The Urge To Change

I finished the last chapter of Emma’s Story last night (it’ll be up on the site on Tuesday). Today, I put all of the chapters and some comments about the story together into an e-book (also available on Tuesday) and started reading.

There is so much I want to change.

Completely unrelated bird from this morning.
Completely unrelated bird from this morning.

I knew before I began reading that I would have to do some rewriting of the first handful of chapters. The reason for this being that it took me a while to find the right voice for the story. I felt much more comfortable with the story during the second half of it, and I was happier with how it turned out.

To bring the first part up to scratch I would have to do a bit of polishing and rewriting. I just didn’t know how much until I started reading the story from the beginning – about an hour and a half ago.

It’s a good thing I didn’t read on my laptop. I’d still have been on the first scene shuffling words and sentences and events around. Same if I’d printed it out on paper. It would have been a complete mess of angry red marks.

Let's move forward instead.I guess that’s a good thing. It means I’ve connected with the work and that I’ve got a clear vision of it – which I can’t honestly say I had when I started. I had an outline and a vague idea, but I didn’t really know the character very well. I figured it would just be a short story anyway so it wouldn’t matter all that much.

Wrong – of course.

It’s funny how you grow to like your characters when you write about them. I’m not going to write another story about Emma, because I wouldn’t know what to story tell, and because there are other characters I’d like to get to know. It’s a bit of a shame though, because Emma turned out to be a pretty cool character in the end.

It’s something I enjoy thinking about though. What story could I tell about her? What happens next? Will she live happily ever after, or will she not?

Then again. I haven’t even finished her first story yet, and I have to do that first. I have a whole load of polishing to do on the early chapters. I’ve got a fairly long conversation between Emma and Burje to create from scratch, and I’ve got to fix up the motivation that drives Emma to do what she does.I'll still be drinking copious amounts of coffee and uh... cough syrup, of course.

She’ll still do the same things, but I need to fix the story so that it actually makes sense for her to do it. That’s going to be interesting.

I have a lot to do, and then I can’t just sit around and correct minor details in the first draft, no matter how much I want to. So it’s a good thing I was reading from the kindle, because the desire to change and correct everything was really strong. It won’t happen though – unless I realize some absolutely major blunder.

The first draft is done and I won’t change it. I’ll wait a few days, maybe a week, and then I’ll get started on the second.

The Urge To Change

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