Emma’s Story – Full Outline

This is the full outline for Emma’s Story. I’m putting it up here so I can access it even when I don’t have my laptop with me. It also matches my philosophy of sharing my notes and plans for my work publicly. Admittedly, I don’t expect anyone to be particularly interested, but I do it anyway – for my own sake.

Emma’s Story – Scratch 5

Scene 1

Scratch 1 version

Emma is in the kitchen in her parents’ burrow. She’s helping out with tidying up after dinner. Once done her parents will walk up to the inn to meet the others. Emma will make sure the kids go to bed properly and then she too will head up to the inn. She’s old enough to attend the meeting, but she’s not old enough not to have to help out with the chores at home.

Scratch 2 version


Father: Herman

Mother: Go-Hanna


Emma, 21

Edgren, 17

Viola, 16

Viktor, 12

Ensgar, 11

Veklas, 7

Varja, 6

Elmot, 2

Emma and Viola are in the kitchen tidying up. Viktor and Ensgar are bringin in the dishes with the help of Veklas. Varja helps the girls with the dishes and Edgren is putting Elmot to bed. Herman sits on a stool in the corner overseeing things and teasing Emma about her potential suitors – Torkel and Burje. Go-Hanna is in the dining room, waiting for someone to bring her a cup of tea.

Once dinner is cleaned up and Go-Hanna has her tea it’s time to get the younger kids to bed. Edgren puts the younger kids to bed and Emma keeps an eye on Viktor and Ensgar to make sure they go to bed on their own without messing about. Viola heads over to Lisa and Stefan’s place to keep an eye on little Per while his parents are at the meeting. Mom and dad head up to the inn to meet the others.

Once all the little kids are in bed, Emma gets to leave too, leaving Edgren and Viola to look after the burrow.

Scratch 3 version

Changes: There’s no need to include all of the siblings. It’ll just confuse the reader.

New version:

Dining room at Emma’s family’s burrow. Herman and Go-Hanna are relaxing after the meal, sipping tea or something. Emma shows up and tells them they’ve cleaned up after the meal and that Edgren and Viola are putting the kids to bed. Elmot is already sleeping.

Herman says he and Go-Hanna will go up to the inn now and asks if she’ll be fine seeing the other kids to bed. Emma asures him she’ll be fine and everything will be in order. She also reminds them of how Edgren’s going to go to Stefan’s to look after their little one. Viola should be able to look after the younger kids though.

Go-Hanna says Emma had better make sure she’s there on time. Torkel’s bound to be there already. Emma sighs. She knows the deal. Her parents really want her to marry Torkel. The entire village expects her to marry Torkel. Torkel himself really wants to marry her. She just doesn’t want to, even if he’s a good friend and she likes him very much.

She’s running out of time though. Come spring, it’s been a year since she and Torkel have been the oldest unmarried woman and man in the village. He’s from a good family and he’s got his own burrow. If she marries him, she’ll get a place to live that’s near her own family and his as well. She’ll strengthen her own and her family’s ties to the village. It’ll put her up a peg on the social pecking order.

On the other hand. Declining to marry Torkel and taking her place as matron in his burrow would be bad. It would be an insult to Torkel and his family, but it would also be insulting to the entire rest of the village. It’s like they’r not good enough for her. She’d more or less be forced to leave and find a husband somewhere else, and it would reflect badly on her family too. Her siblings would have a harder time finding partners once they got old enough.

All of this is implied when Go-Hanna reminds Emma that Torkel will be there. They’ve had the discussion several times in the past and there’s no need to go over it again. Come spring, Emma will have to marry Torkel or there will be a scandal that no one wants.

Emma says that yes, she knows Torkel will be there. She’s just not ready yet. She needs more time. She doesn’t know what she needs the time for, she just does. In reality, she doesn’t think Torkel will be a good husband. He’s too adventurous and short sighted. He’ll be out running in the forest on some fools errand instead of staying home helping her raise the kids. He’s a good friend, but he won’t make a good father. It’d be better if he became a monk or something.

She promises her parents she’ll have a serious think about it – once the whole business with the bear is over and the village and the forest is safe again.

Her parents nod and say it’s okay, but they all know she’ll probably try and put off the decision even further. Herman and Go-Hanna leave to get to the inn and Emma goes to help Edgren and Viola put the kids to bed.

After her parents have left Emma goes into the bed chambers section of the burrow and helps put the little ones to sleep. Edgren asks what Emma is so grumpy about and Emma says it’s because her parents are bothering her about Torkel again. One of the younger kids suggests the bear should eat Torkel and that would fix everything. Emma says that that’s a horrible thing to say and of course she hopes it won’t come to that. She can’t help but feel that it would make things easier for her though.

Scratch 4 – Changes

Move a lot of the infodumping about Torkel and about marriage obligations to the next scene. This scene should focus on introducing Emma. It should also explain that she’s obliged to marry Torkel

and that she doesn’t want to – but it doesn’t have to go into too much details about why.

Scratch 5 – Dialogue

Emma: Mom, dad. The kitchen’s taken care of – dishes washed, left-overs stored, and the trash taken out.

Parents nod.

E: I’ve put Elmot to bed and he’s sleeping in already. Edgren and Viola are getting the rest of them ready for bed as well.

Herrman: Wasn’t Edgren going down to Stefan’s to watch their little one?

E: Yes. He’ll be there to keep an eye on Per while Stefan and Lisa are at the meeting. I’ll send him over as soon as I’m back.

H: Good, good. Sounds like you’ve got it all under control. We’ll be heading up to the inn for the meeting in a moment then. You’ll be joining us, right?

E: Yes, dad, as soon as all the kids are in bed. Viola said she’ll stay awake until we’re back – in case anything happens.

Go-Hanna: Make sure they’re all in bed before you leave, but try and make it quick so you’re not late. It wouldn’t look good if you stumble in after the meeting’s started.

E: No mom, I know. I’ll be there in time.

GH: That’s a good girl. I’m sure you will.

E: Yes mom.

GH: And Emma, I’ll be going home right away after the meeting. No need for you to rush back. You can stay a while and talk with your friends. Torkel will be there you know.

E: [sighs] Yes mom. I know.

GH: Don’t you sigh at me young lady. You’ve dawdled long enough.

E: [grits teeth] Yes mom. I know.

GH: Good. The village has its eyes on you. Don’t forget that.

H: That’s enough dear. I’m sure she won’t forget. She just needs some time.

GH: She’s had plenty of time. Life doesn’t wait.

H: Of course, but our Emma’s a good lass, she’ll do right by us. Don’t you worry my dear.

GH: [nods]

H: Are you ready? We’d better get going.

E: By mum, bye dad. I’ll be there soon.

Scene 2

Scratch 1 version

Emma walks up to the inn on her own. Add internal thoughts as needed.

Scratch 2 version

Emma steps out into the winter night and walks up to the inn on her own. On the way she passes Torkel’s burrow. It’s been recently vacated as his grandfather Grytberg finally passed away. The place needs to be cleaned up and aired out and someone needs to bless it for its new resident, but come spring, Torkel will be able to move in. It’s a great place to live, high on the hill, plenty of rooms, big garden. Shame about Torkel being such a wild-brain, but she’ll probably get him to calm down once he has a family to look after. She can tame him, really.

It’d be so much easier if only Burje were interested in her. There are other burrows further down the hill. She could live there too. He’s a much better catch, but he’s just not interested.

Scratch 3 version

Emma steps out into the cold winter night and close the door behind her. She looks up at the stars and wishes she wouldn’t have to deal with all the marriage bullshit. She longs for the day when she’ll have her own burrow and her own family with kids putting each other to bed. One day, once all of this is settled and over.

Maybe she can manage to bring Torkel to hearth, make a family man out of him. She’s known him all of her life and she knows what he’s like. Hopefully she can manage to settle him down – hopefully… She’s not so sure. She knows what he’s like and he won’t bend so easily.

Yet, maybe… Times change and he’s getting older and wiser, perhaps she can keep him in line. He’ll have to grow up and become a sensible and respectable adult eventually.

She walks up the hill and stops outside the empty burrow. Torkel and the others are working on it so that it will be ready to move into come spring. He’ll want to have a wife by then and it’d better be her. If not, she’ll have to leave the village and find someone else elsewhere and they’ll all wonder why she wouldn’t take a local lad when she could. It would look so bad.

It’s a real nice burrow though, and her parents live nearby, and his parents too. She can get the help she needs even if he’s not around. She shouldn’t though. He should be a good husband and not be traveling from village to village or run around in the forest pretending to be a hunter. She needs a family man – by the lady’s ears!

His family doesn’t have any horses, but hers does. If they marry, he’s sure to want to go driving all over the place and see all the other villages. She doesn’t need that. She wants a family and kids dammit. She needs her husband to stay home with her.

Really, she’d better bring him to hearth real quick, or she’ll have a bad life. Emma sighs and wanders on up the hill.

Scratch 4 – Changes

This scene will explain a little bit more about Emma’s obligation to get married to Torkel. It will also explain about her unwillingness to do so. It’ll introduce her feelings and fears about it all. She knows she’ll have to bring him to hearth, but she’s not entirely sure she’ll be fully able to, and she’d rather not have to deal with it at all. The empty burrow might function as a symbol of the urgency with which Emma needs to get her act together and make up her mind.

Scratch 5 – Dialogue

No dialogue.

Scene 3

Scratch 1 version

Emma enters the inn. Most everyone is there. She sits down at the table with the other youngest adults – among others: Egon and Torkel. There’s a bit of small talk and chitchat.

Scratch 2 version


Ulfsgrim – innkeeper

Lova and Tessica – serving girls

Stefan and Lisa – Emma’s friends. Married to each other.

Torkel – Emma’s suitor. Most likely to marry her. Probably this coming spring. Bit of a wild-brain.

Burje – Torkel’s younger brother. The perfect catch for any young woman of age, looking for a suitable lady in nearby villages.

Emma comes in to the inn. She’s the last of her friends to arrive, and few other villagers arrive after her. She sits down with her friends and they all say hi and greet each other and such. Torkel orders Emma a cider, even though she’d really rather have a whiskey, but she shouldn’t be complaining about such things before they’re even married.

Scratch 3 version

Emma steps in through the door to the inn. There’s a lot of people here, almost like for the great celebrations, like Last-harvest or Midsummer, except no kids, and no one is signing. The mood isn’t festive, but serious, and somber.

The fire burns in the hearth, but it’s kept low, to not get the room too warm. There are enough hot bodies in here and everyone’s dressed for winter. Several locals turn to eye her when she comes in. The potential for drama and scandal she symbolizes at the moment is significant, and it’s a welcome distraction from the all too imminent bear-issues.

Emma pulls herself up, and walks over to where the other youngest adults sit. It’s Stefan and Lisa, as well as Burje and Torkel. Torkel stands up and pulls out a chair for her, trying his best to be a gentleman. He waves at Tessica and orders an extra cider for Emma (even though she’d rather have a whiskey, does he not ever learn?). Then he too sits down.

Lisa asks how the kids are handling it back home and Emma asks to make sure Edgren arrived to look after the little one. Emma’s cider arrives and Torkel says something about how Emma must be pretty much running the show back home these days. He saw her parents come in quite a while ago already. The implication is she must be getting read for her own burrow and her own family real soon. Emma smiles and nods and it all becomes a little bit awkward around the table.

Scratch 4 – Changes

This scene ought to put even more emphasis on how the villagers have expectations on Emma. It will also show that Torkel really is rather interested in marrying her, but that he’s not all that attentive. He tries, but he’s not getting it right, which should raise some warning lights as they’ve really known each other their entire lives.

Scratch 5 – Dialogue

Torkel: Hey, Emma, over here. [stands up, pulls out chair] Tessica! Another cider please.

Emma: [walks over] Hello everyone. Thanks Torkel. [sits down] How’s everyone?

Lisa: Great. We’re so happy to have Edgren looking after little Per while we’re out. Otherwise one of us would have had to stay home.

Stefan: Yeah, and that’d be me.

L: Of course it would! [elbows in side and grins big]

L+S: [quick kiss and big goofy smiles]

Burje: Go find a barn you two.

