Ten Done, Ten To Go

It’s time for another progress update. Just today, I’ve not actually done anything at all as far as writing goes, but other than that I’ve gotten quite a lot done over the last week.

2017-08-14 17.31.24.jpg
View from my new favourite writing haunt: Mr. Bradley’s Bar. It’s very often blissfully quiet at the times I’m able to visit.

I’m done with the third Scratch of the outline and I’ve started on the fourth, and I’m halfway done with with.

In this Scratch, what I’m doing is I’m going through all of the scenes for all of the stories, and I write a set of note about what’s happening in each scene. I also write down what is meant to be established in the scene and if something important is being reiterated that the reader already knows about.

So far, almost every scene establishes something new,  but it’s gotten more difficult to come up with things the further I’ve progressed. I like to think the things I establish in the scenes are important though, and I don’t just add things in for the sake of putting in new information.

2017-08-13 22.39.51.jpg
Same place, but a few hours later.

The thing that’s most commonly reiterated so far is that Alene is really attached to her suitcase. It may seem like a silly thing, but it’s important to her character and it’s important to the ending of the series.

Looking at the dates of the files I’m using for the notes, it’s been nine days since I started this phase. That’s a little over one story developed per day, which isn’t exactly swift, but it’s not horribly bad either. I’ve got a few things coming up over the next few days, but I think that with weekends and everything I’ll be able to keep that speed up – roughly, and I hope to be able to start working on the prose for the first story by the end of August.

Ten Done, Ten To Go

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