A Tempting Suggestion

The other day I posted about how I wasn’t sure how to spend my time while I waited for my beta readers to get through the third draft of Emma’s Story.

I’ve done pretty well with just reading, playing games, and watching anime, but then my little sister made a suggestion. She recently had a baby (yes, I’m now an uncle), and she mentioned she’d enjoy it if I wrote a story she could read for the child.

2014-05-11 13.11.23.jpg
My old boss made this for me.

The idea has grown on me since last night. The little one is only a few weeks old still, so there’s no sharp deadline coming up, but the more I think about it, the more I realise it’s something I’d like to do. I’ve got plenty (or, well, some at least) of friends with kids old enough to understand actual stories.

It could be fun.

I probably won’t get to it any time soon, but the seed has been planted, and eventually a story of some kind will grow out of it.

2014-05-01 14.36.48.jpg
Random calf.

In Enar’s Vacation, there’s a character named Elsie. She’s probably around nine or so at the time of the story, and she’d make a great protagonist (can you even call it protagonist if it’s a children’s story – it feels really detached).

Elsie is one of the more interesting characters of the story and I’ve already thought about writing a novel about her and Otter that would take place after Enar’s Vacation. That doesn’t mean I can’t write children’s stories about the things she gets up to before that time though.

There are plenty of incidents mentioned in Enar’s Vacation that could potentially make for great stories:

  • Elsie runs away from home and Bolvar has to come and find her.
  • Elsie gets to know the sylph in the old pump.
  • Elsie spies on the family of badgers up the hill.
  • Elsie has to stay indoors because there’s a lynx in the garden.
  • Elsie climbs the ancient oaks in the field.

That’s just the ones mentioned in the novel, and I’m sure there are more I could think of if I just put my mind to it (Anna carries Elsie down from the tree after she falls asleep).

Right, this could be a lot of fun.

2014-07-16 14.56.22.jpg
Similarly random horse.
A Tempting Suggestion

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