Troublesome Eleventh

Last week I wrote about how I’d completed the outlines for half the stories in my series. I wrote that I was making good progress. I jinxed it.

The eleventh story didn’t want to cooperate at all. I’d had doubts about it before, and now when I got to it I realised it just didn’t perform well enough at what it was meant to do. I tried to go with it anyway, but eventually I decided to scrap all but the first few scenes and start over from the beginning.

I then scrapped the first few scenes as well.

2017-08-16 21.58.15.jpg
Making some tea

Overall, the story is the same. It begins in the same way as the previous version, and it ends in the same way. It’s how it gets there that’s changed. I came up with a new conflict for the story which makes it a lot more interesting but doesn’t massively change the plot.

The story is different but it still fits into the series in the same way the earlier version did.

Maybe you could think of it like a piece of a puzzle? The original piece was blank, and didn’t have an image on it. It fit into the puzzle, but it didn’t add anything to the picture. What I’ve done with redoing the story is I’ve painted the piece in a way that makes the piece contribute to the image rather than just filling out a hole.

It took nearly a week.

I’m a bit behind target, but I’m done with it now and I’ve moved on to the twelfth story. That too threatened to act up much in the same way as the eleventh, but I managed to work that out in a better way and didn’t have to redo the entire thing. I even came up with something that’ll be a good addition to one of the earlier stories.

Troublesome Eleventh

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