S: We don’t need one. We’ve got an entire burrow of our own. [grins]

L: No more cider for you honey.

Tessica: Here, one cider coming up. That’s for Stefan is it? [giggles and sets down the cider in front of Emma]

E: Thanks Tee.

Torkel: So, Emma, I guess you’re pretty much running the burrow back home now these days, right? I saw your parents come in a good while ago already.

E: Well… [clears throat]

T: I mean, you get a lot of practice, right?

E: [squirms] Well, yes…

L: Is Viola keeping an eye on the kids now she’s the oldest still home – now that Edgren is at ours?

E: [grateful smile] Yes. She said she’d stay awake until we’re home again.

T: Aw, you should stay and have another drink afterwards. You will, won’t you, right?

B: Shush now, it’s starting.

Scene 4

Scratch 1 version

Meeting. Various ideas are discussed, but in the end it is decided that the villagers will travel to the nearby villages to seek aid.

Scratch 2 version

Meeting begins with village elder Norton calling the meeting to order. He reiterates how the first attempt to scare off the bear failed, but without any injuries. He also explains he’s already sent Lortper to Storvak to see if there’s a monk there that would be able to give help and advice. Lortper probably won’t be back for another two days though, with or without monk. Norton’s suggestion is to ask for help from the surrounding villages. It’ll be in their interest to get rid of the bear too. If the Rastebo village isn’t able to make use of their forests and pastures because of the bear, they will still have to get their food from somewhere.

Other suggestions:

  • Ask the winter fylk from up in the mountains (don’t want to ask them)
  • Ask the humans in hemsfil (too far away)
  • Ask a shaman (it’s winter and the land is mostly asleep)
  • Ask the local snowspeaker (too old and drunk)
  • Just try on our own one more time (didn’t work last time)
  • Get Bolvar to come fight the bear (too old, and just a dog)

In the end, asking for help from the surrounding villages is the only reasonable option. Emma, Torkel, and Burje get asked to go to the villages east of Rastebo (Hemsbo, Askerum, and Kuulis Wood). They’re all along the same road and Emma’s family have a horse and sled they can use to get there. It’ll be fun.

Other villages people go to are House At Stonebridge to the north, and Dals-Roed and Gyllenborg to the west. There are no neighboring villages to the south – it’s just the mountains and the winter fylk, and you don’t want to deal with them if you’re respectable.

Village names:

Hemsbo, Askerum, Kuulis Wood, House At Stonebridge, Dals-Roed, Gyllenborg.

Scratch 3 version

Elder Norton walks up in front of the fireplace and calls the meeting to order. He sums up yesterday’s failed attempt: the bear is still in the burrow, no one got badly hurt, old Lennart fell and sprained his ankle and bruised his knee (everyone need to be very sorry). Most importantly, the bear is still holed up in the den up above Karstensborg.

Elder Norton explains that his suggestion is to ask the surrounding villages for help to see if they’re willing to assist in creating a bigger crowd to scare the bear away. He says it’s the safest, most logical explanation.

Someone in the crowd, probably August, asks if they shouldn’t be sending to Storvak to see if there’s a monk available and willing to help. Torkel bursts to his feet and exclaims that it’s a great idea and he’ll se out at once, right away, right now. He knows the fastest way there!

Elder Norton says he’s already thought about that and he sent Algot to Storvak yesterday afternoon already. Algot should be back tomorrow evening or the morning after already. Last he heard, Otter was spending the winter in Storvak and should be able to come help. This causes some commotion among the assembled crowd.

Torkel says he’s heard Rose and Squirrel would be spending the winter in Storvak too, but Otter is clearly better. He’s a much higher ranking monk as he’s one of the silent ones. He could probably take down the bear on his own if he really had to. He’s one of the silent ones you know – not just under an oath of silence, but one of those who kills all sound and only the very best monks can do that.

Norton wonders if anyone else has any ideas. No one says anything, then Torkel stands up. He reminds people that to the south, further up the mountains, there’s a winter fylk homestead and maybe they could ask the family there. The winter fylk are great hunters, and maybe they would be interested in hunting the bear for food and furs?

The room goes silent and everyone looks at Torkel. Torkel eventually sits down, in silence. Norton thanks Torkel for the suggestion and asks if anyone’s in favor. The room is deathly quiet, you can hear the fire crackling. Soon, Norton thanks Torkel for his suggestions and concludes that as no one has presented any other ideas they will ask the surrounding villages for help.

Next step is to assign destinations for everyone. One person per village. Norton asks Emma to go to Kuulis Wood, which is the furthest nearby village to the west. Emma’s got the use of her family’s horses and they have a sled that will fit several people. If she can get to Kuulis Wood and convince them to send help, she can get them back in the sled and arrive at the same time as everyone else.

Torkel and Burje volunteer to go to Hemsbo and Askerum, which lie on the way to Kuulis Wood. That way they can ride with Emma most of the way there. Other villagers come up with similar arrangements for the villages to the north and east. Eventually all is decided. Tomorrow morning gthe messengers will depart. The will give the other villagers two nights to decide and then go back., bringing any help with them. This will give Algot enough time to get back from Storvak with Otter and whoever else might be staying there.

After this, the meeting ends and the assembled locals finish up their drinks and depart.

Scratch 4 – Changes

This scene will explain that the bear is there and that it’s an issue. The scene will show that Torkel isn’t entirely on par with what’s proper behavior for a fylk. Some of the older women of the village may have some sympathy for Emma, but not all, and not much – after all, they may have had to bring their husbands to hearth too. It’s not just sympathy, there’s a challenge too.

Also introduce the concept of winter fylk and of monks and a little about village organization.

Assign destination villages for everyone to go to.

Scratch 5 – Dialogue

Elder Norton: Order please. Everyone. Order.

[Silence falls.]

EN: As you all know. The bear is still holed up in the old den in Karstensborg. We tried to scare it away, but our success was… Let’s say limited.

[nervous laughter]

EN: Well, the good news is at least no one got hurt.

Lennart: Hey!

[less nervous laughter – everyone knows Lennart fell and sprained an ankle]

EN: Well, [clears throat] badly hurt.

[good natured snickering]

EN: Be that as it may, if you please, may we move on. The bear is still holed up in Karstensborg and it’s showing no signs it wants to leave.


EN: To my mind, our best option is to try again, with a larger group. We should send messages to all the villages nearby and ask them to come and help. It’s in their interest too that we get rid of the bear.

August: We should send to Storvak for a monk. With a monk around we’ll sure to have Anna’s blessing. I heard Otter is staying there this winter.

Torkel: [jumps up] I’ll go. I can go. I know all the best routes to get to Storvak the fastest.

[awkward silence]

EN: Thanks Torkel, for the offer, but it won’t be needed. Lortper already left for Storvak yesterday evening. He should be back the day after tomorrow.

T: Oh… [sits down, disappointed]

A: How about snow speaker Tild? Wouldn’t he be able to help?

[someone] He’s too old.

[someone else] …and too drunk.

[common laughter]

A: Hey, I was just thinking. [ August sits down ]

EN: It’s a good idea, but I’m not sure Tild would be all that much use to us. Does anyone know where he spends the winter?

[someone] I heard Grums.

[someone else] Kuulis Wood.

EN: Heh, oh well… [clears throat] If he’s somewhere nearby, I guess it won’t hurt to ask him along. Someone will have to go to Kuulis Wood anyway.

T: [whispers to the table] I hope I get to go to Kuulis Wood. It’s been years since I was there last.

Emma: Shush…

Ylva: How about a shaman? There’s young Cherry Blossom over in Gyllenborg. That’s nearby.

August: It’s winter.

EN: Yes. We’ll have someone going to Gyllenborg to ask for help anyway and hopefully Cherry Blossom will be able to come.

A: It’s still winter. The land sleeps.

EN: Be that as it may. It’ll still be good to have a shaman around. Every little bit helps.

Torkel: I’ve got an idea. [stands up] You know, south of Hemsbo, up in the mountain, there’s a winter fylk homestead. We could ask them to come and help. They’d kill the bear for us, I’m sure. They’re really great hunters.

[Emma groans and hangs her head]

[grave silence]

EN: [very stern] No Torkel. This bear is on our land, and we will handle it in our way. We do not need to ask the winter fylk for help.

[grave silence]

T: Uhm… I’m sorry… I just thought. [sits down]

EN: Yes. Good. But let’s keep it reasonable shall we.

[grumbles and mumbles through the crowd]

[silence arund the table – Emma and Lisa exchange glances]

T: [whispers] It would work though. They winters really are great hunters.

E: [snaps] That’s enough. No more of that.

T: [cowed] Yes. I’m sorry.

EN: Right, well… Order please. Let’s get back to the matter at hand. We’ll need to send messengers to the villages nearby. Who wants to go?

Torkel: [raises hand] I’ll go.

Burje: [raises hand] Me too.

Emma: [raises hand] I’ll go. I can use our sled. [doesn’t look at dad]

Scene 5

Scratch 1 version

A little bit more chit chat among the youngsters. Most others leave. Burje departs leaving the table empty except for Torkel and Emma. They talk for a bit and then the bar keeper tells them it’s closing time.

Scratch 2 version

Stefan and Lisa wish everyone a good luck with the trip, and hopefully they won’t be running into the bear. There’s no risk of that. It stays to the south after all, and they’re going in another direction. Emma is a excited about getting to drive all the way to Kuulis Wood. It’s the biggest and oldest village in this part of the Anetacht and she’s not been there since she came of age. She’s comfortable driving the horse and sled, but it’s a little extra special to go to such a big place on your own.

Burje gets to go to Hemsbo which is the nearest place, meaning Emma and Torkel will be alone on the sled all the way to Askerum. It’s a good distance too, and it’s possible that this will be the longest they’ve spent together on their complete own without anyone nearby since they both became old enough to be in a position to marry. This could get interesting.

Stefan and Lisa take their leave to go home and look after their little Per and send Viola home. Burje leaves shortly after. Torkel and Emma stick around a little longer to talk, but soon enough the inn-keeper shoos them away home.

Scratch 3 version

Stefan and Lisa excuse themselves almost right away. They need to go home and look after their little one. Emma, Torkel, and Burje stay around and have a chat for a bit longer. Torkel is a little disappointed he didn’t get to go to Kuulis Wood, but it’s Emma’s horses and sled, so she gets to drive. Secretly, Emma is a little excited too, but she tries not to show it.

Going to Kuulis Wood on her own is a big deal after all.

Burje says he’ll get them an urn of heated water so they can have something warm to drink, and some sandwiches. They need to have something to eat as well. Torkel says he’ll make sure to bring the big crossbow in case there’s another bear around, or “their” bear goes wandering.

Emma says that probably won’t be needed, but Torkel insists. The forests can be dangerous and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Emma sighs and has her doubts about ever being able to bring him to hearth.

Burje excuses himself to go home and see about preparing the sandwiches for the trip tomorrow.

This leaves Emma and Torkel the only people left at the inn. Emma’s about ready to go as well, but Torkel orders them in another cider each.

It’s a little bit awkward.

Emma tries to make conversation, and she asks if Torkel wants her to bring him something from Kuulis Wood. She’s heard they’ve got shops there where you can buy things not easily obtained in the village.

Torkel says he’s okay, but maybe she can buy something pretty for herself – not that she isn’t the prettiest thing around already, of course, but still. Emma thinks maybe they might have some dyes, or something like that, but she doesn’t really feel she needs anything for herself.

Torkel goes on a rant about how they should really get the winter fylk to come down and hunt the bear for them. He’d love to go hunting with the winters. He fancies himself at least as good as them at it. He’d show them summer fylk aren’t weaklings either.

Emma eventually sighs and reminds him she’s a better shot than he is, both with bow and crossbow. Torkel says he’ll show her. He’s the best shot around and make no mistake. He also doesn’t see what all the waiting is about. Doesn’t she realize what a great catch he is. He’s got a burrow for her to live in and he’s a skilled woodsman and hunter to bring home food for her and the children. He’ll bring home the best meats and the finest furs that walk the trees. He’ll show her.

