Music in A Land of Ice and Stone

Whenever I start on a new story I put together a new playlist for the story. I pick out music that I hope will inspire me and which I think has a mood and a feel that fits with my character and my story.

I also pick out a few signature songs that will serve to represent the main character of the story. Like for Toini, and for Alene. I’m going to do that for Kala as well, but not yet. It’ll probably be a week or two. The story and the character are still both too young for me to really know for sure what songs will work for her.

The basic idea though, and the setting, those are things I’ve bounced around for quite a while. I’ve got a good feel for those. I’ll show you.


This video captures the feeling of the Kala’s world very well, both the sounds and the images. Unfortunately, it doesn’t show any forest or it would be perfect. I’m a big fan of forests, and they will figure in the story, even if they perhaps don’t exist in this kind of landscape.

Let’s say the forest grows further inland – or something like that, perhaps in valleys shielded from the sea. I’ll try not to worry about it too much.

I should probably spend more energy on figuring out the plot.

Music in A Land of Ice and Stone

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