are representatives from some major sponsors present, so it’s a lot of people.

Is the other fighter there? If they are, how do they react when the syndicate requests Roy lose the match? Can this be made to show that Roy’s opponent is female? Is she? May be tricky.

In the end, this part is about how Roy gets the request to lose the match. It’s also about showing what kind of a person Roy is. He wants to do right and he doesn’t want to cheat or betray his fans. He’s also tired of fighting, and he wants to quit and retire and he doesn’t want to lose out on his retirement money. He hates how his pride is for sale, and he hates to think how disappointed Toini would be if she knew he cheated for money.

Show how Roy still has a lot of pride, but that he’s near or past breaking.

The Decision

Roy has a tough time and talks the situation over with his coach and managers. They try their own ways of convincing him to lose the match. It’s better for his future, and for all their futures and for scene as a whole, and it’s better entertainment value for the fans and all that.

Show Roy struggling with himself and eventually giving up. Show how he’s plagued by his inner demon and of the memory of Toini.

Does he meet up with the other fighter, and does he tell them he’s agreed to lose the match? How do they react to that? They probably get pissed off or insulted. They call Roy out on taking easy money and that he wouldn’t have been able to win anyway. They’ll say something that rings ill with Roy and which festers a bit in his mind.

Who do Roy meet?

  1. His manager, who’s a young business-minded professional who tries to convince him that he’s a good showman and that what the fans really want isn’t necessarily a far fight but a good show and a good story.
  2. His coach, who’s as close to an old friend and confidant as it gets. Coach tries to convince Roy that it’s time to let go of Toini, and that this could be the way out that he’s been looking for. He can start winding down and setting up for retirement now.
  3. His opponent, who’s an up and coming fighter with a big following and a bright future in the scene. They tell Roy he’s an old has been and that he should just agree to the offer to lose as he’s going down anyway – might as well take money for it. (Offer? Wasn’t it a request?)`

The Fight

Show the last preparations before the match, going to the arena, seeing the fans, entering the ring.

As the fighters greet each other, Roy tells the other that the deal is off and that he’ll fight to win.

In the end, he wins.

This part is to show that Roy still has some spine, and that he’ll still follow his own lead and stay true to himself even if it’s going to have bad consequences for him. It’s also to show that he’s still a serious fighter even if he’s old and worn.

An Unexpected Message

Roy skips town for a bit and as he does a message shows up saying Toini is alive. Cliffhanger.