Project Update: Werewolves On A Train

Yes, my new project is called Werewolves On A Train. Yes, I know it’s a silly name.

It was originally supposed to be a novel but after some deliberation it’s now a series of short stories. This is probably a good thing. The current plan has the series as consisting of nineteen parts, and I’m thinking it would have been a bit of a chore fitting all of that into a single novel.

Work on the project is progressing pretty well, and while it’s still early I’m feeling good about it. Good enough I decided to start sharing my project notes. The series’ outline is available as well as the outline for the first seven parts. I’ve also included the template I’m using for the shorts as well as some comments about the thoughts behind it.

It’s not super exciting, but it’s a good way for me to keep accountable. I’ll be updating the page as new content becomes available, and I may or may not post about it here too when I do.

The page itself can be found through the silly little site menu in the upper right. You can also just click here.

Project Update: Werewolves On A Train

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