Doing Something Again

I started on a new story. Recently I posted about rewriting my old short stories, and it’s one of those that is getting an overhaul.

2015-11-15 17.23.37 - Copy

Unlike the rewrite I did of the story about Tuuli, this one is getting redone from scratch. I’ve written down an outline and I’ve completed the first draft of the first scene. The second scene is mainly conversation and it’s causing me issues in the outline already.

It’s tricky, but at least I’m writing again – slowly but surely, little by little.

I’m having some doubt about this particular story, and especially about how it will affect Enar’s Vacation (the novel), but I’m going to try to write it anyway. If nothing else it’ll be a good starting point for more stories about Neta and Stross (name will probably change), and it could also lead in to the storyline for Toini (formerly Toivo), which would then lead on to the stories of Roy and Alene.

The story doesn’t directly involve any of the elves, and it doesn’t affect Veronica/Eronicza at all, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be affect by future events related to characters involved in this story.

In short, this could be a great starting point for a whole lot of things.

Also, it’s really rather mundane, which suits my style perfectly. Anything amazing and spectacular to come is hidden deep beneath a surface of vague potential.

Doing Something Again

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