Music for Summer Afternoons

I put a new mix set together. It’s been a while, and this one’s been a long time coming. If I recall correctly I started picking out the tracks back before Christmas already. There was something very appealing about sitting in the dark with the winter rain on the windows and picking out summer music.

This is the end result. I wanted music that gave the same kind of feeling as the dream of the long summer afternoons of memory. I’m sure you’ve had them too.

The set starts out a bit deep, perhaps a bit too much so. The first two tracks aren’t all that light and fluffy. It grows though; gets wilder and stronger. Melodies show up, carefully at first, but they become more daring and towards the end they full out fly through the sound scape.

At least, that’s my take on it, but then it’s also my own selection of music that I put together myself. I’m very clearly biased.

I do hope people enjoy it though, and I hope a bit of that summer feeling shines out through the music.

Music for Summer Afternoons

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