Werewolves On A Train

It’s on!

It’s been a long time since I wrote this page, and a lot has changed, but the project is still going on. What’s more, it’s happening. The first part of Lost Dogs, as the series is now called is available for pre-order here.


This page is where I collect all my notes and documents for my story series Werewolves On A Train. There will be spoilers. I’m going to be sharing notes and outlines and other info relevant to the development of the series.

All of the outlines of all of the stories will be uploaded here, as well as the summary of the series itself. If you’re interested in reading the finished product and if it’s important to you to not know how it ends, this is not the page for you.

That said, all spoilers will be on pages linked to by this page. There are no spoilers on this page itself.

About the project

This all began once I decided it was time to stop messing around trying to be quirky, and to start learning how to tell a basic story. I had a grand idea for a massive novel, and I decided to split the novel up into smaller stories. The novel contained plenty of events that are interesting enough in their own right, and that could be used as the starting point for their own stories.

Originally, I had plans for twelve stories plus flashbacks, but after the first pass over the outline I ended up with nineteen stories, including one flashback. I can do more flashbacks if I want to, but for now I’m fine with the ones I do have – it’s plenty enough.

You can read a more detailed article about this on mythiscribes.com.

Series Outline

This page contains the outline of the series as a whole as list of short paragraphs. Each paragraph also links to the outline for that specific story, here. All 20 stories now have their outlines listed, but not all of the outlines include the Tropes list for the story. I’m probably not going to add that to each individual outline, but I will add the tropes lists to the Master Tropes List below.

Short Story Outline Template

On this page I show the template I’m using for outlining the short stories of the series – here.


As part of the outline for each story I included all of the promises each story will try to make for the reader. I’ve compiled all of the promises in a list available here. I also added a few words about the theme of each story and then at the end a few comments about the theme of the entire series as a whole.

Master Tropes List

The outline template includes a trope list for each story. This is a list of tropes (from tvtropes.org) in chronological order that sums up the plot of the story. I’m still undecided about how useful this is, but I have a hunch it helps me get a better overview of what the story is about.

You can see the full list of tropes here (also not yet complete).

Behind the Scenes

For fun, and to get to know my characters and their view on the story a little bit better I decided to try and do behind the scenes commentaries with them. I pretend they’re actors playing themselves in the story and I write a monologue by them from that perspective.

As with the tropes list, I’m uncertain about how useful it is, but it’s quite fun, and it’s giving me some opportunity to spend time with my characters before I start the actual story, and I’m pretty sure that’s important.

From the Blog

These are blog posts I’ve written about the project. They’re mostly updates on my progress and my thoughts on how it’s going.