This is the main page presenting and linking to the stories I’ve written and published here on the blog.

Toini Comes Home

This is my current (April 2016) story. It’s meant to serve as an introduction to a longer set of stories further down the line.


I moved all information for Emma’s Story to it’s own page as it got a bit much to have all of the content here on this page.

Alene – The Morning After

This story was written as an entry for a writing challenge on the topic Diversity in Science Fiction and Fantasy. It didn’t do very well in the challenge, partially because I didn’t stick with the theme very well, and partially because it’s just half the story. As far as actual writing goes I’m happy with it and I will eventually get around to writing the second part. I just need to finish another project first.

Part 2 available here.

Tuuli – Polar Elf

Tuuli is a character separate from any other characters and storylines in the Odd Lands setting. It’s someone I come back to now and then when I need a break from my other characters but still feel the need to write something.

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