Soundtrack for a Frozen Soul

One of my favorite parts of beginning a new story is picking out the music I think I’ll want to listen to while I write it. I try to vary it a bit so I don’t always listen to the same things, but even then a lot of songs will overlap from story to story. Artists like Covenant, Basia Bulat, Pink Floyd, and Depeche Mode have been in the playlists for all the stories I’ve written – along with several others.

Along with creating a playlist for the story, I also pick out a few signature songs for the story’s main character. These are songs that I feel fit the character especially well, or which I connect with them in some particular way.

The time has come to list Kala’s signature songs.

Eivør – Brotin

Eivør is a Faroese singer-songwriter, and this song is in Faroese. I do not understand the language, and I haven’t looked up the lyrics or tried to find a translation. With this song it’s all about the feeling, and I think perhaps that not understanding the lyrics contribute to that. It’s mellow in a slightly haunting and ethereal way, and that’s why I picked it.

The feeling of this song is one I want to try and replicate in my story. There’s something mysterious about it; fragile on the surface, but with hints of a hidden strength underneath. It’s very close to how I imagine Kala as a person.

Mandalavandalz – Kaunista

Once more it’s a song in a language I don’t understand: Finnish. Kaunis is the Finnish word for beautiful and Kaunista is some kind of variation of that. Here too, the foreign language lends the music an air of mystery.

There’s nothing fragile about this track though. The music starts out carefully, but quickly grows. It gains strength and confidence, develops an attitude and then lets it all loose. This song is about Kala dancing around the Fire of the Lonely Ones, deep in the forest under the stars of winter. It’s about how she lets go of her fears and worries, starts to put her past behind her, and gives herself to the fire and the music.

Annakin – Trooper

This song, it seems to me, is both about change and about finding your place in the world (though I admit I could be wrong). Both of these concepts are central to Kala. Her entire existence has been thrown to the wind and she needs to find a way to get back on her feet somehow. It’s kind of what the entire story is about – in a roundabout fashion.

The mood and sound of the song also ties in well with the character – in much the same way as the previous ones. On the surface it’s cold and perhaps a little bit vulnerable, but there’s strength and power hiding underneath. If you haven’t picked up on it already, that’s kind of a theme here.

If I had to pick only one song for Kala, I think it would probably be this one.

Hybrid – Break My Soul

Hybrid is a band I’ve been a fan of ever since I first encountered them back when I was at uni – nearly two decades ago – and this one of my favorite tracks of theirs.

This is a song about coming back – about standing up straight after having found your balance. At least, as far as it applies to Kala it is. It’s about how she’s taking her first steps in her new life and how she’s getting ready to take on the world again. She’s gone through the bad things, still are, but she’s found hope, and she’s found the will to go on living.

And she’s got a thing or two to tell the world about the hand she’s been dealt.

Depeche Mode – When the Body Speaks

This is the soundtrack to someone mortally wounded freezing to death all alone somewhere out on the ice wastes of the northern sea. Most likely, that’s not at all the way it’s meant, and it’s not what the lyrics are about, but if you close your eyes and listen and pretend you don’t understand the words, you’ll see it.

Picture a vast plain of ice. Picture someone lying there, on their back, with falling snow piling up around them, and their blood frozen on the ground. Picture that they’re still alive, but not for much longer.

There is no one else around. No one will come to save them, and no one will know their fate. They know all this, and they’re fine with it. They’ve made their peace, and now they just wait for the end.

This is the song that plays in the background.

The above isn’t a scene from my story. It’s not how Kala will end. It’s not a spoiler. It’s an attempt to paint a picture and show you how the song fits with the character and the story.



This is a late edit. I realised a few hours after I posted this that I hadn’t really introduced the story – just assumed everyone would know. That’s probably not the case.

So, anyway…

Kala is the main character of my NaNoWriMo project: Kala is Alone. It’s meant to be a cold, grim story about a young woman who loses everything and her struggle to get on with life. I’m putting up the chapters on the blog as I go, and you can find them linked from the story’s main page, here.

Don’t expect much though. I’m not used to writing fast, and I’m not used to having as vague an outline as I do for this one. I’m sure it’s good for me – educational and stuff. It probably won’t be my best quality work though. Still, it’s there if you want to have a look.

Soundtrack for a Frozen Soul

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