Walking Season Has Begun

2017-02-20 17.50.24.jpg

It’s on now.

The picture above is from a roadside on the way to Blarney. Over the last few weeks I’ve begun walking longer distances again. The weather has gotten better and it doesn’t get dark so early in the evenings anymore.

Yesterday me and two friends walked to Blarney after work. We took a new route I’d found and included a suggestion for a detour my friend V made. All in all, it’s a bit over 13 kilometers (perhaps 8 miles?) and for the most part there’s very little traffic.

The walk took us almost three hours, and by the time we arrived it was dark. We did stop to take pictures, or just enjoy the view, on several occasions though.

It’s good to be out on the roads again. Fresh air, nice views, and that pleasantly numb feeling in the legs when you finally sit down after a long walk. The pint at the end (and the one in the middle if there is one) are also nice bonuses.

Above are photos from the last few days. Looking forward to when spring gets going for real and the leafs start to show up on the trees.

Walking Season Has Begun

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