Emma’s a little taken aback. She explains he’s a good friend and a good guy and all. She just needs some more time.

Well, there isn’t much time left says Torkel. If she doesn’t agree to marry him by spring he’ll go somewhere else and find himself a bride. There will be plenty of young women who’d realize what a great catch he is.

Yes, yes, Emma agrees. He’s just so wild. She doesn’t need the finest meats and furs. She wants a husband who’ll be home and help raise the kids and see to the home. Hunting is all well and good, but trapping does the job just as well and it’s much safer too.

Torkel grumbles. He’ll show her he’s a good family man. He’ll show her he can keep her safe and look after his family and his village.

Emma sighs, but doesn’t say anything. It’s not about keeping her safe. The village can do that together, it’s about creating a healthy family together.

They finish their cider together and then leave.

Scratch 4 – Changes

Show the tension between Emma and Torkel. Make it a bit of an argument. Show how Emma can get rather powerful once she gets annoyed and keep showing how Torkel just doesn’t quite “get it”. Show how Torkel gets a bit meeker, as if there’s a chance she really might bring him to hearth if she just sets her mind to it.

Scratch 5 – Dialogue

Burje: That worked out pretty well didn’t it? I was worried I’d have to walk real far in the snow on my own.

Emma: Pfft! Lazybum. You were no such thing – of course you’d get a ride.

Burje: Great. I’ll bring hot water and sandwiches, so you don’t have to worry about food.

T: I’ll bring a crossbow, so we don’t have to worry about the bear.

E: Ehm… The bear is in Karstensborg. We’re going in a completely different direction.

T: Hey. You never know. It could decide to wander, or another one might show up.

E: Yes, yes. Just don’t shoot anyone.

Stefan: We’ll be leaving. Need to get back and check on the little one.

E: Already?

Lisa: Yeah. I’m sure Edgren will want to be relieved so he can go home and sleep.

S: Bye guys. Have a safe trip tomorrow.

T: We will. I’ll make sure of it.

E: [sighs]

L: Hah, don’t worry Emma. You’ll be well taken care of. [giggles]

E: [huffs]

Lisa and Stefan depart.

Torkel: Well, I’ll have another. Burje?

Burje: No thanks. I’ve gotta go home and prepare the sandwiches for tomorrow. Gotta make sure we eat, you know.

T: Fine, fine. Be like that then. Tessica! Two ciders please.

E: [sighs]

T: What? You don’t have to prepare anything. Burje’s bringing all the food.

E: It’s nothing. Thanks. I’ll have another cider.

B: Just don’t drink too much. You’ll need to be able to drive straight tomorrow. [grins]

E: It’s fine! [glares]

T & B: [giggles]

B: Well, I’d better get going anyway. The sooner the better.

T: Sure, see you later.

Burje leaves.

Tessica: There we go. Two ciders. You good for everything else?

E: Yes. Thanks.

T: All sorted.

[silence – sips drink]

T: So, uh…

E: Do you want me to bring you anything from Kuulis Wood? They have a shop there you know. You can get almost anything.

T: Nah… I’m good.

E: Okay. Good. Just checking.

T: But, well… I was just thinking… You know…

E: Yes?

T: Uhm… maybe you could buy something for yourself? Something pretty, like a ribbon for your hair, or some pearl to wear around your ankles?

E: Err… [raises eyebrow]

T: [blushes] I mean. You’re the prettiest thing around anyway of course. I was just thinking… Maybe you’d like something like that.

E: Well, I was asking if you wanted me to bring YOU something. I can do my own shopping, thank you very much.

T: [stares down into cider – says nothing]

E: [sighs] I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap.

T: [deep breath] I just don’t understand you.

E: What?

T: I don’t get it. I’m trying everything I can, and you just keep ignoring me.

E: I’m not ignoring you. I’m right here talking to you.

T: You know what I mean. I asked you to marry me a year ago, and you still haven’t said yes or no. I just don’t understand it. What’s wrong with you?

E: Wrong with me?

T: I don’t get it. I’m a good catch. My family’s wealthy, and I’ve got a burrow of my own for us right here in the village. We’ll never want for anything. I’m a great hunter. I’ll bring home all the fine furs and meats you could ever want. What more do you need? I’ll keep you safe.

E: Torkel… [long pause] You’re a great guy and a good friend. It’s just… I don’t know… I’m not sure I’m ready.

T: You’ve had a year. I’m tired of waiting. If you haven’t made up your mind by First Green I’ll find someone else.

E: [gasp] – T hasn’t given an ultimatum like that before

T: You heard me.

E: [long pause] I’m sorry Torkel. It’s difficult…

T: It’s not difficult. You say yes, or you say no. That’s all there is.

E: It’s not! [snaps] I don’t need furs or meats. I need a husband who’s there and helps raise the kids. I don’t need you to keep me safe. That’s what the village is for.

T: So what? I can do that too.

E: Can you though?

T: Of course I can. What do you mean?

E: I know how much you love being out in the forest, or on the road with the drivers. Could you give that up to stay home with me and the children.

T: Sure. Of course I could. I’ll be home and help you run the burrow too. I’ll show you. I’ll make a great burrowman. The best. [grabs hand]

E: Torkel… [sighs and smiles] I don’t need you to be the best. I just need you to be there.

T: I know. I will. I’ll show you. Marry me and I promise you won’t regret it. [grins]

E: I’ll think about it. [giggles]

T: Aaargh… [mock frustration] women!

[some moments of silence]

E: [serious face] You’re a wild mind. You know it.

T: [sighs] Well, yes… I know… But I can change. I’ll show you…

E: [stern] You’d better start then. What was that about the winters earlier? Whatever made you think that would be a good idea?

T: It IS a great idea. The winters are great hunters. They’d fell the bear easy.

E: Yes, but they’re winters Torkel. Winter fylk. We can solve this on our own, without their help.

T: Yes, but they’d do it better. We could do it together.

E: Together?

T: Yeah. We could make a joint hunting party with them and we’d bring the bear down together. It’d be glorious.

E: You’d go hunting with the winters?

T: Of course. Everyone knows they’re born hunters. They’re probably better even than me.

E: Torkel… I am a better shot with both bow and crossbow than you are.

T: [squirms and mumbles] It takes more than just shooting to be a hunter though. You need to–

E: That’s enough! You’re really not showing me you’ll make a great burrowman. [scoffs]

T: [stares down into cider]

E: I want to go home. Are you done?

Scene 6

Scratch 1 version

Emma and Torkel walk together to where Emma lives. There is no kissing.

Scratch 2 version

Torkel walks Emma home. They stop and talk for a bit outside the gate, but eventually Torkel leaves without a kiss. Emma stands and looks after him for a while, thinking to herself before she turns and goes inside.

Scratch 3 version

Emma and Torkel walk down the hill to her place. Both with their hands shoved into the pockets of their coats, not arm in arm. They’ve actually grown more distant lately and she reflects over that. At the empty burrow they stop for a moment and Emma asks how the repairs are going. She really has to try and make conversation and be nice. She’s gotta give it her best.

Torkel says he thinks it’s going fine. He’s not been doing much. It’s mostly Harald and Burje who’s been working on it. Sister Ylva’s been helping too he thinks.

What has Torkel done then wonders Emma? He’s been out in the forest, hunting and setting traps, checking for tracks so they know if another bear comes down from the mountains, or if there are wolves around.

Emma points out that that’s really the job of Lukas, but Torkel says he’s been helping out. Lukas is old and tired and can’t be covering as much land anymore, especially now they already have one bear down here.

Does Lukas even know? Well, Torkel figures the old man might have objected and said he wasn’t all that old, so he hasn’t exactly asked. He figures they have an understanding though – a “don’t ask, don’t tell” kind of thing.

Emma just shakes her head and they set off down the hill again. Torkel walks her all the way home to her gate, even though it means he’ll have to walk back up again to get to his place.

At the gate they stop and talk again. It’s another one of those slightly awkward moments. Torkel eventually clears his throat and says he understands she’s worried and that he’ll try his best to be a good husband. He knows he can be a good man – a great man even. He’ll show her. He’ll make her proud. He’s happy and enthusiastic and he makes her smile. Maybe there’s a chance for them after all. Maybe he’ll settle his mind and calm down a little. Maybe he’ll let her bring him to hearth after all.

Scratch 4 – Changes

Show the tension between Torkel and Emma still. Torkel still wants to prove himself. Show how Emma really is the stronger of the two, even if she doesn’t see it herself. Set things up so it’s apparent even to Torkel how Emma has her doubts about him. Make it seem as if he gets the idea he really needs to shape up.

Scratch 5 – Dialgoue

Steps out of the inn.

Torkel: Cold tonight.

Emma: Mmm…

T: The stars are out.

E: Mmm… it’ll be cold tomorrow.

T: Should be a good day for a ride.

E: Yes. True. Just make sure you’re dressed warm.

T: Of course. I know how to dress for the outdoors.

E: Mmm….


Move on to standing outside the empty burrow.

Emma: How’s it going with the preparations?

Torkel: Fine. I think.

E: You think?

T: Yeah, it’s mostly dad and Burje tinkering away with it. Tilda’s been helping too.

E: Really? Aren’t you helping out?

T: Well, yes, now and then, but.. I’ve been busy, you know.

E: Busy?

T: Yeah, now with the bear and everything I’ve been keeping an eye on the forest. Watching the lands you know, making sure not another bear comes down from the mountains.

E: Really? Isn’t that Lukas’ job?

T: Well, yes, but I’ve been helping out. He’s getting old you know. It’s better if you’re two. Don’t need to cover as much land, if you know what I mean.

E: Yes. I guess that makes sense. I didn’t realize he was that old though? He seemed fine tonight I thought.

T: [squirms] Well, yeah, you know, it doesn’t show back home here in the village. It’s different out in the forest, when the snow is deep and the days are short.

E: I see. I see… How did you end up with that task? I didn’t hear anything about it.

T: Well…

E: It is a task, isn’t it? The village asked you to do it, right?

T: Well…

E: Torkel…

T: It’s not like that! We have an understanding, me and Lukas.

E: Oh, an understanding. What kind of understanding?

T: Well, you know Lukas. He’d never admit to being too old to do the job. I figured I’d step in and pick up the slack. He’ll do his part, and I’ll cover the bits he don’t.

E: You what? Does he even know you’re out there?

T: Of course he does. I mean, he must. He’s got an eye for the woods. He knows I’m there.

E: Torkel, Torkel, Torkel. [shakes head] Your father and brother are doing up the burrow you want us to live in, and you’re sneaking around in the forest pretending to be a warden.

T: I’m not pretending. I’m doing an important job for the village.

E: A job that someone else is already doing and that no one has asked you to help out with.

T: It’s still an important job. [sulks]

E: You know, Torkel… [big sigh] It’s things like this that makes me doubt you’ll make a good burrowman. You’re not taking responsibility for our future.

T: But I am, I’m watching out for the village.

E: You’re… Never mind, forget it. I’m going home. [stalks off]


Outside the gate to Emma’s burrow.

T: Emma, wait, please.

E: …

T: Wait please, listen to me.

E: I’m listening.

T: I’m sorry. I realize it was bad of me. I’ll stop. I can change.

E: Mhm.

T: I’ll show you. I can be a good burrowman. I know it.

E: Well, you haven’t showed me anything so far.

T: I know, and I’m sorry. It’s just… I don’t know…

E: Well, you’d better figure it out then. I won’t marry a wild-brain who’s just running around in the forest whenever he gets the chance.

T: I’m really, really sorry. I’ll change. I’ll do anything.

E: Okay.

T: Emma. You’re the one that I want. I’ll do anything for you. You’re my best friend.

E: [averts gaze] Torkel…

T: I want to be a family with you. There’s nobody else.

E: Yes… [smiles]

T: Please, Emma. I really don’t want to have to go looking for someone in another village.

E: Oh, right… [reminded of propriety – moment ruined]

T: What?

E: I’d better get to sleep. Early start tomorrow. [forced smile]

Scene 7

Scratch 1 version

It’s the morning after. Emma has put the horse in front of the sled in order to drive to her target village and talk to the villagers there. Egon and Torkel arrive shortly after. They will join her for a bit as they’re going to villages in the same direction.

