Werewolves On A Train – Series Outline

This page contains the full outline for the entire series as it’s intended at the moment. Each story is represented by a short paragraph that briefly sums up what the story is about.

Each paragraph also links to the basic outline for that part of the series.

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  1. Introduction to Roy. Roy’s expected to lose his big match, but his sense of morality is getting in the way and he ends up beating his opponent, landing himself in a serious bit of trouble, and that’s when the message from Paivi shows up.
  2. Roy Runs Away. Roy drops everything, grabs as much cash/funds as he can and hits the road. While escaping from those who don’t want him to leave, Roy ends up on the wrong train and is eventually shipped off to the swamplands.
  3. Introduction to Alene. Alene gets stuck in the swamplands when she can’t get a job due to the full moon. She ends up running with the local pack who betrays her and ends up using her as designated prey for their hunt.
  4. Alene Meets Roy. Lost in the wild Alene eventually makes it back to the city to collect her stuff. Once there she discovers the pack is out to capture him and she decides to do her best to thwart their efforts. Roy and Alene escape by the skin of their teeth.
  5. The Hunt For Roy And Alene. Roy and Alene escape on train through the swamplands. Alene gets captured, and while Roy first decides to go on alone he eventually turns back to rescue her, only to find she’s broken free on her own (backpack?)
  6. Introduction to Toini. Toini begins to plan the trip down to Tin Jian to pick up Roy but when she learns that he’s left to come meet her, and that he can’t be reached in any way, she finds herself stuck in Kul Viller.
  7. Flashbacks: Roy’s and Toini’s Last Date. Roy and Alene sit and chat on the train. He tells of how his last meeting with Toini ended in horrible disaster and how he’s lived with the regret of that last meeting ever since.
  8. The Midlands Adventure: Crossing the Border. Since Roy is a wanted man in the Union he decides to sneak across the border and meet Alene on the other side in a small countryside village. The villagers are very suspicious of Alene trying to smuggle a foreigner across the border.
  9. The Midlands Adventure: Avoiding the Law. Roy and Alene get more and more attention and they eventually have to seek out Roy’s old “friends” to try and get help with passing undetected through the country, but the “friend” betrays them.
  10. The Midlands Adventure: A Partial Escape. Roy and Alene set up a trap of their own to try and get out of the one set for them. The trick is partially successful and Roy manages to escape across the border while Alene gets captured.
  11. The Midlands Adventure: The Hunt For Roy. Alene is eventually released from custody and deported from the union, and she’s fiercely determined to find Roy and recover something of hers he carries. Roy sends her a message saying to meet him in KV, but she’s ahead of him already and eventually finds him.
  12. Stuck at Home: A New Paladin in Town. Toini now has to stay in town longer than expected. She tries her best to be discrete about it, but will still have to obey by Church rules, and soon enough she receives an invitation to a dinner at the Royal Castle.
  13. Stuck at Home: A Night At The Castle. The dinner at the castle is at first dull and boring, but eventually prince Adrian shows up. He’s delighted to see her, but his date is less than pleased, and the next day Toini’s face is all over the news.
  14. Stuck at Home: Stirring All the Wrong Pots. Toini gets asked to evalute the environmental impact of a building project and says it mustn’t come to pass. Soon enough she’s accused of meddling in politics, someone charges her with blasphemy and she must face a Trial of Faith to prove she’s really a paladin.
  15. Stuck at Home: Getting Out. As soon as the trial is done, Toini and Raoul escapes into the hills to see some old friends of Toini’s and to get out of town for a bit. During a routine scouting mission they encounter a strange presence and get lost in the hills for several days tracking it. Toini meets the shaman of the hills.
  16. Toini in the Mountains. The above story had to be split into two. This one’s about what happens to Toini when she goes to Gotecan Hills
  17. Roy Comes Home. Roy arrives back in Kul Viller only to find that Toini is out of town for the moment. While waiting for Paivi to come back from an errand the pub gets attacked by cultists, and Roy and Alene fight to save it.
  18. Reunion. Toini comes back to town and finds Roy. The two of them chat about things but ultimately fail to reconnect. When Alene eventually shows up, Toini freaks out and shoots her as an abomination.
  19. Everything Is Wrong. After Toini shoots his friend, Roy flat out refuses to speak to her, Paivi throws her out of the pub, and she still hasn’t found her new crew member, but eventually she ends up alone with Alene.
  20. The New Chronicler. Despite neither of them wanting to be even near the other Toini eventually has to invite Alene to join her crew. When Alene finds she gets a cabin of her own on the ship she agrees.