Writing Lots of Words

I’m doing the NaNoWriMo, which is why there are even less updates than usual here on the blog. It’s not going as well as I’d hoped, but at least I’m writing, and that’s something at least. There’s five days left of the month and I’m at about 29k words total – out of 50k.

It’s been cold in Cork.

There’s no way I’ll be able to pull off 4k words a day for the next five days, but that’s not going to stop me from finishing the story.

So far, the story is quite a mess, but I think that once I finish the first draft, I can go back and clear that up. I think that for the second draft I may have to rewrite the whole thing from scratch, but even then I believe it’s a story worth keeping. It’s just the stupid romantic subplot that showed up between two side characters that keeps ruining everything.

It’s good to be back to writing actively as well. Most days I’ve spent well over an hour with my story, including work days, and only on a few occasions less. I’m still really slow compared to other writers I know, but I imagine that I’m improving. I’m missing out on a whole lot of gaming though, but maybe that’s not something to complain too much about.

Hot chocolate with ice cream.

There’s something about writing that’s very satisfying, once the words start flowing. In some way it’s similar to reading, in that the story plays out in my mind, except I can steer it in whatever direction I want. In most other forms of entertainment that’s just not the case.

Not even games.

Computer games come close, and role playing games come even closer, but even then it’s not quite the same. With computer games, there are limitations inherent in the game. There are technicalities that limit what you can do. In role playing games the limitations are more of the social kind, and you’re limited by the other players (although that’s not necessarily a bad thing).

When writing, you’re really only constricted by the limits you’ve created yourself – for better or for worse.

Read Me

More about the book here.

This is my other pet project. I made a book out of Valentine’s Day cards that I designed. It’s available through a Print On Demand service and I received a bunch of copies in the mail the other day.

Some of them are available for sale at Alchemy here in Cork. Some of them have been reserved by friends, and a few I’m mailing out to people as gifts – mostly for the members of my Burning Man camp as they never got any copies of the ones I brought to the desert.

It’s a special feeling seeing my words in print like this. I’ve got about eight different versions of the book, so I’ve seen it in a number of different shapes, but it’s still satisfying to hold a new copy in my hands.

I’ve also been toying with the idea of making the pages of the book available as individual cards – especially for Valentine’s Day. It’s still some time off, but I have a hunch it’s about time I got started, both with looking into providers and with picking out the designs. I looked into it a while back when first starting work on the book, but nothing came out of it at the time. I found there definitely are sites which do custom cards though, so that’s a start.

When/if something happens, I’ll make sure to post about it here.

Writing Lots of Words

2 thoughts on “Writing Lots of Words

  1. If you don’t mind me asking, I’m curious to know how you went with the story being written in Multiple perspectives, whilst also trying to pump out 50k words, or is that something you would implement later?

    1. In the end I only reached 30k words, but even that is a lot more than I normally write, so I’m pretty happy with it anyway. I think it’s one of those things where it’s easy to try something if you don’t know how difficult it actually is. If I were to do this again I’d put in a lot more time and effort into preparing the various different PoV characters.

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