Scratch 2 version

The sled is already outside, but it’s under a big tarp. Papa Herrman and Edgren help get the sled ready, pulling the tarp off and carrying out blankets and furs to sit on and keep warm. Emma gets the horse ready and tacks it on to the sled. The horses’ names are Karolina and Ussilago.

As she’s almost done, Burje and Torkel arrive. They’ve brought food for the road. Tea, breadrolls, and jerky.

Emma and Torkel sit up front and Burje gets to ride in the back seat.

Scratch 3 version

Emma leads the horses out of the stables. Papa Herman and Edgren are prepping the sled, bringing out some warm furs for them to sit on and under. Emma holds Karolina while the other two put Ussilago in front of the sled.

While Karolina is strapped to the sled, Emma goes and puts the driver’s seat in order and then Torkel and Burje show up. Burje’s got a big basket with their food and a heated urn for their hot spiced milk.

Torkel’s got two crossbows. Two! Even Herrman raises an eyebrow at this. One would have been more than enough. Two’s just silly. It’s not like they’re going to war or anything. Torkel says they can’t be too careful though. There IS a bear loose in the forest and who knows what else might be out there.

Well, there is that, but two crossbows may still be a bit much. Burje in the back seat gets one and Torkel takes the other and hops up on the front seat right next to Emma. They all hunker down under their furs and blankets and then they’re off.

Scratch 4 – Changes

Show that Emma is on par with whatever needs doing and how she works with her family to set the sled up. They’re not doing the work because she’s incapable, but to help out and make sure the ride gets under way.

Show how Torkel still has his head in the clouds and full of dreams of adventure and hunting.

Scratch 5 – Dialogue

No significant lines. Wing it.

Scene 8

Scratch 1 version

Sledding through the snow on a cold winter’s day. Torkel, Egon and Emma. One by one Egon and Torkel depart and it’s just Emma left.

Scratch 2 version

It’s a beautiful morning, the air is cold, but there’s no wind and the sun is shining and the snow glows and glistens everywhere. As they arrive at the crossroads up to Hemsbo Torkel asks if Burje wants to swap and go to Askerum instead, so that he (Torkel) goes to Hemsbo. There is some discussion about this, as it’s a bit weird that Torkel wants to pass up on a chance to spend some time alone with Emma. Eventually they all agree though. Torkel steps off and Burje takes his place on the front seat next to Emma.

The ride towards Askerum is nice and pleasant.

Scratch 3 version

Sleighride through the snow, with horses and sleigh bells and good friends should be nice and pleasant. Torkel seems a bit tense though, and doesn’t say much. Usually he’ll at least try some silly joke, or brag about some encounter with some beast in the forest, or he just tells some tall tale in general. As they stop at the crossroads where to road up to Hemsbo veers off Torkel asks if Burje wants to swap, and go to Askerum instead.

Hemsbo is much closer to Rastebo and the chance the bear might come this way while out wandering is bigger. It’s better if Torkel goes as he’ll have the crossbow and is a more experienced woodsman.

This is all a bit wierd. Surely they’re too far away to worry about the bear here, and Burje’s not a bad shot either – at least as good as Torkel. Burje’s comfortable where he is though, and he’s not going to argue. Getting to Hemsbo from here is at least an hour’s walk anyway, while they’ll be passing straight through Askerum. If Torkel wants that chore for himself, then he’s not going to argue about it.

Emma also doesn’t quite mind. Being around Torkel just reminds her she’s got to make up her mind soon and that there’s really only one decision she can make. Also, he was extra annoying this morning.

He does give her a kiss on the cheek when he leaves though.

Burje hops up in the front seat, leaving both the crossbow and the picnic basket in the back. Neither of them is hungry, and it’s not like they’ll need the crossbow anyway.

Both of them figured it a bit weird Torkel wanted to get off in Hemsbo, but eventually they figure out he probably has some hare brained scheme to head south and go talk to the winter fylk. He probably fancies he can get them to come hunt down the bear – and he probably wants to join the hunt too. Wild brain is what he is Torkel.

Emma sighs and gets all the more convinced she won’t be able to bring him to hearth.

Scratch 4 – Changes

This is about how Torkel does something weird and unexpected. Also show how Emma and Burje are getting along really well. This should set up the expectation that Torkel will go see the winter fylk after all even though he knows he shouldn’t.

Scratch 5 – Dialogue

Arriving at the Hemsbo junction.

Emma: Here we are. Burje, your stop.

B: Aw, already? But I’m sleeping.

E: Lazybum. Off with you now.

Torkel: Ehm, Burje, how about I take this stop and you go on to Askerum instead?

B: I can stay here and sleep? Sure thing.

E: Wait, what? Why would you do that?

T: Well… it’s still quite a walk up to Hemsbo. I figured I might as well. I’m more used to being out walking like that, and he’s so comfortable where he is.

E: Hmm… [glares] I know you lad. You’re going to head up to the winter fylk after all aren’t you. You’d really better not I tell you.

T: No, Emma, don’t you see. I could do that. I want to do that – because it would take care of the bear easily, but I wont.

E: No?

T: No. I won’t. I’ll go to Hemsbo and ask them for help and then not go to the winters. The village didn’t want the winters involved, so I won’t go talk to them. I’ll do as I’m told. Didn’t I tell you I’d show you I can make a good burrowman.

E: Oh Torkel… [sighs] Well, I guess that’s good. I’m sorry, I’m just worried.

T: Don’t worry. I’ll be good. [grins]

E: [sternface] You’d better. If I hear you took as much as a step south of Hemsbo, there will be no marriage for you and me. Is that clear.

T: Clear as starlight, lassie. You can trust in me.

E: I sure hope so, lad. I really do.

T: I’ll show you. Have a safe trip now. I’ll see you back home.

Scene 9

Scratch 1 version

Emma arrives at her destination, asks for the village elder and asks to call for a meeting.

Scratch 2 version

Emma arrives in Kuulis Wood, which is really big and has several houses around a big open space in the middle of the village – even though it lies among hills and people can live in burrows. There’s an inn, and some other houses (a shop, a guest house, two storage barns and a stables – and the cider-house is somewhere else even).

Emma asks for the village elder and is eventually directed to him. She explains the situation, and he agrees to call a meeting to discuss it all with his village. He’s positive they’ll be able to send a handful of men, but it’s late in the day, and they most likely won’t be able to leave until tomorrow morning anyway. Would Emma care to stay the night?

Emma stays the night in Kuulis Wood. She enjoys a good meal at the inn (on the house), and a whiskey in the company of some of the local village girls her age. There’s apparently a slight shortage of males of the appropriate age in the village. Emma talks up Burje a lot and some of the girls seem to think it migth be a good match. There’s a bit of a pecking order apparently and there are two girls who’ll have to find someone from outside.

That night Emma sleeps at a room in the guest house. It’s the first time ever she sleeps in a house and not in a burrow (or out in the open), and it’s all a bit weird with all the creaking sounds of the building. It’s odd having moonlight sift in through the window too.

Scratch 3 version

Emma arrives in Kuulis Wood. The center of the village is made up of a flat open space, along one side runs a river and along the other stands a number of buildings. There’s the inn of course, but also a smithy, a shop, two storage barns, a stables, and the feast hall.

Emma parks the sled at a spot outside the inn and goes in to ask if there’s a village elder available. It’s fairly late in the day and evening is coming on. There are people at the inn, but it’s not crowded. The bar keep points over to a table where three old men sits talking and explains that one of them is Orvar, head of the village council in Kuulis Wood.

Emma walks over and introduces herself. She gets asked to sit and the old man orders her a cider. One of the other man stops him, points out she’s cold and has been traveling all day and instead asks for a hot apple whiskey for the guest.

Enjoying the hot strong brew she explains what’s up. They’ve got a bear holed up just south of Rastebo, and they haven’t been able to scare it away. She’s been sent to ask if Kuulis Wood is willing to send a few bodies to fill out a larger party to scare the bear away. They’ll all have torches and they’ve sent to Storvak to bring a monk to help out and make sure everyone’s safe. There’s safety in numbers, and the more they can send they better their chances of success are.

She explains it’s in everyone’s interest to help get rid of the bear. If Rastebo can’t live off their own lands thanks to the bear, they’ll have to ask for help from the other villages, making life more taxing for everyone.

The old men bicker a bit, but eventually agree to hold a village meeting to ask if people want to join. They’re sure there will be at least a few able bodies willing to put in the time and effort to help out their neighbor. They also don’t want to be outdone by any of the smaller villages, like Hemsbo or Askerum. It’s late in the day though, and they can’t expect to call everyone in to a meeting tonight. They’ll send out word tomorrow morning though and then have a meeting in the evening. She can wait until the morning after that, right? She can stay in one of the guest rooms at the inn.

She should also make sure to eat. She must be hungry from a day’s travel. The serving girl shows her to a table of her own and she gets a meal to eat. Some of the locals at the inn eye her with curiosity, but no one comes over to talk. After the meal, the serving girl comes over with two more hot whiskeys. She sits down and the two have a drink together.

The girl’s name is Trula and she wonders if there are any spare young males to marry in Rastebo. Emma explains there’s just Burje, but that he seems a really good catch. He’s homely and caring and will make an excellent father and house man. Trula asks if Emma’s already married or why isn’t she getting him and Emma points out that Burje has an unmarried elder brother and that she’ll probably have to marry him.

The alcohol and the long day’s travel does its job and she pours her heart out about how she’s so worried about Torkel being too wild and how she can’t bring him to hearth and how her life’s going to be all miserable home alone. It’d be better if he decided to become a monk or something, but he seems to not even have considered that.

Trula comforts her and says she’s sure it’ll all be fine and you’ll see it’ll all work out in the end and make no mistake. Anna looks after her good girls. Then she helps Emma up to her chamber. She explains the horses have been taken care of. Someone else already brought them into the stables for her. They saw how tired she was after the long day.

Sleeping in a house is really weird, but she’s a bit drunk and very tired so she doesn’t think much about it.

Scratch 4 – Changes

Show how Emma represents her village with grandeur. Show how she finally losses it and confesses all of her worries about Torkel to someone. Show how Trula may be a potential future wife for Burje.

Scratch 5 – Dialogue

Emma: Greetings, I’m Emma, from Rastebo. I’m here to seek the ear of your village elder.

Trula: Seek the ear? It’s still attached to his head last I saw. [grins]

E: [blushes] Ehmm..

T: Over there. The old fool in the green shirt. That’s Orvar – leader of the village council. He’s the one you want.

E: Thank you. Err… Do you think he’ll be here a while? I need to see to my horses. Is there somewhere I can stable them for the night?

T: Oh, they’ll be here alright, but don’t worry about it. I’ll get me dad to take care of your horses. They’re the ones just outside, right?

E: Yes. That’s them. Are you sure it won’t be no trouble?

T: None at all, girl. You’ll want a room for the night as well I take it?

E: Yes, that would be very nice.

T: Long day, is it?

E: Yes. You could say that.

T: Very well then, we’ll take care of you. Now go speak to the old fools before they get too drunk to tell you from the horses.

E: [giggles] I guess I’d better.


Emma: Greetings gentlemen. I understand you’re Orvar, leader of the village council. I’m Emma, from Rastebo, and I would like to have a word with you regarding an urgent village matter.

Orvar: Greetings Emma from Rastebo. I am indeed. These old rascals are Niklas and Frisbjorn. Sit down and speak – they hear with my ears.

E: Thank you. [sits down]

Niklas: You must be thirsty if you’ve traveled all the way from Rastebo. Trula! A cider for our guest please.

Frisbjorn: No! Trula, make that a hot whiskey. It’s cold out there.

E: Thank you very much. A hot whiskey would be great. Not that I mind cider. [nervouspolite face] It is pretty cold out there.

O: So, lass, tell us, what brings you to our neck of the woods? Surely you’re not here for the company of old farts like us, enchanting though it may be.

E: Hehe, no, I’m sorry. I’m afraid that’s not it. I’m here to ask for help.

O: Help? What can we do for you? Stocks running low up there?

