Werewolves On A Train – Promises

This is the list of promises for all the stories in the series. First is the title in bold, then the promise as copied from the outline, and then in italics I added a few words to try and sum up the theme of the promise/story.

  1. Introduction to Roy: This is a story about a man trying to stick to his ideals despite facing both corruption and temptation. There will be conflict and a moral dilemma and a last minute decision to do what’s right no matter the consequences. Morals, ethics, responsibility.
  2. Roy runs away: This is a story about a man trying to get away from people trying to capture him. There will be a decision to leave, an (un)expected capture, an escape, a chase, and a narrow escape. Hope, purpose.
  3. Introduction to Alene: This is a story about a woman who gets stuck in an unpleasant situation and who is then betrayed by the people who claimed they’d help her. There will be a gang of thugs that have to be trusted against better judgement. There will be a betrayal and a desperate chase and brutal violence. Trust, loneliness, independence.
  4. Alene meets Roy: This is a story about vengeance. There’s an underdog that was beaten but who gets back up and dishes out payback. There’s a surprise appearance by a famous badass. Once more there’s a narrow escape. Vengeance, independence, fear.
  5. The hunt for Roy and Alene: This is a story about a man and a woman running from a pack of angry werewolves, but it’s also about independence, guilt, and obligation. Trust, duty, morals.
  6. Introduction to Toini: This is a story about a woman who pulled a silly prank which turns out to have dire consequences. Responsibility.
  7. Roy’s and Toini’s last date: This is a story with another story in it. The first story is about a man telling of his last meeting with the big love of his life. It’s about what he chooses to say, and what he opts to leave out. The second story is about a young man who has finally mustered enough resolve to tell the girl of his dreams how he feel about her. It’s also about how she has completely different plans and how the young man freaks out when his plan clashes with reality. Trust, friendship, love, dreams, disappointment.
  8. Midlands 1: This is a story about a “foreign” woman who has to go stay in a backwards countryside village where everyone sticks together, everyone’s got each others’ backs, and no one’s got any fondness for outsiders or weirdos. Independence, xenophobia.
  9. Midlands 2: This is a story about two fugitives trying to avoid capture while more and more people are looking for them. It’s about having to choose between bad options and about trusting people you know can’t be trusted. Trust, friendship, independence.
  10. Midlands 3: This is a story about admitting that you’re in over your head and doing what you can to try and handle it. It’s also about having to trust in your partner whether you want to or not. Trust, desperation.
  11. Midlands 4: This is a story about being alone and abandoned. It’s about using what you’ve got to get what you want. It’s about hard work, good luck, and meeting up with your friend again. Loneliness, perseverance.
  12. Toini in KV 1: This is a story about how things don’t go according to plan. It’s also about how you sometimes have to do things you don’t want to, and how that can make things even worse. Responsibility, duty.
  13. Toini in KV 2: This is a story about how things go from bad to worse, and about how old friendships don’t just die like that because someone goes away. There is also jealousy and drama. Duty, friendship, jealousy.
  14. Toini in KV 3: This is a story about a good deed backfiring. It’s about wanting to help out and do the right thing and getting in trouble for it. Responsibility, consequences.
  15. Toini in KV 4: This is a story about facing a difficult yet unknown challenge. It’s about trusting in yourself and in what you believe in. Faith, trust.
  16. Toini in KV 4.5: This is a story about going away to get some rest and then ending up in another difficult situation. It’s about always being on duty and about finally finding a little bit of respite. Independence, escape, simplicity.
  17. Roy comes home: This is a story about finally getting to where you want to be and how it’s not at all what you expected or wanted. Expectations, disappointment.
  18. Reunion: This is a story about friendship and about the strains that can be put on it when someone’s in a difficult situation. Friendship, expectations.
  19. Everything is wrong: This is a story about being wrong and having to face the consequences. Responsibility, consequences, trust,
  20. The New Girl: This is a story about facing a reality you don’t like, about making a choice you don’t want to, and about finding what you’ve been looking for in the unlikeliest of places. Acceptance, belonging.

Having gone through the list, it seems to me that the main themes of the series are as follows, in no particular order:

  • Trust. This also encompasses all of the mentions of duty, responsibility, etc.. It’s about trusting both in others and in yourself.
  • Friendship. This is central. It’s both about the old friendship between Roy and Toini, but also about the new friendship between Roy and Alene.
  • Independence. All three of the main characters are very independent. They’re used to standing on their own two feet and of taking care of themselves.
  • Belonging. Also includes loneliness. This is mainly relevant to Alene. She’s the one in need of somewhere to belong. Toini has a strong enough purpose that belonging isn’t an issue to her. Roy has other issues, but in another story, belonging might be an issue for him.