The Sunset North of Blarney

After work today I took a bus to Blarney and set of north to visit a friend of mine. Originally I’d planned on walking to Blarney and then get picked up there, but I changed my mind. The short route to Blarney is pretty dull and I’ve done it before, and as I checked the map I found a promising route from Blarney to L’s place.

The promise held and it was a really great walk, except for a busy passage near the end. It was a little too windy, and it got dark a little too early, so the conditions weren’t the best. I’ll definitely walk this route again though. There were some really nice views along the way.

Additionally, the mornings are getting brighter, and it’s starting to be the time of year when I can see the sun rise on my way to work – like this:


The Sunset North of Blarney

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