E: No, not exactly. We have a bear.

O: A bear you say?

E: Yes. It came down from the mountains a few weeks back and holed up in a hollow near Karstensborg, just outside the village. It’s been attacking our sheep sheds and scaring the villagers. The forest isn’t safe anymore.

O: Ah, I see how that would be a predicament.

N: Have you tried to chase it off?

E: We tried, but we were too few and did not succeed. That’s why I’m here.

O: Aha?

E: Yes. We decided to ask for help from all the nearby villages. We want to gather up a larger group to try and scare the bear off again. We’ve sent to Storvak for help from a monk, and shaman Cherry Blossom will probably come help too.

F: But it’s winter, the land sleeps.

O: Shush you. Any help is help. So you’re wondering if we could send some heads to help you out?

E: Yes please. We figured that the bigger the group, the better our chances of running the bear out.

O: That reasoning is sound. What do you say lads, should we help out?

N: It’s not for us to order people about.

F: We should ask though. We can call a meeting.

O: We could, but it’s late in the day and not many would come.

E: I’m not expected back until the day after tomorrow. I’ve got a sled and horses. I’d be happy to have a few people ride with me. I can take a handful.

N: Horses? Are they being looked after? Trula! Is anyone looking after the horses outside?

T: Long done, uncle.

F: We can call a meeting for tomorrow afternoon.

O: That we can do. That we can do.

E: It’s all I can ask. I don’t want to force anyone to go who doesn’t want to.

O: Of course not, but we can at least ask. It’s in our interest too that your village is able to use its lands without fear.

E: Ehmm… [blushes] Yes. There is that.

O: Well lass, that’s that settled then. We’ll have a meeting tomorrow and you can tell everyone what’s happened and ask if anyone wants to come and help out.

E: That’s very kind of you.

O: Nonsense. It’s the least we can do after you drove here all day to talk to us. You must be tired?

F: And hungry.

N: Trula! You got something to eat around here? Set our girl from Rastebo a meal will you.

T: Will do uncle. [comes over] Hey, Emma, why don’t you come with me and you can have a table of your own in peace and quiet. No need to sit and listen to these old farts lie about lost summers.

N: You watch your mouth lassie, there’s nothing wrong with our lies.

T: Aw, shush now, show some hospitality and shut your trap. Emma, come here.


After food.

Trula: Here. You like the whiskey, right? Mind if I join you? [sits down without waiting for answer – places whiskey in front of Emma]

Emma: Uhm, yes, sure, go ahead, I don’t mind.

T: So, how’s Rastebo? I hear there’s a bear?

E: Well, yes. There’s the bear. Other than that I guess there’s nothing much going on.

T: River flows, sun is shining?

E: Haha, yes. You could say that. [grins] Haven’t heard that one in ages.

T: Oh, what do you say then?

E: Hmm… I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it much. Water’s in the well, I guess.

T: Ah, yes, that works.

E: Maybe it’s a bit old fashioned?

T: Nah, it’s fine, just different.

E: Mm…


T: So, ehm, Rastebo is quite a ride. You’re not married.

E: [big sigh] No. Not yet.

T: Oh? You low on men over there too? We’ve got that over here as well. [sighs] Too many gals, and I’m last in line.

E: Oh, sorry to hear that.

T: Tell me about it. If I want to marry within the village I’ll have to wait three years until Frisbjorn’s Olof comes of age.

E: Three years…

T: Yeah. Not gonna happen. I’ll have to look around. Hopefully I’ll find someone before the end of summer. I want some knodds you know.

Conversation Outline

Mood Progression: Awkward but friendly. Friendly. Good friends. Exciting. Awkward.

Emma and Trula get along fine and eventually hit it off really well. It’ll be obvious for an outside observer that there’s a mutual attraction, but neither T nor E will be aware. Neither of them have experienced anything like that before.

Events and topics:

Trula shows up with two glasses of whiskey and asks if she can join. She sits down without waiting for permission and pushes one glass over. There are other people sitting around on the tables, but Trula’s mother is seeing to them when they need refills. It’s pretty quiet. People are talking, but there’s no music and the room is big, fitting way more people than are presently in attendance.

Trula begins by asking about the journey, it must have been a long day etc and Emma must be tired. She says she’s prepared a guest room upstairs for Emma. She can just retire whenever she feels like it. Emma’s a little bit concerned about the “upstairs” bit. She’s never slept above the ground floor before, but tries not to show it. Trula finds this oddly cute.

Trula then goes on to talk about the bear and the meeting and how Emma will probably be staying tomorrow night as well. Emma says that yes she will, and is there anything she can do to make herself useful around the place. Trula says that tonight it’s all clear, but tomorrow there will be chores to do. She didn’t expect a vacation, did she?

Emma says she’ll be happy to help. It’ll be fun to see how they do things over here in the “big village”. Trula laughs and says it’s not so big. Not nearly big enough. Something strikes her and she spears Emma with a glare and asks whether she’s there to find a man or not. They’ve got no men to spare.

Emma hurries to apologize and explains she’s all sorted when it comes to men, then realizes what she’s said and blushes furiously. Trula laughs and says it’s okay and goes on a bit of a rant about how Emma should be so lucky. They’re way short on men here and if she wants to marry in the village she’ll have to wait for years, and then she’s not even guaranteed a burrow. She might as well move to Grums and start herding cows.

Emma realizes how fortunate she really is with having a suitable man at home. It may not be so bad after all.

Trula decides it’s time for them to get another drink. Emma doesn’t object. She’s warm and comfortable and pleasantly tired – and she doesn’t want to think about having to sleep in a house.

She thinks maybe Torkel isn’t so bad after all and she can get him settled. His heart is in the right place and he tries. She’ll have her family nearby too – and his. Maybe it’ll be fine after all.

Trula comes back and sits down. The whiskeys are slightly bigger.

So you’re sorted huh, Trula asks. She says Emma isn’t married yet though, or she wouldn’t be here. They wouldn’t send a mother away from her kids. Emma grins and says that yes, she’s been proposed to, by a son of the village with his own burrow and all. She pushes out her chest and brags a little. She’s got it sorted really, husband and burrow, just need to get the formalities out of the way and start making children.

Then Trula asks when the wedding is and Emma deflates. She has to admit she doesn’t know and that she hasn’t actually said yes yet. This piques Trula’s interest and she asks why not and Emma is force to admit that Torkel is something of a wild-brain. She’s unsure he’ll make a good father and she’s worried he won’t be home enough and that she’ll have to raise her kids alone. [elaborate on why Torkel is bad]

Doesn’t she have a family around though counters Trula – someone to help her out if needed. Emma admits that yes, she does, but she’s still worried. Like, seriously, really worried. Tears are on the way. Tired from the long day, tipsy from the drinks, and worried about her future, she has a bit of a hard time keeping it together.

Trula takes her hand and holds it gently while waiting for Emma to compose herself.

Emma eventually gets herself together and shakes the tears off. She’s silent for a moment, thinks a little and then, with a mischievous grin tells Trula that maybe she’ll have a man for her. Burje’s a great catch, solid and reliable. She should tag along to Rastebo and meet him. Once she’s got a lad, the rest will work out. There are plenty of unused burrows around the hillsides, just not in the villages. Surely they can find one in the area and do it up.

Somewhere haflway between here and Rastebo, so they won’t have to go so far to visit friends and family.

The conversation takes a cheerful and friendly turn as the girls fantasize about potential future pleasantness.


Trula: Hey girl, mind if I join you? [sits down without waiting]

Emma: Sure, no, go ahead.

T: Here [pushes a fresh whiskey at Emma] You must have had a long day. Rastebo is quite a ride, isn’t it?

E: Well, it’s not so bad. The roads were fine and the weather was nice.

T: Sure, sure, but still. You’ve been on the road all day. It’s okay to be tired.

E: I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t, but it’s not that bad. I’ll last a while longer. There’s rock under these feet.

T: And apples in her cheeks. [big grin]

E: [giggles] Oh you ain’t that bad yourself woman. Cheers

[clinky clinky]

T: Seriously though. It’s okay to be tired. I’ve prepared a room for you upstairs. You’re free to retire whenever you feel like it.

E: Upstairs? [worriedface]

T: Yeah. Stairs are over there. [points] Your room is at the end of the hallway and on the right. Blue door with a number six on it. You can’t miss it – well, unless you get stupid drunk that is.

E: I’ve got a room here?

T: Yes, of course. Only the best for our guests. Crawling distance from your table. [grins]

E: Yes, sure that’s nice, thanks… It’s just… [never slept upstairs in a house before]

T: Oh… I see… You’ve never…

E: [blushes] No…

T: Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. And I’ll be in the room next to yours, it’s fine.

E: Really, don’t you have a burrow?

T: Of course I do, but it’s my turn to get breakfast going this week. We always have a few old ones coming down early for a meal this time of year. I gotta make sure it’s on its way when they arrive.

E: Oh, I see…

T: Yes, so don’t you worry your rose little cheeks about that. You’ll be fine.

E: [superblushface]

T: [gigglegiggle]

E: Ehm… will you need help with anything? I’ll probably be here all day tomorrow to.

T: Aye, yes, the bear and the meeting and all that, right?

E: Yes. That won’t be until tomorrow afternoon, and then it’ll be too late to leave, so I’ll be here tomorrow night too.

T: Well, tonight’s all sorted for chores, and you being just arrived and everything I won’t have you work.

E: But I can–

T: No! I won’t have it. Tomorrow though, then there will be plenty to do. I’ll knock on your door when I need you.

E: Of course. I’ll be ready. It’ll be fun to see how you do things here in the big village.

T: Pfft… big village my dirty toes, this place ain’t so big.

E: It’s bigger than Rastebo.

T: You… [glares] You’re not here to poach yourself a man, are you? [jabs finger]

E: Oh, no no, not at all. I’ve got all the men I can handle. I don’t need anymore. [blushes] Err… I mean… I didn’t mean…

T: [laughs] Easy there girl, easy. I’m not judging. You’re welcome to all the men you can handle for all I care, but if you’ve got any to spare, send them over my way.

E: It’s not like that!

T: Sure, sure, of course it’s not. Lucky girl. All the men you can handle.

E: [big sigh] [grumpyface]

T: Geez, I’m sorry. I’m just kidding.

E: I know. It’s okay. [smiles]

T: Seriously though. If you know any single men, I’d really like to meet them. We’re way short here.

E: Really, but I thought this was a big place?

T: Sure it’s big. We’ve got loads of young people here, only there’s way more women than men wanting to get married.

E: Oh, I see. I guess that’s not so nice.

T: Yeah. If I want to get married in the village I’ll have to wait three years until Graham’s Hektor comes of age, and even then I’m not guaranteed a burrow here

E: Oh no. That sounds awful. [sympathyface]

T: Way! I’ve waited long enough. I want me some kids and a burrow of my own – last spring I want it.

E: I hear you. I’d like to get started too.

T: Really? I thought you said you were sorted?

E: Yes, well, technically…

T: Technically? Wait. This calls for a refill. You just stay right there girl and I’ll get you what you need.

Trula goes to get more drinks. Emma stews in her misery. She’s tired and a little drunk and now she’s worrying about Torkel too. He’d better not have gone to talk to the winters. She’d be so embarrassed if he did. Life’s tough.

T: There we go. This’ll last us a while.

E: That’s a lot. Are you sure?

T: Way. Let’s hear it now. You’re all sorted, but you’re not getting started. What’s wrong? Spill it.

E: Wrong? There’s nothing wrong. [fake innocentface]

T: Mmm… sure…

E: [sighs] No, really, it’s fine. I’ve got this man back home – Torkel, son of the village, and burrow of his own – he’s proposed to me.

T: Ah, I see, well… that’s great isn’t it? When’s the wedding? Spring sometime?

E: Oh, ehm… I… don’t know… [deflate] I haven’t said yes yet.

T: You what? [jawdrops] Why in the world wouldn’t you?

E: Ehm… I’m just not sure… I don’t think I’m ready.

T: Nonsense. You’re tough enough. If you can drive all the way here on your own, you can raise a family.

E: How would you know. And it’s not like that.

