Emma’s Story – Questions

If you’ve read all of Emma’s Story, I have a question for you:

When it is revealed that Torkel is dead (and how he died), did that seem like a believable course of events?

As a reader, you don’t know Torkel very well at all. You see him at the start of the story, and then you only see him, a few times, through Emma’s comments about him. Based on that, does it seem plausible that he might have decided to go and kill the bear on his own?

I don’t want you as a reader to suspect that it could have happened until the 12th chapter, when Emma arrives at the Winter Fylk homestead and Torkel isn’t there. I also don’t want you to feel as if Torkel’s death appears completely out of the blue once it’s finally confirmed during Emma’s discussion with her parents in the last chapter.

In short, should I be dropping more hints about how Torkel has the potential to do recklessly stupid things?

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