Burn With Me at the Trash Fence


As my gift/art project for Burning Man this year I created a book. The book is a collection of Valentine’s Day cards and words of affection. It contains few words and a lot of empty space. There is a lot of room to write in it.

You can read more about the book itself here (and download the pdf version).

I brought several of these books to the Playa. Most of them I gave away, but a few of them I left in places where people could find them. One of these places was Point 3 – as far away from the entrance to the city as it’s possible to get without climbing over the trash fence.

I left the book there on the night of the Friday before the event started, and I picked it up again on Saturday before the burn – a little over a week later.

The book comes with a pen attached to it to encourage people to write in it, and they did. I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with the book once I’d picked it up.

Is it fair to the people who wrote to share their words without their permission?

I don’t quite know, but I figure if they wanted to keep their words for themselves, they wouldn’t have written them down in a place where others could find them and read them. I also don’t believe any of the more personal contributions have enough information in them to identify the writer.

So, here it is. These pictures are of the pages of the copy of Burn With Me that I left at the trash fence at Burning Man 2016.

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