None Down, Nineteen To Go

Recently I decided to split my big massive novel into shorter stories and try and tell the same tale as a series of stories rather than as a single long one. I expected to have twelve stories for the main tale and then a few extra as flashbacks and fillers.

I’m now done with the first preliminary outline and I’m up to nineteen stories – including one flashback that I believe is necessary to explain what drives one of the main characters.

That’s a lot of stories to write, and I should get started. Today. Now.

2017-06-19 15.08.48
That was yesterday, or the day before.

It’s really big though. Starting is difficult. Always is.

So I’m writing this blog post instead. A little update on where I am and what I’m doing.

The plan for now is to start doing detailed outlines of the stories. I’ve got rough outlines for what’s happening in all of them. I need to start making decisions about details. Instead of my outline saying something like “Roy and Alene have an argument and get very upset with each other” I need to define what the argument is about, what positions Roy and Alene have, and why they get upset with each other.

At least I think that’s what I need to do. It makes sense to me to do it like that. Then once I’ve done that, I’ll move on to the next story and once I’m done with all of them I’ll start writing actual prose.

But right now, maybe I’ll just sit here for a little longer. It’s warmer than I’m used to. I’m tired and a little bit hungry. I’m low on energy. I miss winter, and autumn, and early spring. Once they come around, I’ll miss summer again.

I guess I’ll read the outline of the first story and see what I need to consider for it. I’ve gotta start sometime.

None Down, Nineteen To Go

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