Nearly Done Now – Chapter 12 Live

I’ve just uploaded the 12th chapter of Emma’s Story here on the blog. You’ll find it here. If you’ve missed some (or all) of the previous chapters, you can find them on the Stories page, here.

Writer at work. For a generous value of work.
Writer at work. For a generous value of work.

It’s been a good week. I got some quality writing done, both for my story and for other things. Sunday was one of the best days in quite a while. I took the day off from work and sat at my favourite cafe making stuff up pretty much all day.

It was glorious.

I’m quite pleased with how this chapter turned out. In the writing, some things I hadn’t planned for introduced themselves and wanted to be part of the story. It’s always fun when stuff like that happens – especially when it actually works out and improves the story.

I’m getting to terms with some personal issues as well. The details aren’t relevant for the blog, but it’s making me a happier person overall, and that’s something I don’t mind sharing.

Nearly Done Now – Chapter 12 Live

5 thoughts on “Nearly Done Now – Chapter 12 Live

  1. Loni Townsend says:

    Woot for quality writing! It’s nice to have a productive time creating stories. I’m going to have to sit down and read through all of Emma’s Story.

    1. Make sure you are comfortable. It’s a bit of a chunky read at this stage.
      I should have a kindle version ready once the last chapter goes live though. Might be more convenient than on-screen reading. :)

      1. Loni Townsend says:

        Definitely more convenient. I might have to wait until then. :)

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