Second Draft Finished

The other day I completed the second draft of Emma’s Story. I did not put it up here on the blog as I expect it won’t be current for long. On Friday I sent it to two new friends of mine who had not yet read it. One of them already finished it.

2015-10-14 20.26.36

This is in itself great news. They got to reading and I didn’t have to badger them about finishing. What’s less great news is that they pointed out that I’d put in two chapters twice. At first I thought it was just a case of duplication, but then I discovered I’d actually left out two entire chapters.

Not so good.

Really quite embarrassing actually.

Still, my friend finished the story, sent a mail with feedback, and even made some new comments on things no one else has mentioned before. This is always interesting when it happens.

Feedback is good, let’s not even argue that. It gives you a new perspective on your work and it helps you see things you haven’t seen before. Getting feedback on something that’s been central to the story all along and that no one else has mentioned is a bit weird though.

I’m not saying these comments are wrong, just that no one else mentioned them. The comments are about something I’ve thought about while writing the story, but as no one else has mentioned it I figured it wasn’t much of an issue.

It could be it still isn’t much of an issue and that my friend didn’t have much else to remark upon. I’m afraid that’s just wishful thinking though. This is an issue, and it’s something I’ll need to address. I just don’t know how. Hopefully something will come to me once I sit down and start tinkering with it.

I’ve had some other feedback that also needs addressing, but which will be a lot easier to deal with. It’s of a more technical aspect and I believe I’ll be able to handle that when doing the next editing pass. It should be easy enough.

Second Draft Finished

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