I Have A Plan

Today, I officially began work on the second draft of Emma’s Story.

2015-09-17 16.37.49The first thing I did was to create a plan. I listed all of the changes I want to make to the story until I couldn’t come up with anything else. Once all these changes have been made and analyzed I’ll start polishing the actual text, and then I will hopefully be able to send the entire thing off to the editor.

I’ve actually contacted a professional to edit the story. I’m a little bit uncertain about whether that’s the right thing to do for me or not. I know the story (any story) needs editing, but I’m not sure paying a pro to do it is such a good idea – at least not at my current level. I figure it’ll be a learning experience though, just like everything else with this whole writing lark so far.

It should be fine. It’s a pretty short story and it won’t cost me my life’s savings.

That’s for later though. Before I can do that, I have some changes to make to my story:

  • Add a chapter where Burje puts some pressure on Emma to make up her mind.
  • Rewrite the two conversations Emma has where both of her parents are present (first chapter and tenth chapter).
  • Review the conversation around the table at the inn before the meeting starts. It may be possible that Lisa and Stefan can put some pressure on Emma and Torkel to get their act together here.
  • Check for inconsistencies in the moral code. When Emma arrives in Kuulis Wood she has to give the village a chance to offer its hospitality, but she doesn’t consider that at all when arriving at the Winter Fylk homestead. How do I address that? Should I? There are other such situations that may or may not need considering.
  • Reader feedback. I’ve had some comments from people who have read the first draft that have not yet been addressed. These need to be double-checked and considered.
  • A bunch of other things I wrote down on the original list but forgot about.

And then, once all that is done, it’s time to do a polishing pass on the entire text and make sure it reads as well as it can. Then I’ll have coffee.

2015-09-17 17.47.23

I Have A Plan

2 thoughts on “I Have A Plan

  1. Paying for a good editor is always a good idea. They see things that the author just doesn’t see. You are only paying for one round of editing so make sure that you get the story to the point where YOU can’t possibly add anymore and then send it to the editor…. just my 2.3333333 cents.

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