A New Space

I spend a lot of time in pubs and cafes writing, but sometimes I write at home. My ambition (one of them), is to try and spend a little bit more of my writing time at home. To that end, I finally got around to setting up a new writing spot.

Here’s how it used to look:

2017-07-28 19.34.54
Mixer, turntables, CDJs. Great fun to have and to play around with, but I haven’t actually used them for anything but collecting dust for several years.

And this is what it’s like now:

2017-07-28 20.39.59
A very visible reminder that I should be doing more writing.

I do need to get myself a proper chair or I’ll ruin my back and that’s not so cool. I like my back and I plan to keep using it for a while yet. For now though, this will do, and hopefully it’ll have the desired effect.

I just need to clean away all the junk that sat under the desk so I’ve got somewhere to stretch out my legs.

2017-07-28 21.06.55
The sun setting behind an empty whiskey bottle and a lego bulldozer.
A New Space

3 thoughts on “A New Space

  1. Ditto on the chair. Moved into my new house’s lovely loft bedroom last year, big computer desk was too big. The cute little white wicker desk that goes in the bedroom is awkward to type on. But if only I’d ever finish painting the dining room, with all the windows on the private back garden, I don’t need the desk upstairs for typing… I bought an entire house just to carve out places to write in! And that back patio is awesome.

  2. Nice work. I’ve been meaning to do this for years now! You’ve inspired me to get on to it…. soon 😛

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