T: Well, how is it then girl? Tell me.

E: [sulks] It’s not me. I’m good. It’s him… he’s a bit of a wild-brain. I’m just not sure he’d make a good burrowman. [sniffles] He’s always out running in the forest or off on some stupid errand he’s made up on his own. He doesn’t help to prepare the burrow we’d live in, and now he’s probably gone off to ask the winters to come and help kill the bear before we all get back. [sobs] I just don’t know what to do.

T: Aww, Emma. Poor girl. [holds hand] You do realize you’re being an idiot, right?

E: [sniffs] What?

T: You’re being silly. You worry too much.

E: You think? [sniffles]

T: Yes. You’ll be fine. Even if he’s away most of the time, you’ll still have your family around, and his.

E: Yes, but… But he should be there too.

T: Well, make him then. You’re not some garden ornament, are you? You’re not just gonna sit around and watch the grass grow.

E: No. Of course not.

T: Well, there you go then, and once you have a child on your hip, things will change, you see. Things like that changes a person.

E: Yeah, I guess.

T: Guess my dirty toes. He’ll change. They all do. It’s the way of the world.

E: You’re right. It is. Only… I can’t help but worry. [voice cracks]

T: I know, I know. [holds hand]

E: [sits silent for a while and then composes himself] You know. I might just have a man for you. [grins]

T: A man you say? Tell me more.

E: So, this Torkel, my useless, wild-brained future husband, has a younger brother, Burje, who’s looking to be a real good catch. Round, sensible, good with the garden – you should meet him.

T: Oh, I like the sound of that. Does he have a burrow in the village too?

E: [blushes] No, but he’s got a hand for carpentry, so even if you have to take over some old hole out in the middle of nowhere, he’ll be sure to do it up real fine in no time.

T: I don’t know about that. I’m expecting a central burrow, with a stable full of horses and a pen full of pigs.

E: Well, of course, and a stream with a mill…

T: And a hill full of apples…

E: Yes, of course, and a little lake with a gazebo on the island. Why should you settle for anything less?

T: Of course, can’t forget about the lake.

E: Indeed, where would we wash our feet?

T: Ah, well, if he hasn’t got a lake I’m probably not interested, but I might have a peek anyway. I mean, I don’t want to seem dismissive of unqualified suitors. It’d be bad for my reputation you know.

E: To be sure. It wouldn’t do to discourage the poor lad just because of his, uh… material shortcomings.

T: Oh, indeed not sister. Just because he’s not good enough for us doesn’t mean he won’t make a good catch for a less discerning… uh…

E: Candidate?

T: Aspirant?

E: Bacheloresse… No, bachelorette!

T: Connoisseur?

E: What? No, silly, that doesn’t work. Lesser wench! That’s it. He’ll do great for a lesser wench!

T: Sister! I’m shocked. That’s now way to speak of your future husband’s brother’s potential future wife – especially as it could be me.

E: Whatever. Potential future wenchever.

T: Wenchever! Sister! [roaring laughter] I’m outraged.

E: And I’m outboozed. Will you have us another sister dear?

And the evening turned to night and when Emma finally went to sleep she couldn’t care less that she slept on a floor above ground.


Show Emma and Trula working together in the kitchen. Show Emma talking to the assembled villagers at the meeting. Show Emma going to bed in the strange house, full of new confidence and expectations for the future.

Scene 10

Scratch 1 version

Emma drives home again with a promise of help from the village. On the way home she picks up Egon, but not Torkel

Scratch 2 version

Emma drives home with a cart full of villagers. Three women and two men. Two of the women may potentially be interested in Burje. Emma feels a bit odd about that. She’d like to be happy for her friend, but it just doesn’t feel right.

Scratch 3 version

It’s the morning after the meeting. A handful of people volunteered to come along to Rastebo to walk off the bear. One of them is Trula who sits next to Emma and then there are two other couples. One that’s due to be married in spring and one that recently celebrated Empty Burrow.

Trula seems rather curious about Burje. She’s clearly in the market for a reliable husband, and doesn’t mind finding one that’s from out-of-town. They talk about it for a while. Emma is a bit more reluctant to discuss her doubts about Torkel. Perhaps she still hopes he’ll become a monk and that she marry Burje instead, but she tries her best not to let on to anyone – including herself.

The other passengers mainly entertain themselves with each other. The younger couple in the back in particular. The older couple were graceful enough to let the youngsters have the privacy of the rearmost seat.

Optional: add a scene where the old ones sit in the back first – to keep an eye on the youngsters – but then swap, because the old lady is getting motion sickness or something.

Scratch 4 – Changes

Show Emma being more reluctant to talk about Torkel now. Perhaps she’s less worried now that she’s had the opportunity to talk it out with someone? She’s more confident she’ll be able to handle him.

Scratch 5 – Dialogue

Sober talk. Trula and Emma got a bit closer working together at the inn and Emma’s practically decided that Trula will get married to Burje and it’ll be great.

Trula asks about Torkel. How does Emma feel about him now? Emma says that she’s fine. She’s done some thinking and she’s made her mind up. She’ll marry the poor lad and bring him to hearth and that’s the end of that. She could handle speaking for her village in front of the entire Kuulis Wood. She can handle an idiot husband. After all, she’s known him all her life and it’d just be weird if he suddenly changed and started worrying about the potato crop and other housely business. That stuff’s better left to her anyway.

Trula: You seem happy this morning.

Emma: I am. [big grin]

T: Oh, tell me.

E: I made my mind up.

T: Oooooh… [smileyface]

E: Yes! I’ll say yes!

T: That’s great! [huggles] Congratulations! What made you decide?

E: Well, I figured, I might as well. It’s the best offer I’ll ever get, and so what if he’s a bit of a wild-brain? He’s still my friend and I’ve known him all my life. It’s how he’s supposed to be.

T: Hehe, yes. I guess there is that. It’d be weird if he changed, right?

E: Oh, he’ll change alright. I’ll bring him to hearth eventually. I just won’t stress about doing it right away.

T: That’s the spirit. [big grin]

E: I thought so too. Little by little, I’ll make him a good burrow-man. Who cares if he’s not perfect right away from the start.

T: Way. You’ve got your entire lives ahead of you. No need to rush it.

E: Exactly.

T: Feels good?

E: What?

T: Making up your mind like that – it feels good, right?

E: Yes, yes it does.

Scene 11

Scratch 1 version

Arriving back in Rastebo. Emma and Egon report that their villages both promised to send help. Torkel hasn’t come back yet.

Scratch 2 version

Emma drives all the way up to the inn and drops her passengers off there. Then she drives back home to put the horses in the stable and park the sled and so on. While rubbing down the horses Burje shows up. He got a ride back from Askerum last night already with a group of villagers from there.

The people from Hemsbo had already arrived but Torkel wasn’t with them. They said he’d left right away after he’d told them about the bear. He’d gone south though, heading up towards the mountain so they figured maybe he’d go talk to the winter fylk. That’s probably why he’s late. He’ll probably show up later.

Scratch 3 version

In the afternoon they arrive back at the village. Emma drives the carriage all the way up to the inn and lets her passengers step off there. Trula offers to help take care of the horses and after some thinking Emma agrees. Sure, the kind-hostess thing to do would be to decline and let the guest rest. Then again, the good-friend thing to do is to accept the help that’s offered. It’s a powerful social gesture, but Emma also quite likes Trula. It might not be so bad if she hooked up with Burje. Then she could go visit in Kuulis Wood – or wherever they might end up settling down.

While they’re rubbing down the horses in the stable Burje shows up. Emma introduces Trula and it’s that kind of pleasantly awkward tension in the air, at least for a moment. Then Burje goes and ruins it by asking if she saw Torkel on the way back.

The people from Hemsbo arrived yesterday evening, but Torkel wasn’t with them. They said he’d left after he’d delivered the news about the bear and the request for help. Left where? Apparently he’d gone south, so they figured maybe he’d wanted to go see the winters and ask them for help too. They hadn’t asked or followed. They’re respectable fylk and they wouldn’t have anything to do with their wild winter kin.

Emma sighs and almost begins to cry. He’s hopeless he is that Torkel. He’s gone to get the winter fylk, and sure, they’ll come and kill the bear and then they’ll laugh at the silly summer fylkin who couldn’t kill it themselves, and all the people they brought would have come for naught. Such a shame. She hopes he stays with them and then he won’t have to marry her. Then again, what about Burje and Trula?

Scratch 4 – Changes

Show how Emma and Trula have become great friends. Show how the news of Torkel not being there affects Emma’s confidence. Show some doubts about Burje and Trula.

Scratch 5 – Dialogue

Arriving at the inn.

Emma: Here we are everyone. Welcome to Rastebo. Hurry on in and Ulfsgrim will have you something warm for your bellies.

PPL: Thank you for the ride.

Trula: Will you be joining us?

E: Probably later. I need to see to the horses first.

T: Oh, ehm, just you?

E: Err, well, yes… I guess… Uhm, would you like to help out. [awkwardface]

T: Yes! [happysmile]

E: Come on then… Sister. [grins]


At the stable. Emma and Trula taking care of the horses.

Enter Burje.

Burje: Hey, Emma, are you there? I heard you were back.

Trula: Good afternoon. Emma is over there. [points]

B: Ehm… Hello there. Err…

Emma: Hi! Burje, this is Trula. She came with me from Kuulis Wood. Trula, this is my good friend Burje, Torkel’s brother.

T: Oh, I see. Hello Burje. I’m so happy to meet you. Emma here had nothing but praise for you. [charmingface]

E: [facepalm]

B: [awkwardface] Oh, err… Did she now. I’m sure it’s all very exaggerated. [coughs] She did? I’m nothing special… Emma?

E: Oh, well, right. Burje, where’s Torkel?

B: Yes, about that. [coughs] He’s not come back yet. I meant to ask if you’d seen him on the way?

E: What? He’s not back yet?

B: No, some people from Hemsbo arrived yesterday afternoon, but he wasn’t with them. They said he’d left again right after he told them about the bear.

E: Left where? He’d better not have gone south. [angry]

B: They said he’d mentioned something about an errand, and then he’d gone back the way he came. No one’s seen him since then.

E: [sighs] Argh… he probably thought he could be cleaver and sneak around the village on some deer’s trail through the forest. He’s definitely gone up to talk to the winters after all.

B: [nods] Yes, otherwise someone would have seen him on the way back here.

E: The fool. When I get my hands on him…

B: He could just have tried to take a shortcut home and gotten lost.

E: Shortcut my dirty toes! He’s gone to fetch the winters and you know it.

B: Uhm, well, yes, that’s what everyone says, but at least now you know.

E: Yes. Thanks. [icecold]

B: Ahem… Do you need any help with the horses?

E: No. Go. Leave me alone.

B: I’ll see you later?

E: Yes. I’ll be up later. I just… [deep breath] I’m sorry. Burje, why don’t you show Trula the inn? She’s hungry.

T: It’s okay. I can…

E: You’re hungry. We’re almost done anyway. I’ll take care of it.

T: Fine.

E: Thanks.

T and B leave.

E: Fine… [sadface]


Scene 12

Scratch 1 version

Emma and Egon are having a pint at the inn, wondering where Torkel is.

Scratch 2 version

Emma and Burje head up to the inn to wait for Torkel to come back. From there they will surely hear of anyone coming back to the village. The inn is full of people from the other villages and everyone’s having a good time. Tomorrow they will go chasing off the bear, but for now they’re all just meeting up and saying hello and having a drink.

Emma introduces Burje to the two single girls that she brought. Burje is polite and tries to be charming, but he is worried about his brother, who’s known to get himself into trouble and he’s still not back. Burje doesn’t make the best impression on the girls. This annoys Emma a little, but she too is worried about Torkel. After all, her likely future husband has gone missing, and while he’s a bit of a wild mind he usually doesn’t just disappear like that.

Scratch 3 version

Burje suggest the girls may be tired after the day’s travel and why don’t they go up to the inn to have a meal and a drink. Surely they’ll hear right away when Torkel comes back. Emma has to go home and let her parents know she’s safe but she says she’ll be up shortly. She can probably get away from her chores if she says she’s got guests to entertain.

