One Third Done

I realise it’s been some time since I last posted – over two weeks. It’s time for a status update.

2017-10-25 15.28.51
Writing outdoors is still one of my favourite things.

I’m now nearly done with the fourth week of my writing sabbatical, which is twelve weeks long. I’m making good progress, or so I believe. I finished the first draft of the first two stories of the series and I’ve begun work on the second draft of story one.

It’s fascinating how much it helps to have written the story once. I did a very extensive outline and it helped a lot in getting the first draft down on paper quickly. The first draft is not nearly in readable shape though. Rather the opposite.

Fortunately I have a much better idea of the story now. I know what it needs, and what I have to add and remove and change. Unfortunately, there’s a lot that needs changing, but I’m making good progress.

2017-10-17 15.17.34Two new chapters at the start, and a complete rewrite of the original first chapter. Many of the other chapters will also require a lot of work – more than I originally hoped for.

That’s a learning experience I guess. It enforces that there’s no need to worry too much about phrasing and grammar/spelling in the first draft. That’s just there to get the content on the page so that I can see what works and what doesn’t.

Perhaps that’s obvious to many writers already, but for me it’s come as a bit of a realisation. Hopefully it’ll help me get down with the first drafts of the coming stories even quicker.

One Third Done

2 thoughts on “One Third Done

  1. R.A. Kissane says:

    Keep sharing! It helps the rest of us to know there is someone else out there going through the same thing :) Happy Writing!

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