When the Screen Yellows

I’ve been home from work with the flu quite a bit the last two weeks. One might think this would be a good opportunity to get a bit of writing done. I know I thought so. Turns out I was wrong.

What with being home from work and all I don’t want to go out anywhere. I’m meant to be home and rest and not slacking about in some cozy cafe with a lemsip and tea. So I stay in.

Several times I’ve sat down to write, only to just sit there for a bit, stare at the screen and then stand up and go do something else instead. It just doesn’t work.

These times have all been during the day though, when it’s still bright outside.

Once the sun sets and it gets dark outside it’s much easier. Then I can just kick back on the sofa with my laptop and type until my fingers bleed – or so it feels.

That is also when the screen starts turning yellow. I’ve got this neat little program on the computer that changes the colour temperature of the screen depending on the time of day. During the day, when it’s bright outside and the sun is up, the screen is nice and bright, like it is by default.

But, when evening comes and the light fades, the screen changes colour. It dims a little and begins to turn yellow. It’s a warm pleasant colour, that doesn’t sting my eyes in the dark.

For the most part it makes the screen a little trickier to read, especially web pages with text in small letters, like facebook. That’s not really a problem.

When writing, I use an easy to read font (Avenir Book) and I’ve got the page zoomed in a bit above the default. It’s plenty enough to see what I’m writing, and it still doesn’t burn my eyes. The screen colour is almost the same as that of a burning candle, and I really enjoy that.

2016-04-25 01.13.03

Writing at home in the evening is so much easier than writing at home during the day. for the most part, if I want to write during the day I have to go out somewhere. I have to go sit in a cafe or a pub, or somewhere outside. Anywhere that’s out of the apartment.

I may have to practice on writing at home even in the day, but so far it’s proving tricky.

However, when the screen yellows and I’m on my own on the sofa, that’s when the magic happens.

When the Screen Yellows

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