Writing Is Rewriting

I’m sure you’ve heard it before. I know I have. You write something, you scrap it, and you write it again. That’s just how it is.2015-08-23 15.09.32

It happened to me again today. I spent a few hours hammering out the first few scenes of Chapter 13 of Emma’s Story. They’re okay, but they’re not good enough. Next time I sit down to write I’ll start the chapter over from scratch and do it all over again.

I did the same thing with Chapter 12, and while it is a little bit annoying to scrap the work, the new version was worth it – again. I can’t remember a single time when I did this and the new version wasn’t better.

So I’m looking forward to getting dug into it again. I’ve got a new beginning figured out, and I know what elements of the old version I want to keep and which ones I can do without.

On the other hand, I’m nervous and reluctant to get started. It’s the last chapter of the story, and I’m having doubts about whether I’ll be able to pull off as strong a finale as I want to. Will I be able to do my character justice or not? Will her reactions and emotions be believable? Will it work?

I’m also worried about what my readers will say. Most of them don’t actually say anything at all, even though I can see that there are people who visit the pages. Maybe they’ll leave some comments once the story is told. Maybe they’ll have some questions. I hope they will. They should have.

If I’m doing it right, a reader will have a lot of questions.

Writing Is Rewriting

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