Then again, the guests may very well be able to entertain themselves without her for a bit…

Emma doesn’t have any chores waiting at home. Her family has heard how Torkel hasn’t come home and they figure it may not be an easy situation for her to be in with her likely future husband probably having gone to see the winter fylk.

After having made sure everything’s in order back home Emma heads up to the inn to wait for Torkel along with Burja and Trula. She has a few drinks – whiskey, not cider – and watches how Trula and Borje seem to be getting along very well. She’s a little bit jealous, but she tries to be happy for Burje. He’s a great guy after all and he deserves to have a great woman – which Trula seems to be.

She’s worried though. It gets dark and it gets late and Torkel still isn’t back. Eventually, Emma loses her patience and her temper. Sure she’s had some drink, but not that much, and now she’s pissed. If she’s going to have to bring Torkel to hearth she’s damn well going to start right bloody now, whether they’re married or not. It’s not like she’s got much of a fucking option anyway is it?

Scratch 4 – Changes

Show Emma’s mounting tension at Torkel’s absence. Show how Burje and Trula are getting along really well. Show how this might grate a bit on Emma. Show Emma losing her temper.

Scratch 5 – Dialogue

Emma: Mother, father, I’m home.

Herman: Welcome home child. How was your trip?

E: My trip was good father. How lies the burrow?

H: The burrow lies well. Me and your mother managed to keep the young ones in check. [chuckles]

Go-Hanna: Did you stable the horses?

E: Yes mother. The horses are fed and stabled and rubbed down.

G: [nods] I take it you heard Torkel isn’t back?

E: Yes mother. I heard. [clenches jaws]

G: [nods]

E: I will head up to the inn and see to it my guests I brought are taken care of. I will be back in time for the evening meal.

H: Don’t worry. You have guests. Take your time.

G: Evening meal she said. Evening meal it is.

E: Yes mother. I’ll be here.


Up at the inn.

Emma: Hello there everyone. Are you being looked after?

PPL: Yes, thank you very much. Everything’s great.

E: Good, good. Just making sure. [sighs]

Trula: How are you doing? Are you okay? Want to sit down?

E: Yes. I’m okay. I just need a drink.

T: Sit down. Burje is off getting drinks. You can have his. [grins]

E: [grins] You two getting along then?

T: Yeah, he’s sweet – a bit shy, but sweet.

E: [nods] Yes, I guess I probably should have mentioned that?

T: Haha, nah, it was funny.

E: [nervous cough] Look, about earlier. I’m sorry…

T: Don’t mention it sister. It’s okay.

E: But…

T: I was there all the time, I saw what happened. It’s okay. [holds hand]

Burje: Oh hello Emma, how are you doing?

T: [takes both ciders and gives one to Emma] Thanks Burje. But… aren’t you getting one for yourself? [innocentface]

B: But… But… [sighs] I’ll be right back.

E & T: [giggles]

T: Cheers sister. [clinky]


Burje shows up again a little while later.

Burje: Hello again. Sorry about the wait. I didn’t see you arrived or I’d have brought three right away.

Emma: It’s okay, it’s pretty busy today.

B: Sure is. Lova and Tessica are running their legs off just to get food out to everyone. Don’t think I’ve ever seen this many people here at once.

Trula: I can go help. I know how to run dishes.

B: No, it’s fine, they’ll manage – and they’d probably take it the wrong way too.

T: Oh, oops… [blushes] I didn’t mean it like that.

B: I know you didn’t, but they don’t know you like I do. [charmingsmile]

T: Aww…

E: Get a barn you guys.

B: [blushes]

T: Tee hee


Have a few drinks, watch T & B get friendly. Get more worried about Torkel.


Emma: He’s not coming back is he?

Burje Who?

E: You know who.

B: Oh, right…

E: [sigh] He’s ruined it. I went and made up my mind and now he’s gone and made a mess of everything again.

B: I’m sure it won’t be that bad. He’s probably just lost.

E: Lost my dirty toes! You know where he is. [loud]

B: Shush, Emma, people are looking.

E: Let them. They’ve been staring all night, and I’ve had enough of it. I’m leaving.

T: Yes. It’s getting late, and we’ve got a long day tomorrow.

E: That’s not… Yes, you’re right. Goodnight.


Scene 13

Emma heads down to the stable to start preparing the sled for the ride and get the horses hooked up. She starts working, but soon enough she realizes the horses are tired and it’s a stupid endeavor tonight. Instead she wows to get up early in the morning and go out looking for her man. Yes, her man.

Scratch 2 version

Emma storms out of the inn and runs down to the stables. The horses are sleeping but she wakes them up and starts pulling at them to get them out and in front of the sled. The horses resist though. They’re tired from the day’s work and they want to say in the stable where it’s warm and sleep.

Eventually Emma realizes her efforts are misguided and futile and she decides to give up and come back tomorrow instead.

Scratch 4 – Changes

Show Emma’s frustration at defeat in the face of reality. She’s got no option but to wait.

Scratch 5 – Changes

Emma starts getting the horses ready. Her mother shows up and demands to know what she’s doing. Emma explains she’s off to find her fool future husband and bring him home once and for all. The mother starts to argue, but changes her mind and goest to get some secret magic food for the horses so they’ll be up for the extra work and see better in the dark.

Scratch 6 – Dialogue

Go-Hanna: Daughter. What are you doing?

Emma: Mother. I’m taking the horses out.

GH: I can see that. Why?

E: Torkel’s gone to see the winter fylk to get them to come help with the bear. I’m going up there to stop them and bring him back.

GH: Now? It’s long past dark and the horses worked all day.

E: They’ll just have to deal. If I wait until the morning it’ll be too late.

GH: And you’re drunk too.

E: No! I’m not. I’m fine.

GH: [snorts, nods, and leaves][

E: [grumbles]


Go-Hanna: Daughter.

Emma: [sighs] Mother. I’m still going. You can’t stop me.

GH: I brought your warm coat, and I wrapped up some leftovers from dinner.

E: Oh, mother… Thanks.

GH: I brought some carrots for the horses too.

E: Carrots?

GH: They’re the ones we buried under the old apple tree last spring. I’ll feed them to the horses and they’ll carry you safe through the night.

E: Mother, thank you. Thank you so much.

GH: Daughter. The need is great, and spring isn’t far. Just bring your man home, and keep the village from shame.

E: Yes mother. I will.

GH: There’s one carrot for you as well.

Scene 14

Emma steps inside. She explains about her plan to her parents. They object and argue a bit, but eventually agree to let Emma go.

Scratch 2 version

Grumbling to herself Emma goes inside. The kids have gone to bed, but Edgren, Viola, and her parents are still awake. They all sit in the dining room talking about something. When Emma comes in they fall silent.

Emma grumbles a bit and explains she won’t be joining for the bear scare. Her idiot future husband has gone to see the winter fylk and she’s going to have to get him. She can’t go now because the horses are too tired. Her father points out she’s needed for the bear scare, but she’s not interested in listening. She’s in a foul mood and doesn’t care that her younger siblings are there to hear about her troubles and her worries about her future husband – something that would otherwise be an issue.

Eventually her mother tells her that it’s okay and she can go look for Torkel. She won’t be any use i the scare after all if she’s all worked up about Torkel missing. Also, it would be good if she could stave the winters off before they kill the bear. It would be so embarrassing to have those people show up now that they’ve gotten all kinds of outsiders in to help.

Scratch 4 – Changes

Show the tension between Emma and her parents. Show how Emma seems to have finally come to terms with how she really is going to marry Torkel – regardless of whatever.

Scratch 5 – Changes

Skip this scene.

Scene 15

Emma has a quick breakfast and heads out to the stables to set up the horses, all alone. The anger has change into grim determination. She’ll bring her man home and make him stay there.

Scratch 2 version

It’s still early, but Go-Hanna is already messing about in the kitchen. It’s what mothers do. Half-awake Emma longs for the day she’ll be tinkering about in the kitchen waiting for her family to wake up. That’s when she remembers she needs to get out and go find her stupid future husband before he brings disgrace on himself and the village and her too.

She gets dressed, shuffles out into the kitchen and gets some breakfast and some encouraging words from her mother. Then she’s off.

Scratch 4 – Changes

Show Emma’s longing for a family of her own and her determination to bring her husband to hearth and show him who’s the boss.

Scratch 5 – Changes

Skip this scene.

Scene 16

Emma travels through the snow covered forest to the winter fylk’s home.

Scratch 2 version

Jingle bells, jingle bells, lalalalalala

Scratch 4 – Changes

Filler scene, don’t skip, but make it short.

Scratch 5 – Changes

Dramatic description of the race through the snow-covered forest at night. The renewed energy of the horses. The heightened senses of Emma. The urge to reach Torkel in time, to stop him from shaming the village, and herself.

Scene 17

Emma arrives at the winter fylk homestead. She speaks to Patriarch Holm who tells her no one has come to see them for weeks. She’s offered to stay the night as it’s already late afternoon and she won’t be home until long after dark, but she has no calm for that.

Emma turns back home with a sinking feeling in her stomach. She rides her horses hard.

Scratch 2 version

Emma pulls in at the winter fylk homestead. It’s taken the better part of the day to get here. She’s tired and hungry, the horses are tired and hungry. Torkel’s gonna hear about this once she gets her hand on him.

She sits still for a while just to catch her breath and compose her thoughts. She’s here, now what? What’s she gonna say? Someone comes out from the main cabin and asks what she wants. She says she’s looking for her friend. He’s gone missing and she suspects he’s come here. The person says they haven’t seen anyone, but if she comes along she’ll get to meet Patriatch Holm, and she’ll get a meal and a drink too.

Inside the big cabin it’s warm and friendly. It’s a single big room with tables and a big fireplace. She gets a seat and a bowl of stew and is told to eat. After a while Holm shows up. He tells her no one’s been there for weeks. She’s the first unknown visitor they’ve had in ages – and they don’t know no other summer fylk.

Now Emma is very worried.

Someone jokes that Torkel probably went to take on the bear himself.

Emma gets offered to stay the night and go back in the morning. She’s too restless though and once she’s warmed up and rested a bit she’s off back home again.

Scratch 4 – Changes

Show Emma standing up under the scrutiny of the wild and fearsome winter fylk. Show her mounting fear and unease as it turns out Torkel hasn’t actually come here.

Scratch 5 – Changes

Emma arrives in the early morning, when the sky is getting lighter in the east, but still long before the sun rises. She sits in the sled looking at the silent buildings and wondering if she’s too late. It’s so quiet. Did they all leave already. Then two men come out from of the little cabins. They introduce themselves and ask what her errand is. Emma explains her business but neither of the men have seen Torkel. They offer her to come in and join them for breakfast.

Patriarch Holm eventually shows up and explains Torkel hasn’t been there – as per Scratch 2.

Scratch 6 – Dialogue

Emma meets the two winter fylk men in the homestead courtyard. Names Heiko and Kari.

Heiko: Hey.

Kari: Hey.

Emma: Uhm, good morning. My name’s Emma. I come from Rastebo. [nervouse pause] It’s down north. [nervous pause] I’m looking for my friend Torkel. He should be here. Have you seen him?

H: No. [looks at Kari]

K: No.

E: But… He must have come here. Could it be you missed him? Maybe someone else has seen him?

H: No.

K: Maybe Holm? [looks at Heiko]

H: Maybe. [nods]

K: Breakfast? [looks at Emma]

E: Yes please. Breakfast would be very nice. [pause] Who’s Holm?

H: Patriarch Holm.

K: He’ll know if someone’s been here.


Enter the main hall of the homestead. It’s still very early and no one else is up.

Heiko: Sit [points at seat by fireplace]

Kari: Holm will be along later.

Emma: Okay… Uhm… Do you need help with anything.

H: No.

K: Just wait there.

E: I should see to my horses. Do you have somewhere I can put them up?

H: [looks at Kari]

K: [nods at Heiko – turns to Emma] Come.

E: [follows]

K: That one. Door’s open.

E: Thank you very much. I’ll put them up there and then I’ll come back here.

