Updated Blurb

I updated the blurb for the book. It’s now significantly longer, but I’m hoping it’s also better. Have a look:

Lost Dogs #1 - Back Cover - New Blurb

As you can see, it’s longer, and it’s a bit difficult to read as it’s so much text, and the font is a bit weird. I’ll be tinkering around with the layout for a while, and I’ll update the text on the Amazon page, but I won’t update the paperback cover just yet.

I have a hunch there will be more updates before the week is over.

Updated Blurb

2 thoughts on “Updated Blurb

  1. Loni Townsend says:

    Hmmm. It might be a matter of style preference, but I’m not as keen on this version as the one I read previously. It seems too wishy-washy (he’s never done this, but he has to do this, but he’s not going to do this). And Roy’s introductory sentence stretches for 30 words, which is a little too long for me personally. I suppose I should hop over to the forums to post my input on it, rather than blurting it here on your blog.

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