Emma’s Story

Originally I listed all of the parts of this story from the Stories page, but as the story grew and I wanted to share more about it I decided to give the story it’s own page.


When I started Emma’s Story I intended it as a short story to support my novel (Enar’s Vacation – not yet published). It eventually grew into a novella and is currently counting over 30,000 words. I still want to put it out as support for my novel, but it’s also a story that can stand on its own and which doesn’t require any other reading to enjoy – and the same goes for the novel.

You don’t have to read Emma’s Story to enjoy Enar’s Vacation, or the other way around. You can probably even read them in whichever order you want. To get the most out of both stories, I’d recommend reading Emma’s Story first though.

In Enar’s Vacation, the characters occasionally refer to events that aren’t directly related to the story – memories of their past, or things that happened to someone else. Emma’s Story, is based on one such event. In Enar’s Vacation, the events are summed up over a few paragraphs of conversation by a character named Hasse, and he doesn’t even get it right.

His tale will not be accurate, but it will be close enough that anyone who’s read Emma’s Story will recognize what he’s talking about. They’ll know what really happened and they’ll get a sense of recognition from it. I think this will be really cool for them and I think it will add to their enjoyment of the novel.

If you read Enar’s Vacation first and then Emma’s Story, you’ll probably not think about the connection at all. Once you’re finished with the novel, you won’t remember what a minor side character mumbled about in the second chapter.


Draft 1

The full first draft of the story can be downloaded here. It includes the afterword, a question about the content and a section of changes I’m planning to make for the second draft.

MOBI: Emma’s Story – First Public Draft 

PDF: Emma’s Story – First Public Draft

You can also read the entire story online here:

Draft 2

Work on the second draft of the story has recently started and while I won’t be putting up the entire draft chapter by chapter I’ll be posting any significant changes here. I’ve not yet decided whether I’ll put up the full draft here or not, we’ll see. I will be posting excerpts thought and I’ll add the new chapter (Chapter 4.5) once I’m done with it.


When I rewrote the conversation at the beginning of the first chapter I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted to do with it and what it needed to tell the reader.

I ended up writing two different versions of the scene. The first one didn’t turn out as good as I’d hoped so I redid it. As an experiment I kept the actual words of the characters the same throughout both conversations, just to see how it worked out.

I’m quite happy with the result and with the experiment itself. You can find both versions in the link in the header.

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