To Go On, or Not?

I’ve had some feedback on Emma’s Story that means some rather big changes are needed to the story.

That’s fine. It’s good feedback and the changes will make the story better. They’re just fairly big and will require a bit of work and some re-thinking. They won’t change the outcome of the story though and overall the events the occur will still be the same. It’s just the reason that drives the main character to do what she does that changes.


It’s just the force that drives the story towards its climax that needs to be changed. No big deal, right?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for these changes and they will make the story better. The thing is, they’re distracting me from finishing the rest of the story. It’s really tempting to go back and start tinkering with earlier conversations and scenes and to start adding new things to what’s already been done.

I need to finish though.

I’ve only got two chapters left to write and then the entire first draft is done – not counting the epilogue/afterword. Logically, I feel it’s better to finish the story than to start messing around with other things, but my heart is not in it in the same way anymore.

Fortunately I have a plan and I have a schedule, so I will finish the draft and I will finish it on time. I just really rather go back and start editing right away.

On the other hand. This really means there will be some significant changes between the version of the story that’s here on the blog, and the finished product. That’s kind of cool I guess.

Of course I’ll go on. I just needed a bit of a rant.

To Go On, or Not?

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