What Does It Mean?

This post is not about rainbows.

I’m part of the article team for Mythic Scribes, which means that every few months I write an article about writing. That’s also why I don’t really write about the technical aspects of writing here on the blog. Today, my latest article went live on the site. You can read it here.

As I always do on these days I shared the link to the article on FB so my friends could see it and have a look. I know some of them write, and some may find it interesting anyway.

This time I received a comment along the lines of:

Your own writing makes a lot more sense after reading about the thought process behind it.

It got me thinking…

Obviously, I think my own writing makes sense, but that’s because I’m privy to my own reasoning (for the most part).

What about others. Now that I think about it, I’m not so sure. I can see how if you’re not used to my style it may seem strange. Random. Fragmented.

Over time the way I express myself in writing has changed. It’s become a lot more stylized, and perhaps a bit unconventional. Could it be it’s getting to the point where my prose is becoming difficult or inaccessible?

I’d like to think it isn’t so. I hope it’s not.

I like the way I write. It suits me, and it suits the stories I want to tell. I don’t plan on making any changes to it – other than what will happen naturally on its own. I think my readers get it.

The person who made the original comment brought up something else that’s also interesting: how does it affect the reader if they know how the writer thinks?

I’d like to think it’s positive.

If you’re familiar with how a writer expresses themselves you may be able to read more into their words than if you’re not. As an “experienced” reader, you might be able to pick up hints, or read between the lines, in ways a new reader might not.

Is this something that I as a writer should be taking into account? Probably.

What to do about it though? That’s a trickier questions. Being aware that readers may draw different amounts of variations from your words is good, but it’s also something that will happen regardless of your style of writing. All readers come with different frames of reference as it is already.

Sure, I can try and put in some sneaky clues now and then, but if I overdo it I’ll probably just confuse the readers who aren’t used to my way of writing, and who haven’t read my previous stories. I don’t want that.

For now, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. It’s fun. I enjoy it, and if it turns out people don’t understand what I’m writing, well, I guess I’ll figure something out. On the other hand, if it turns out that people who are used to my way of writing benefit from it over someone who isn’t, then I think that’s probably a really good thing.

What Does It Mean?

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