K: [nods – claps shoulder]


Emma goes and puts up the horses in the stables. There’s no one there but a little cat.

Emma returns to the main hall.


Patriarch Holm: [booms] You there, sapling, you must be Emma from Rastebo I hear so much about.

Emma: [blushes] Yes. I am she. [stiff] Are you Patriarch Holm?

PH: That’s Holm to you sapling. [grins] You’re not one of mine. Come here and have a seat and tell me your story. I hear you’re looking for someone?

E: Yes. [goes and sits down] I’m looking for my friend Torkel. We thought he would have come here, but the two men I met earlier said they hadn’t seen him.

PH: [laughs] They never see anything. Eyes for each other only they have those two.

E: Err… [confusedface]

PH: You did right to wait for me. This is my homestead, and I know all who come here, even lost little summer kin such as yourself and your Torkel. If he’d come here, I’d have known.

E: Had? You mean he really didn’t come here?

PH: Haven’t had a visitor since shaman Frozen Blood came through just after the mid-winter feast

E: You haven’t? But where’s Torkel then?

PH: I don’t know sapling, I don’t know. Never heard of him.

E: Oh… [deflates]

PH: What made you think he’d be here? It’s been years since any summer kin came through last.

E: I… We… Everyone thought he’d gone here for help with the bear.

PH: The bear, you say?

E: Aye, yes. We had a bear come down from the mountains recently. It took up in the old hollow in Karstensborg and we haven’t been able to scare it away.

PH: [chuckles] I get it now. You asked the bear nicely to please leave, and the bear told you to go work a sweat, so your Torkel thought he’d go ask us to get rid of it. That about it?

E: Yes. [indignationface] At least the last bit.

PH: [laughs] Tell me, sapling, your Torkel, is he daft or something?

E: [jawdrop] What?

PH: Or is it you?

E: Well excuse me Lord Snowball! My Torkel is a bit of a wild-brain, and he doesn’t listen and he gets some silly ideas, but he’s not daft. [sternlookface] [pause] And neither am I!

PH: Then why would you think he’d come here?

E: But… Everyone thought… It seemed the most likely explanation when he didn’t come back.

PH: Yes yes, I know what you thought. Your fool husband would bring down the blood thirsty winter fylk on you and make a mockery of your attempt at scaring the bear away from your lands. That’s what you all thought – every single one of you.

E: Ehm… no, well… Yes. Yes, that’s what I thought, and that’s why I’m here. Are you saying that’s wrong.

PH: Yes.

E: Yes?

PH: Yes that’s what I’m saying. You summer kin always thinks we’re savage brutes, but we too have our honor.

E: Ehm… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to…

PH: We’ve been here for as long as you have. We know you, and we know you have your pride just as we have ours. It would take more than a lone lad with a foolish notion for us to go hunting in the summer lands. [pause] You wouldn’t come and harvest our mushrooms. We don’t come and kill your bears.

E: Oh…

PH: Exactly. It’s just not done.

E: Yes… I see now. [snopen] Holm. I must apologize. I’ve been shortsighted, and rude. Please accept my apology.

PH: Rude and shortsighted you have been, but you can’t apologize for the ways of your people. It’s who you are, and who we are. I will not accept your apology.

E: What?

PH: From you, none is needed. Instead, you will have breakfast by my hearth and then rest under my roof. This trust I require of you.

E: Rest? But… I need to find Torkel. If he’s not here I need to find him.

PH: Sapling. You’re exhausted. Rastebo is a long way from here and the sun is barely above the tree tops. You rode all night and your horses are tired. When did you last sleep?

E: Sleep?

You need to rest and then go straight back home. Your Torkel will find has way back sooner or later.

E: But…

PH: Your eyes. The whites are carrot-red. You will rest here, or you will die in the forest when the Lady’s gift wears off. You – and your horses too.

E: But, Torkel…

PH: Your Torkel is lost to you!

E: [gapes]

PH: You don’t know where he is. You barely even know where you are, and you’re asleep on your feet. You will eat and you will sleep and then you’ll go home. You will give me that trust.

E: [sighs] I will give you that trust. [glares]

Scene 18

When Emma gets back it’s late and the village is very quiet. That’s unsettling. There should be a feast. She puts the horses in the stable and goes into her home to let everyone know she’s back.

Scratch 2 version

Emma drives in to the village. It’s late, but it’s not late enough for it to be this quiet. There should be some signs of life around – especially on a day like this when they’ve probably scared the bear away. Something must have happened – something bad.

She drives straight to the stables and starts putting the horses in. No one comes out to help her, even though someone must have heard her arrive. That does not bode well. She gets the horses into the stables, makes sure they have food and starts rubbing them down. She takes her time about it, but still no one comes. She cleans the tack and makes sure everything’s in order. Still no one comes.

Eventually she can’t put it off anymore and she closes up and goes in to the burrow to meet her family and hear what happened.

Scratch 4 – Changes

Show the cold ball of ice and fear in Emma’s stomach as she puts off finding out what’s really happened.

Scene 19

Emma’s mother and father inform her that they scared the bear away successfully, but that they found Torkel dead outside the bear’s cave. That’s why there aren’t any festivities.

Scratch 2 version

Emma steps into the burrow. Her mother and father sits in the dining room. Edgren and Viola are there too, but when Emma comes in they leave without a word. It’s just Emma and her parents now. The elders don’t really know what to say, it’s a tense silence.

Finally Emma confronts them and asks them to confirm her fears. Torkel did go and try to kill the bear on his own didn’t he. The bear killed him, didn’t it?

Her parents just nod and don’t say anything. There’s a lot of unsaid words hanging in the air. And the words remain hanging there, no one says a thing.

Scratch 4 – Changes

Tension. Despair, frustration, fear. Show Emma’s disappointment with her parents when they don’t have the guts to own up and break the silence. They’re her parents. They should be comforting her, not sitting around feeling bad for themselves.

Scratch 5 – Dialogue

Emma: Mother, father. [pause] I’m back.

Herman: Daughter.

Go-Hanna: Emma.


E: What happened? How did it go? Is the bear gone? Where is everyone?

H: Ehm… It went…

GH: The bear is gone.

E: Then what happened? Something went wrong didn’t it?

H: Well… [squirms]

GH: Daughter.

E: Don’t ‘daughter’ me mother. Something went wrong, didn’t it? Torkel messed it all up, didn’t he?

H: Emma…

GH: Perhaps you’d better sit down.

E: What? No! I’m standing right here. Tell me what happened. Tell me!

H: It’s Torkel… He…

GH: Ssh… Let me. [deep breath] So… Torkel…

E: What did he do? Is he okay?


E: He’s dead, isn’t he? He tried to kill the bear himself.


E: No…


E: Say it’s not so…

GH: Daughter…

H: It is so. [pause] They found him outside the bear’s cave. Dead. His crossbow still loaded.

E: No… [storms out]

Scene 20

Emma storms out again. She doesn’t know why and she doesn’t care. Everything’s gone to hell for her. She walks around the village, thinking maybe she ought to go pay her respects to Torkel’s family, but as she passes by the empty burrow she changes her mind.

Scratch 2 version

Emma’s finally had enough. The world’s a cruel and grim place and shit just happen to make it worse for her. She turns and walks out into the night again. She doesn’t know where. She just needs to be alone. She doesn’t need their comfort, or their demands or their expectations. She should just run away and never come back. She should go live with the winters, or become a monk, or move to the city or just leave and put everything behind her.

She walks around for a bit and eventually passes the empty burrow she and Torkel would have shared. Burje will get that now. He’s a good catch, but he’s never been interested in her. They were always just friends. Will she be expected to marry him now? Will that even work. This is when the tears finally come. Her childhood friend has died and she stands around thinking about marrying his brother and she’s such and awful person and this life is such an unfair place.

She should go talk to his family. Then again, they’ve been impatient with her delays, especially his parents. They might not be happy. Perhaps they’ll be opposed to her marrying Burje. She probably shouldn’t go there. It might be bad.

Everyone’s gonna hate her now.

Scratch 4 – Changes

Despair, confusion, self-loathing. Emma’s sad because her husband’s died and she’s upset with herself for already considering her other options and for just thinking of herself.

Scene 21

Eventually, Emma walks up to the inn to have a drink, and maybe there’s someone there she can talk to. She finds the old couple from Kuulis Wood there. She asks why they didn’t leave and they say they’re staying to save Trula having to walk back home all on her own. Where’s Trula then? Well, she’s with Burje. They really took to each other…

Scratch 2 version

As she stands there, the wind dies down, only it doesn’t, it just sounds like it. All sounds disappear and it’s oh so silent. Emma feels a hand on her shoulder and turns to see Otter the monk standing next to her. He smiles at her and points up towards the inn.

Emma says something, but no sounds come out and Otter motions for her to be quiet. She remembers Torkel talking about how Otter was one of the silent ones – one who makes no sound at all. She nods acknowledgement and bows her head in servitude.

Otter, being Otter, just laughs and offers her his arm. Emma wipes her tears, accepts his arm and lets him lead her to the inn. She opens the door and steps inside. It closes behind her with a dull thud. Otter didn’t follow her in.

There’s almost no one at the inn. Just the inn-keeper, one of the serving girls.

Emma walks over to the inn keeper by the bar and asks for a whiskey. He asks if she’s really sure and she says yes, she really needs it. He asks if she’s heard what happened and she says yes, she heard. They share a moment of silence.

Emma walks over and sits down by the fireplace and watches as the flames lick the logs.

Teh Ent.

Scratch 4 – Changes

Show Emma pulling herself together in the company of Otter. Show her keeping it together in front of the inn-keeper and then settling in to despair in front of the fireplace again.

Scratch 5 – Dialogue

Otter shows up outside the empty burrow.

Emma: Who? Hello… [looks] Oh… Good evening, your… Your holiness. [courtesies]

Otter: [dismissive wave] [tilts head, raises eyebrows]

E: I’m sorry. You are Otter, right?

O: [nods] [shrugs] [palms up]

E: I… [swallows] I’m Emma – of Herman and Go-Hanna. [wrings hands]

O: [nods] [clasps hands]

E: You. [steels self] You know what happened? [blushes] Of course you do. You were here. I’m so silly. I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me. I’m so sorry. [deep breath]

O: [upper-arm comforting squeeze] [smile] [nod]

E: [swallows] You must have heard about me?

O: [nods]

E: [deep breaths] We should have lived here. [points at empty burrow]

O: [keeps looking at Emma] [nods]

E: [sighs] Now, we won’t.

O: [waits]

E: They all hate me now don’t they? They think it’s my fault.

O: [shrugs]

E: But it is! It’s my fault! He said he’d show me. If I’d just said yes this wouldn’t have happened. If I hadn’t been so weak. If I’d made up my mind.

O: [slaps face]

E: [gasps] You… You hit me?

O: [nods] [smiles] [wags finger]

E: [slaps back]

O: [falls backward] [rolls back, bounces up] [combat stance] [grim glare]

E: [blushes] I’m sorry. Lady’s ears! I’m so, so, sorry – your holiness.

O: [big grin] [relax]

E: [sighs] [relax]

O: [claps shoulder] [points to inn] [offers arm]

E: [nods] [takes arm] It’s just so… I feel so… I just don’t know what to do with myself.

O: [claps hand]

The two walk to the inn. Otter remains outside when Emma enters.

Emma: Hi.

Ulfsgrim: Hi.

E: [awkwardface] Can I have a whiskey please.

U: You’ve heard?

E: Yes. I heard.

U: Okay. Just making sure.

E: It’s okay. [pause] Will you serve me? [blushes] I mean… It’s okay if you don’t want to… [squirms] Your walls. Your call. [forced smile]

U: Oh, right, yes. Of course. Of course I’ll serve you. Just making sure.

E: [forced smile] It’s okay. Me too – just making sure. [awkwardface]

U: Warm?

E: No, thanks.

U: Okay, just…

E: Make it double. Please.

U: [raised eyebrows] Double it is. [nods] There.

E: Thank you. [nods]

Emma goes and sits down in front of the fireplace.

Trula: [hand on shoulder]

Emma: [looks up] Hi. [smile]

Trula: Sister, you look like shit.

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