I  created my first 3D fractal rendering:

Hey, it’s a start! (click for 1920×1080 version)

I’ve always been fascinated by fractals, but it’s been one of those things where I just think and daydream and don’t actually do anything. Hopefully, that can change now.

I got this program called Mandelbulb3D, which is used for just this kind of thing. It seems to have a bit of a learning threshold, but I think I’m off to a good start – and I’ve got a lot to explore.

nils1The program also has functionality for rendering animations. The one to the side here is a preview of an animation of the render above. At the current size it takes about 45 seconds per frame, and it’s 150 frames, so I probably won’t see it done before it’s time to go to bed, but hopefully it’ll look cool.

If not, well, at least I’ve learned a little, and I have some new ideas to try for next time. Exciting.


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