Tuuli – Polar Elf

Tuuli was one of the first characters I created. She’s part of the Odd Lands setting, but she’s completely separate from any other characters and any other storylines. Most likely it will continue that way.

Originally I wrote the first story about Tuuli almost five years ago, back in May 2011, shortly after I’d taken up fiction writing as a hobby. Then, a few months ago, autumn 2015 I rewrote that story from scratch. It’s the first one listed below here, and it links to the original version at the end.

I hadn’t planned on writing a follow-up to that one, but in the end it happened anyway. For now, it will probably be a while before I write a third short. Most likely this will be a character i come back to once in a while when I need a break from my other stories.

  1. Tuuli
  2. Tuuli – Under Snow

And that’s it for now.