Yay! I’m Predictable!

Yesterday, I sent the latest chapter of Emma’s Story over to my beta reader for checking. This morning I got it back. The feedback was, as always, good. Her comments make sense and brought up some interesting questions to consider for the next draft.

What’s more, she made a prediction about what’s going to happen next, and she got it right.

That’s awesome.

You might think I’m concerned about being unoriginal, or predictable, but somewhat to my surprise, I’m not. Instead, I feel reassured. If my beta reader can predict Emma’s actions, that means my story and my character is making some kind of sense. It means my logic can be followed by someone else.

My character isn’t just walking around performing unpredictable feats for no discernible reason. At least, that’s how I choose to interpret it, and it feels pretty good.

Yay! I’m Predictable!

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